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Sony responds to PS4 PS Vita bundle rumors Good idea maybe well

first_imgAs the release of the PS4 grows nearer, console bundles have been popping up, on both official product listings, and in rumors. For a while now, we’ve been hearing about a PS4, PS Vita bundle that would be priced at $500, shaving $100 off the price of a brand new PS Vita.Previously, Sony stated it was not planning on releasing such a bundle. However, citing positive response at Gamescom — and likely from seeing the positive response from the blogging world — Sony executive Fergal Gara said the company is reconsidering its position on the PS4, PS Vita bundle. He noted that after demoing the PS4 and Vita’s cross capabilities, the company saw a surge in Vita sales. This surge, Sony feels, demonstrated that more gamers would want a Vita in order to connect to their PS4. So, if that’s the reason gamers want a Vita, giving them the handheld with the PS4 is an obvious choice.Gara said that, at the moment, Sony isn’t producing a retail box that can fit both the PS4 and PS Vita, but the company could easily change direction to make that box and have it out by the PS4’s release. He specifically said, “it’s not a hard thing to do,” so really, Sony just needs to make the call.The decision likely comes down to numbers. Not many people are purchasing a Vita to begin with, so including the unit with a PS4 likely won’t lower its perceived value, since that value is already low. Sony just needs to decide if it wants to lose $100 on each bundled Vita.Thanks to smartphones, dedicated handheld gaming devices need all the help they can get these days, and including a PS Vita with a PS4 for only $100 extra could be the kick in the pants Sony’s portable device needs. The Vita’s hardware was never the device’s problem — the lack of games were (and still are, to some degree) — but with a new Vita revision on the way, getting some units out there with a guaranteed seller like the PS4 would help Sony kickstart a potential Vita revolution.last_img read more