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Samsung to reveal Androidcontrolled Smart TVs at CES

first_imgCES is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for the product teases to begin. Up this morning is Samsung, and based on the video they’ve uploaded to their official YouTube channel it’s looking like they might show off some Android-controlled Smart TVs at the big bash in Las Vegas.Now, all we’ve got to go by is the fact that the family in the clip is holding devices that look a lot more like the size and shape of a Samsung smartphone than a remote. The kids are obviously playing with an iPad or Galaxy Tab 10.1 — it’s hard to tell which it is at that distance, but if Samsung’s lawyers can’t sort it out…So with a couch full of Android devices and a Samsung TV hanging in front of them but out of frame, does this mean that Samsung is going to move away from its own Smart TV platform and adopt Google TV? Not necessarily. Samsung has said before that it’s still talking with Google and that devices might arrive in 2012, but they’re quite happy with their in-house platform — which they recently reported crossed the 2 million app download barrier.While Logitech and Google both offer Android remote apps for Google TV devices, the presence of phones in the teaser isn’t a smoking gun. Sony offers an Android remote control app for many of its devices that don’t run Google TV, like the Sony Network Media Players and networked Blu-Ray players. The experience isn’t great, and on my own SMP-N100 I’d much rather use the IR remote for everything except entering text into the search field.If Samsung’s going to tease tablet or phone control, it better be awesome. Of course, it’s also possible these folks are just streaming a video from their phones to the TV. We’ll just have to wait a few more weeks to confirm what Samsung has up its sleeve.via TechCrunchlast_img read more