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This Virtual Pupper Could Help Prevent Dog Attacks

first_imgStay on target Geek Pick: Fi Smart Dog Collar Sniffs Out Your PetMan Saves Dog Left Tied to Electrical Cord on Side of Interstate Overpass Dogs are perfect. This is an objective fact. But sometimes, humans don’t really understand what dogs are trying to communicate, and we can miss their warning signs. And dogs, just like people and many mammals will lash out if they feel their boundaries have been disrespected.But thanks to a new project at the University of Liverpool, a virtual dog could help people learn early signs and build a better, more comprehensive understanding of how and why dogs communicate what they do. More importantly, this education could help ease the stress on our wonderful friends, and help prevent those sometimes not-so-friendly nibbles.At Liverpool’s Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), a team has created a virtual reality program that teaches people about what doggy body language to look out for. Many thousands of people are admitted to the hospital each year for dog bites, and that’s obviously those that just check in. Truth is, while dogs are our best friends, as the more intelligent of the two, it’s kind of on us to figure out how best to interact with them. After all, they’ve really just got those cute butt-faces, and I dunno how we can expect them to take on extra emotional labor when they’ve gotta run around, and be cute, and tilt their heads all day. It’s hard out there for a doggo, y’know?AdChoices广告The program is pretty straightforward. The human enters into the virtual environment with a digital pooch, and then as the user gets closer, the dog’s body language gradually changes. Aligned with the “Canine Ladder of Aggression” a standardized set of traits that most canines display in pretty distinct order before they attack. The idea is to catch the subtler signs –like licking of the chops — before you get to the toothy bits.“This was a really interesting project to work on with a lot of exciting potential for the future,” team lead Iain Cant said. “The next steps will look to enhance the detail within the immersive environment to ensure the simulation is as realistic as possible. Future developments will also show a wider range of dog behaviors and the dog’s reactions to user behavior.”We at Geek are fans of all good boys and get especially upset when they are hurt in movies. We are also into nightmare robo versions of doggos.  And for heck’s sake let your pooch scratch the ground after they make, it’s not their fault. For all the best news on the best boys follow here. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more