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West Brom targeting summer deal for Werder Bremen midfielder

first_img Grillitsch in action for Werder Bremen 1 West Brom are considering an approach for Werder Bremen ace Florian Grillitsch this summer, according to reports in Germany.Grillitsch, 20, has impressed for the Bundesliga strugglers this season and will turn his attention to moving to the Premier League should Werder get relegated.Tony Pulis is interested in landing the playmaker, according to German outlet Fussball, but could face competition from his old club Crystal Palace.Grillitsch’s contract with Werder expires in 2017 and with the player showing no intention of renewing his current deal, the German club are likely to want to cash in on him this summer.West Brom and Palace have both sent scouts to keep an eye on the Austrian in recent weeks and the two clubs could enter a bidding war in the summer.last_img read more

Is Dark Matter Going Out of Style?

first_imgDark matter has been a staple in cosmological theories for decades.  One of the initial reasons was that galaxy rotation curves could not be explained without it.  Another was that galaxy clusters, to be held together over long ages, needed more “stuff” to bind them.  Finally, Big Bang cosmologists invoke copious amounts of dark matter and (more recently) dark energy to make their models work.  What the dark matter is has remained an unanswered question.  If it were normal “baryonic” matter we would see it, and it would not be “dark” (i.e., undetectable by current methods).    On the scale of galaxies, a paper in the Astrophysical Journal has undermined some of the justification for dark matter.  Brownstein and Moffat found a way to account for galaxy rotation curves without it1 (see also summary on EurekAlert).    On the cosmological scale, two other papers show that dark matter and dark energy are not simple parameters to model.  An American-Israeli team writing in Astrophysical Journal2 put constraints on cosmological simulations of dark matter halos and showed the picture is complex: “the clear separation of the evolution of an individual halo into series of quiescent and violent phases explains the inability to fit its entire evolution by simple scaling relations, in agreement with previous studies,” they wrote.  A news story in Science3 described some of the ruckus over dark energy’s role in the cosmos.  Specifically, astronomers are arguing about using gamma-ray bursts as a “standard candle” to infer the history of dark energy in cosmological theories.  See also the reprint on EurekAlert of a report from New Scientist that said, “the result stressed how little we know about dark energy and the need for different approaches.”1J. R. Brownstein and J. W. Moffat, “Galaxy Rotation Curves without Nonbaryonic Dark Matter,” Astrophysical Journal 636:721-741, 2006 January 10, 2006.2Romano-Diaz et al., “Constrained Cosmological Simulations of Dark Matter Halos,” Astrophysical Journal 637:L000, 2006 February 1, 2006.3Robert Irion, “Astronomers Push and Pull Over Dark Energy’s Role in Cosmos,” Science 20 January 2006: Vol. 311. no. 5759, p. 316, DOI: 10.1126/science.311.5759.316.In the history of science, practitioners sometimes invoked “imponderable substances” in their theories.  These included phlogiston, caloric, wound salve, ether, electricity, magnetism, and animal magnetism.  Some of these substances went the way of the dodo, others became staples of science.  So far, it appears that cosmologists are in the dark about dark matter (put “dark matter” in the search box above and see).  It will be interesting to see how future astronomers look back on this period.  Till established, theories built on dark matter should be treated like phlogiston theory or The Force.  Duct tape is like The Force.  It has a dark side, a light side, and it holds the universe together – at least as well as dark matter.(Visited 29 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

S-noilite UK 19Inch, i had to style the wig a tiny bit but after i tried it on i fell in love. i bought it as i have brightly coloured

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First Look at Affordable LEED Townhomes

