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Jurassic Quest puts animatronic dinosaurs on display

first_imgThere’s only one thing cooler than giant robots, and that’s giant robot dinosaurs. Sorry, but we don’t make the rules.Friday through Sunday, the Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds is hosting more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs as Jurassic Quest, a traveling exhibit from Texas, transports the fairgrounds back in time a few hundred million years.On Thursday, a crew of 30 people worked to set up the exhibit. Scenes coordinator Kendra Culla said setup takes all day, as a flurry of people worked to unload the semitrucks filled with dinosaur parts parked outside. Inside the expo center, forklifts wove around giant, half-constructed prehistoric robots.“It definitely is a production,” Culla said. “This place will look like a jungle, filled with true-to-life-size dinosaurs.”The dinosaurs are built around massive frames, with rubbery heads and bodies propped up on metal stilts that are then surrounded by exterior leg pieces. Built to life-size, they move around in their pens and interact with visitors. Some of the adolescent dino robots walk freely through the crowd.There’s also three baby dinosaurs that Jurassic Quest staffers will carry through the crowd to play with children — “if they’re game for it,” Culla said. “In our baby show, we have three dinosaurs. That would be Trixie the triceratops, Cami the camarasaurus and Tyson the T-Rex.”But the wow factor, the piéce de résistance, is the looming, massive dinos.There’s the obvious crowd-pleasers: the toothy Tyrannosaurus rex, the spiky stegosaurus, the horned triceratops. But there’s some lesser-known dinosaurs, as well, like the massive apatosaurus and the therizinosaurus “goose” covered in down and feathers.last_img read more