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Vancouvers Mac Potts done on American Idol still beloved by fans

first_imgMac Potts won’t be the next American Idol, but Clark County sure does idolize him.Vancouver pianist and singer Potts was eliminated from the ABC-TV talent competition without ever appearing on the small screen. That has led to a big blowback on social media from Potts fans who faithfully kept watching and waiting, only to be supremely let down.“As disappointing as it is that they did not feature your amazing talent, we know that this outcome does not define your talent or success!” is a typical reaction.“You’ve always been an idol to me,” another fan posted.“I’m very disappointed that your talent wasn’t aired, but know this was a learning experience that will just make you stronger,” said yet another — one of hundreds who posted Tuesday morning on the “Mac Potts Music” Facebook page.Potts confessed that he found Hollywood Week on “American Idol” exciting, but pretty frustrating too. He was repeatedly assured that he would appear on TV, at least briefly, and it was only a matter of when. But “when” turned out to be “never,” as fans discovered this week.That’s more disappointing than not winning, Potts told The Columbian. Now he doesn’t even have a video record of his visit or performances, he said. “I really wanted something to look back on,” he said.last_img read more