first_imgMy associate Abe Kruger and I are the green raters on a set of 18 affordable townhomes currently under construction for the Chattanooga, Tennessee Housing Authority. We were brought in after design and specifications were complete, so we did not have as much influence on the project as we would have liked. Regardless, it is a good project with a very involved and cooperative team. With this in mind we hopped in my car for the two-hour drive up I-75 recently for the first pre-drywall inspection. Not uncharacteristically for the construction industry, they had not completed all the work required for the inspection when we arrived, but they did want our input on their progress and the quality of the work to date. While we will have to make another visit to complete the inspection, it was a productive meeting and we were able to make some much needed mid-course corrections that will help the building perform better and more easily meet the desired certification.It’s That Damned Batt Insulation AgainAs we walked through the first set of buildings, we pointed out some framing cavities that were not accessible for insulation, interior air barriers that needed to be added, and several areas where duct sealing was not quite up to par. The biggest issue by far, however was the inconsistency in the fiberglass batt insulation work, something that I anticipated in an earlier post in this forum. Way back at the LEED design review meeting with the architects we brought up the potential problems with batt insulation that had been specified for the walls. We were concerned that while they had specified closed cell spray foam on the rooflines, and both solar PV and thermal systems, the walls were to have fiberglass batts. We felt strongly that this was not the best decision and suggested that they consider an upgrade to blown in or sprayed wall insulation. We begged, we pleaded, we threatened (well, not really), but apparently we were not persuasive enough to change their minds. As we moved into pre-construction discussions, we made it quite clear that we would expect Grade 1 quality installation, providing the entire team with documents such as the ENERGY STAR Thermal Bypass Checklist Guidelines. We were assured, repeatedly, that everyone involved was on board and there would be no problems with the wall insulation (We were not convinced).What We Have Here is a Failure to CommunicateAs I do at any pre-drywall inspection that involves fiberglass insulation, I donned my handy pair of cotton gloves and started poking around the batts already installed. I cannot say that the installation was anywhere close to the worst I had ever seen, but there was a lot of room for improvement. Some of the batts were carefully trimmed and split around wires and pipes, and others were not. Some fit snugly with no compressions in the stud cavities, others were oversized and crammed in too tight. Gaps in exterior sheathing were inconsistently sealed, and they had not yet even attempted to insulate some walls that were packed with pipes and wires. There were two installers on site, nice, earnest young men who were trying their hardest to do a good job. It was clear, however, that there was a major communication breakdown between the management of the insulation installation company and their field crews, who were not adequately trained to meet the job requirements. We pointed out that while it was quite possible to get a quality job in most of the walls, there were several areas, specifically the walls full of pipes and open web joists at rim joists, that would certainly need to be upgraded to a blown in or sprayed on material to meet the job specifications. Once we were in the field, it became clear to everyone that achieving a grade 1 installation with batts in any framing cavities with unusual shapes or numerous obstructions was going to be practically impossible. The last word we heard was that they were planning to upgrade the complicated sections from batts to a blown in or sprayed on material. We are thankful that this decision was made but disappointed in our own inability to make a convincing enough case earlier in the process.Getting Priorities StraightThese affordable rental homes are an excellent example of high performance construction, and the housing authority that is building and will retain ownership of them is making many good decisions for the long term. We do feel, however, that it could have been an even better project had they taken a more nuanced look at the building performance characteristics and how they related to each other. While large portions of the budget were devoted to solar systems, wall insulation was relegated to what is essentially a baseline code product that is plagued with installation problems. Obviously they didn’t read my earlier post on outlawing batt insulation.last_img read more

51 FREE Eye-Catching Accent Animation Motion Graphics

first_imgWith these FREE motion graphics, you can easily add elegant motion and animation accents to your titles and designs in any project.All motion designers know that the little touches are what makes your work stand apart.Most of the time, those little extra touches are things like really small details and additional motion in small portions of the scene. These are things that the viewers might not even fully notice but, when added as part of a whole, these accents and animations can really bring your work to a whole new level.These kinds of animations are not typically hard to do, but they do take time — and they can sometimes feel so tedious that you just skip them. Well, not anymore.We’ve made a pack of FREE motion graphics that you can use to add little accents of motion to your titles and animations.This Pack of 21 FREE Accent Motion Graphics Includes the Following:51 FREE pre-keyed .mov video files with alpha channelsCircle animationsSquare animationsLine animationsBubble animationsGeometric shape animationsIsometric animationsBurst animationsSquiggly line animationsZig-zag animations Download the 51 FREE Accent Motion GraphicsClick the button below to download the free pack of 51 Accent Motion Graphics. In the download, you’ll find everything you need to get started. These motion graphics are free to use in any personal or commercial projects. By downloading, you agree not to resell or redistribute these free assets. DOWNLOAD 51 FREE Accent Motion GraphicsCirclesThis free pack of motion graphics includes circle elements of all kinds.In this pack you’ll find many different styles of circle animations. Circles within circles, circles of circles, spinning circles — pretty much any circle animation you can want.SquaresThis pack of free motion graphics also includes plenty of square animations.The same goes for squares. This pack includes quite a few varied square animations. You can layer and mix these together to create some really impressive doodads and modern elements.For instance, you can create some HUD-style effects with these elements.Line PopsLine pops are a versatile way to add subtle animations to your motion graphics.These line pops may be the most versatile elements of the whole pack. You can use these on anything. Any time you want to add a subtle hint of attention to your designs, you can throw a line pop or two on a certain letter or shape, and you’ll instantly have a more interesting composition.Plus Many More…The free pack of motion graphics includes plenty of other assets.Beyond the shapes and lines already mentioned, there are so many other interesting free animations to choose from. Squiggly lines, isometric animations, and all kinds of other interesting effects.Feel free to experiment, layer, and come up with your own combinations of designs.How To Use These ElementsUsing these free accent motion graphics is extremely simple. They will work inside of any non-linear video editing software that supports alpha channels and .mov files. Just import the whole folder and they will be instantly drag-and-drop ready.Just add them wherever you like. If you want to change the color, you’ll just grab whatever color fill tools your editing software has, and since they are pre-keyed, you’ll have no issues changing the color at all.Looking for more free video assets? Check these out.Free Video Editing Assets: Lower Thirds5 Faster Editing Tips for Premiere Pro + Free FootageHow to Add LUTs in Premiere Pro (And 35 Free LUTs)How to Create a Zolly Warp Effect in After Effects + Free Preset DownloadCreative Ways to Use Sound Effects + 15 FREE SFXlast_img read more