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Marrakech Husband Slashes Wifes Face with Razor

Marrakech- A man, just released from prison last Wednesday, returned home to his wife only to slash her face and other parts of her body with a razor blade, leaving her seriously injured, according to Al Akhbar daily.The husband attacked his wife, who is a minor, on Sunday morning in Marrakech after a conflict arose between the couple.The wife had been staying at her family’s house when her husband arrived in a taxi to take her to their home. On the way, the couple had an argument, and the girl demanded a divorce. Upon hearing this, the man allegedly attacked her, saying “No one else will marry you, but me,” according to the daily. The wife was taken to Ibnu Tofail Hospital, where she received treatment, including about 30 stitches, for the wounds on her face and several other parts of her body. She remains at the hospital.The husband had previously been sentenced to six months in prison on a conviction of involvement in smuggling minor girls from a Childhood Protection center.The wife was the victim of rape by her now husband one year ago, at the age of sixteen. Afterward, her rapist was forced to marry her to avoid prosecution. “We forgave him, so that he could marry her,” the daily quoted the girl’s mother.The marriage was permissible under Chapter 475 of Morocco’s penal code, which exempted a rapist from punishment if he married the victim. Article 475 was repealed earlier this year after an outcry from feminists and human rights activists.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed. read more