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New report says NX controller leak is fake but the ride has

first_imgWith Nintendo’s upcoming console shrouded within a thick fog of mystery, people across the reaches of the internet have tried valiantly to dig up any information they could on it. The thing that has been getting the most attention are supposed leaks of the NX’s controller. One of the latest reports debunks the whole thing, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Let’s take a quick look back at the timeline of these leaks, from the patent leak all the way to the alleged pictures of the actual controller.Back in December of 2015, a patent was leaked that contained pictures of the Nintendo NX’s controller. The controller was unusual, with the surface of the thing appearing to be a touch screen, and the only tactile components being two analog sticks and shoulder buttons. This seemed to be not an evolution, but a next step beyond what Nintendo did with the Wii U’s tablet-like touchpad. This controller would allow games to be played both on a TV screen and on the actual controller itself.A January 2016 report from the Wall Street Journal said that the NX would be both a traditional console and a handheld that would replace the Wii U and the 3DS. The patent showed a controller that could independently play games, so the report from WSJ seemed to verify that aspect of the device.Designs are one thing, but real pictures are another. The story of the NX controller became considerably more interesting last week when a seemingly real-life image of the controller was leaked, seen above. This controller looked like the one from the patents, only without the hand grips on the left and right sides. Even though these seemed to be real images, they didn’t exactly look legit considering how blurry the pictures were and how any Nintendo branding was lacking.This week, some higher quality pictures of the controller were posted, seen above. Given how clear they were, many were inclined to believe they were the genuine article. This leak came with some information about the controller as well. Supposedly, the rollers at the top feel like the scroll wheel on a mouse, the analog sticks move along the bottom “sphere,” and it has haptic feedback similar to Apple’s “taptic” engine. Just like with the other leaked picture, the identity of the person who posted the images could not be verified.Now, a new report says that everything we’ve seen so far has been bunk. Nintendo Life contributor Liam Robertson has spoken to a source of his that has access to prototype NX hardware. The source says that the images floating around the internet “aren’t legit.” Nintendo Life sees their source as credible.This report may be saying that all of the pictures we’ve seen aren’t of the actual controller, but that isn’t to say that the final build for it won’t be similar. As I’ve said before, Nintendo is no stranger to weirdly shaped controllers, and I have every bit of confidence that the controller for the NX will be just as odd as anything they’ve released in the past. We should also keep in mind that even this report that debunks the leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. As always, we’ll find out exactly what type of controller Nintendo will have when they make an official reveal.last_img read more