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Infantino already sees the Club World Cup in 2022 0 2023

first_img“Health first and then everything else. And the rest, for managers, is hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. Without panic, it must be said clearly. It will be played when possible without endangering anyone’s health. The Federations and Leagues must follow the recommendations of the governments, “he said.An emergency that altered the normal development of the leagues and caused the postponement of the Euro Cup and the America’s Cup from June to next year.“We have demonstrated a spirit of cooperation and solidarity with Europe and South America. Now we have to think about the calendar of the teams and the decisions about the regulation of the status of the players and the transfers. You have to think about protecting contracts. Hard measures are required, but there is no other option. We will all have to make sacrifices, “said Infantino.Infantino also referred to the reform of the Club World Cup, extended to 24 teams, and considered that it is an effective way to increase the level of world football.“The new Club World Cup is needed to develop football. All the clubs wanted it, including the top European players. When UEFA created the Champions thirty years ago, there was an uprising of Federations and Leagues, they were afraid of the news. Now they say it was a great thing. We will soon decide if the first edition will be played in 2021, 2022 or 2023“he assured. Swiss President Gianni Infantino, FIFA president, assured that football will resume only when the coronavirus emergency ends and he considered that this global crisis may represent an opportunity to “reform” this sport “by taking a step back”, so that there are fewer games, but at a higher level.“It is necessary to study the global impact of this crisis. Now it is difficult, we don’t know when we’ll be back to normal. But let’s look at the opportunities. Perhaps we can reform world football by taking a step back. With different formats. Fewer tournaments, but more interesting“Infantino assured, in an interview published this Monday by the Italian newspaper” La Gazzetta dello Sport “.“Perhaps fewer teams, but more even. Fewer games to protect the health of the players, but more even. It is not science fiction. You have to calculate the damage, we will see how to cover it, “he added.The President of FIFA, who turns 50 on Monday, stressed the importance of privileging health in these times of global emergency due to the spread of the coronavirus.last_img read more