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Moroccos Mobile Operator INWI Loses 594000 Customers in 2015

Rabat – INWI’s total subscriber base declined by 0.5 million to 11.6 million in the first quarter of 2015, according to Telecommunications Regulatory National Agency (ANRT).Morocco’s third leading telecommunications operator saw a shock fall of 594,000 in its mobile telephony subscriber base during the first three months of 2015. ANRT attributed this decline to the decision to ban anonymous SIM cards.The subscriber base of the two other telecom operators Maroc Telecom and Meditel has also dropped by 65,000 and 69,000, respectively during the same period. Overall, the number of subscriptions in mobile telephony has been reduced by 728,000. According to the same source, Maroc Telecom has 18.1 million clients – or 41.8 per cent of the market share- followed by Meditel with 13.5 million clients (31.1 per cent) and INWI with 11.6 million, or a market share of 26.9 per cent. read more

James Patterson donates 125 million to classroom libraries

NEW YORK — James Patterson’s latest gift for literacy is a $1.25 million pledge to classroom libraries.On Tuesday, the bestselling author announced the fifth installment for his Patterson Partnership, formed in co-ordination with Scholastic Book Club. Patterson is giving $250 each to 4,000 teachers around the country to help purchase books. He is also distributing $500 each to 500 teachers with three years or less experience. Scholastic will match Patterson with gifts of 250 and 500 bonus points for its book club.Teachers can apply for grants through www.scholastic.com/pattersonpartnership . The deadline is July 31.In recent years, Patterson has donated millions to schools, independent booksellers and literacy programs. Patterson said in a statement Tuesday that illiteracy was a “daunting issue” and giving kids access to books was “an excellent place to start.”The Associated Press read more