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Former Algerian PM State Resorts to Conspiracies to Hide Bankruptcy

Rabat – Former Algerian Prime Minister, Ali Benflis, has publicly stated that the Algerian regime “has reached its limits and resorted to a sort of exorcism of external conspiracies.” In their commentaries on the internal uprisings in many Algerian cities, which occurred a few days ago, Algerian media began circulating the claim that external forces, such as Morocco, are attempting to destabilize the country.In response to these claims, former Algerian Prime Minister, Ali Benflis, said in an interview with the French-language magazine Jeune Afrique that it is the sort of exorcism the state began to resort to after it had reached its fiscal breaking point. “The system has reached its limits. It is out of breath, short of ideas,” stated Benflis in the interview published on Sunday.The former senior official pointed out that Algeria is currently facing an exceptionally difficult economic situation exacerbated by immense social tension.  He went on to add that Algeria has not gone through such political, economic and social crises since its independence.Benflis explained that Algeria is currently facing a political deadlock as the Algerian state “does not function properly and its fate is a matter of concern for Algerians citizens and the country’s foreign partners.” He added that the Algerian economy has become subject to the predation of the “strongest men” ruling the country at a moment when equal opportunities are needed in the country.“This is what threatens our country, not external conspiracies or foreign hands that are brought up all the time to try to justify the bankruptcy of governance,” explained Ali Benflis.To make matters worse, the newly introduced “finance law is unjust,” the former Algerian official said. Numerous taxes have been modified or created while the state continues to exonerate itself from its obligations towards citizens, Benflis explained.Benflis explained that What threatens Algerian stability is “the country’s lost social legitimacy,” leaving nothing to stand up against the current structural disarray and economic hardships.Benflis went on to add that Algeria’s current political elite is unable to introduce the necessary reforms that would enable the country to overcome its financial crisis.“The patrimonial and rentier state can never be the author of the deep structural reforms that our economy needs,” he said, explaining that the primary source of the crisis in the country is political. read more