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Police Arrest the Man Who Shot Moroccan Taxi Driver in the

Rabat – The American man, who shot Moroccan taxi driver on Thanksgiving Day in Hazelwood, was arrested on Wednesday, police said.Police identified the shooter as Anthony L. Mohamed, a 26-year old man who is under custody.Mohamed was charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person. However, police said they are still investigating if they will call the shooting a hate crime, as the Moroccan taxi driver alleges.A report by Post Gazette said surveillance videos lead to his arrest. The suspect was arrested on Wednesday, at his home.Last week, Anthony fired a couple of gunshots against a 38-year-old Moroccan taxi driver, one of which blasted out the back window of his cab and struck him.The Moroccan driver picked Anthony up outside Rivers Casino after midnight. Once inside the cab, Mohamed started speaking about ISIS killing people and mocking the prophet Mohammed, the victim said in a previous statement.The Moroccan taxi driver told police he took the passenger to Hazelwood. Upon reaching his destination, Anthony asked the driver to wait while he got his wallet because he did not have money.Five minutes later, the man came back carrying a rifle in his hand and started shooting at the taxi, as the driver was attempting to drive away. read more