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What do you do when a fellow passenger falls asleep in your

first_imgMr Cullum added that he wasn’t even able to seek outside assistance, because the seatbelt light was switched on. “I tried lifting her up, shaking her, and startling her, but it seemed like nothing was going to work,” he explained. Forced to decide whether to politely wake his fellow passenger up or lightly nudge her away as she rested on his knee, Mr Cullum decided to film his struggle with the exhausted woman. Uploading the video (below) to Youtube, Mr Cullum said the woman fell asleep pretty much as soon as they sat on the plane, The Daily Mail reported. What do you do when a co-passenger falls asleep next to you and ends up using your lap as a pillow? Record it, according to one flyer. Check out the passenger’s struggle below: On a recent flight, this was the exact awkward situation traveller Steve Cullum was placed in. Eventually the tired woman moved away from Mr Cullum and found the passenger on the other side of the three seater row. Record it, according to Mr Cullum.last_img read more