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Gabonese President Appoints New Prime Minister from Rabat

Rabat – Gabonese President Ali Bongo announced a new government from Rabat, where he is recovering from a stroke.The president appointed a new prime minister Saturday after a thwarted coup attempt.The secretary-general of the presidency, Jean-Yves Teal, on Saturday announced Julien Nkoghe Bekale as a prime minister, replacing Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet. On January 7, a group of soldiers seized a state broadcaster in Gabon and announced their plans to establish a National Restoration Council.Read Also: Gabon Unrest: Government Arrests Attempted Coup Leaders“If you are eating, stop; if you are having a drink, stop; if you are sleeping, wake up. Wake up your neighbors…. rise up as one and take control of the street,” said a person who identified himself as Lieutenant Ondo Obiang Kelly.According to the BBC, security officers killed two rebels while retaking the national radio office.Over the new year, the President of Gabon acknowledged the political unrest in his country in a message he recorded from Morocco.“It is true that I have been through a difficult period, as sometimes happens in life,” he said but promised his citizens of a new day.“Today, as you can see, I am better and I am preparing to meet you again soon,” he added.The Gabonese president arrived in Rabat in November 2018 after suffering a stroke in Saudi Arabia in October. read more