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Kindle app works on rooted Nook for ultimate ebook reader

first_imgDespite falling prices, choosing an ebook reader has been surprisingly difficult. That’s because the hardware is only one small part of the purchase–what you are really buying into is a platform. After all, the hardware will only be a fraction of the price of the investment you make in non-transferable ebooks, so the decision you make on the platform could affect how you read for some time into the future.You’ll be able to avoid that whole situation altogether if you go with an Nook and you take the time to root it. Because the Nook is Android-powered, and by rooting it you can load your own apps, all you need to do to solve your ebook platform problems is install the Kindle app.So, say you like Barnes and Noble’s slick Nook readers, but you already have a few dozen Kindle books. Now you’ll be able to go with a Nook without losing access to your Kindle books, or relegating them to use on your computer. And Kindle users won’t have to feel permantly tied to Amazon’s readers for monochrome e-ink reading! It’s a win-win situation.In the video below you can see the Nook Simple Touch (the second generation electronic ink Nook) running the Android Kindle app. The reader has been rooted, making this possible, but past that everything looks quite standard. The touch-sensitive screen makes using the app much like it would be on any other tablet… just a good deal slower and the same color spectrum as the average canine. And of course animation effects (like moving from one page to the next) don’t look great, but once the words are on the page it seems to be a good-enough reading experience. After all, this is bit of a hack, so the fact that your Amazon library is available along with your B&N one should be big enough for you to overlook these minor issues.Perfect? No. But you do get a cross-platform electronic ink reader, which is just the thing that so many people want.Mike Cane via liliputinglast_img read more