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Party Leaders React to Moroccan Election Results

Rabat – Leaders from Morocco’s political parties have begun publicly reacting to the results from Friday’s national parliamentary elections, laying the framework for the establishment of new political coalitions.Head of Government Abdelilah Benkirane – who won a second five-year term for the highest elected office in the country – confirmed that, as expected, his ruling Justice and Development Party (PJD) would not be forming a governing alliance with its main rival: the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM).The two parties had exchanged heated critiques that increased in intensity leading up to voting day. “Nothing can be said for certain in politics, but I believe that [the PJD] will not face the same issues forming a government [as it did five years ago], Benkirane said after receiving news that his party had won 125 seats – an 18 seat increase.Ilyas EL-Omari – who will be leading the opposition coalition with PAM’s 102 seats – said he was confident that voters in the Western Sahara region, Morocco’s Southern Provinces, supported his party for local and national seats, though region-specific results have yet to be published.Before the election, Secretary-General Hamid Chabat of the Istiqlal Party (PI) painted a vote for its policies as an “alternative to the bipolarity” between Islamists and secular leftists forming in Morocco’s newborn democracy.Chabat won a seat in a local council governing the northern part of Fez – a city that was an Istiqlal stronghold until 2011.So far, the party leader has not released an official statement on the election results, though the Interior Ministry says PI won 46 seats in the national legislature.The United Socialist Party (PSU), led by Endocrinology Professor Nabila Mounib, participated in national elections for the first time year, after boycotting the 2011 elections due to concerns about the limited scope of the constitution.Mounib said last week she expected and preferred for her party, and the two parties allied with her under the Democratic Left Federation, to be in the opposition to improve accountability and solidify inter-branch checks and balances.“There are many colleagues that deserve to win legislative seats in other regions, because Morocco deserves to have men and women of their kind,” Mounib, said on Saturday. “The leftist federation project that we carry with the goal of change has begun to find its way within this country. Moroccan trusted out project, which is getting stronger because it presents real answers to the major problems Moroccans have.” read more