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PNGOC deliver bed sheets to POMGH

first_imgThe presentation was made by members of the PNG Athletes Commission, Power Lifter Linda Pulsan and Paralympian, Francis Kompaon.The brand new sheets are from the 2015 Pacific Games. The donation was a fitting gesture as a way to say thank you as the PMGH also served as the emergency referral hospital during the Pacific Games.“The hospital needs all the help it can get to care for our people and we hope that these bed sheets can contribute to that in some way.“I would also like to encourage all the patients in the hospital to be strong and have faith that they come here to get well and go back home again – while they are here these sheets can help to keep them comfortable while they recover,” said Pulsan.Project Officer Corporate Services of PMGH, Shirley Iewa said the donation was a bonus for the hospital and will go a long way in helping them care for the patients.She said the PMGH has 961 beds and every day bed sheets and covers need cleaning.“Care for the patients is the main goal of the hospital’s service and the donation of these linens is a big bonus and we really appreciate it,” said Iewa.Kompaon added that the PNGOC through its sub committees such as the Athletes Commission run a number of community programmes and this was just one of them.“As the country’s elite athletes, we represent our people so if and when we can we are happy to give something back to the community and this is one way to do that so I’m happy and feel really good to be doing this,” said Kompaon.last_img read more

Jury Tampering Overshadows Nettie Peters’ Murder Trial

first_imgAllegations of attempted jury tampering on Thursday, May 22, compelled Judge Blamo Dixon of Criminal Court ‘A’ to temporary halt proceedings in Antoinette Nettie Peters’ murder trial.Prosecutors claimed that they saw jurors Nathan Chea and Rachael Kun Suah at different locations communicating with defendant Jefferson Dahn’s family members, praying the Court to conduct an immediate investigation.Jefferson Dahn is the man who allegedly stabbed Antoinette Nettie Peters on January 3, 2013.However, Jurors Chea and Suah denied the allegation when they were probed by the Court.Interestingly, after the Court’s investigation, Judge Blamo publicly announced, “Since the investigation does not need to ask for call log from any of the GSM companies, the findings are hereby reserved to be delivered anytime during the trial.”He also warned the panel by saying, “You have to follow the case. Ask your questions, and don’t be intimidated. Behave as though nothing had happened. Don’t be afraid.”  Although the Court did not make its findings public, Judge Dixon chose to allow Chea and Suah to stay on the jury team in order to help the Court to decide the case.The trial continued Thursday, May 22, with Nettie’s brother, Smith Peters, taking the witness stand.Prosecution further alleged that on Wednesday, the day after the court adjourned proceedings, juror Nathan Chea spoke with a man named Gabriel, whom they claimed is a family member of defendant Dahn.They said the interaction took place in the Capitol By-pass Community, which is a few meters from the Temple of Justice, where the case is being tried.Prosecutor also alleged that Juror Rachael Kun Suah was booked having conversation with one of defendant Dahn’s family members.They further alleged that the conversation happened in another courtroom of Criminal Court ‘B.’Dahn is on trial for allegedly stabbing to death Nettie in the victim’s boyfriend, Bonfrer Adidee’s bedroom on January 3, 2013, 12th Street, Sinkor.He denies the claim, alleging he was promised US$600, a laptop and two phones by Adidee, whom he claimed murdered the victim.Adidee is a Ugandan national and an employee of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).UNMIL Clarifies Employee’s StatusMeanwhile, authorities of UNMIL Thursday, May 22, in a communication to the Daily Observer, clarified that Adidee, the victim’s boyfriend, has not left Liberia, leaving the entire case behind as had been reported in some quarters.The communication further clarified, “he continues to work with the Mission and is physically present in the country.”In addition, they said, at the time of the Daily Observer’s Wednesday, May [20] story titled ‘UNMIL Officer Fiancée’s Murder Case Begins,’ “the staff member was not summoned to appear before the Liberian court trying the alleged murder case.”They further stated in their communication, that they “collaborated with the Liberia National Police during the investigation stage of the case and stand ready to continue cooperating with authority\ies in the proceedings related to the tragic incident.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

‘Lofa Can Reclaim Pre-war Status’

first_imgLWP members march through the principal streets of Voinjama prior to the indoor program“In order to sustain the livelihood of the local farmers,” Mr. Keller noted, “we must mobilize resources to enhance the support for agriculture thereby improving their standard of living.”He said the Ministry of Agriculture has a significant role to play in fostering LWP’s agenda, therefore, Keller called on the government to provide the environment to help women succeed in the sector.Mr. Keller then provided a loan of L$200,000 to the group, to be paid in four installments.LWP Director, Madam Youngor Sherman, assured Mr. Keller of the group’s readiness to work.  She called on all Lofains for their support in awakening the spirit of the county.She disclosed that with the help of one of the county’s leading agriculturists, John Selma and another prominent son of the county, Momo Cyrus, and LWP have acquired 50 acres of land to begin the initiative.Mr. Cyrus is SEGAL’s CEO and managing director. He said agriculture is the way forward for the country’s self-sufficiency in food.“We will not wait until this initiative turns into a national NGO. We want officials of government, especially those of them from Lofa to come and help our women,” he said.Mr. Cyrus reechoed the need for the country to gravitate to mechanized farming to alleviate the intensive labor that farmers go through.LWP was established in August 2010 with an initial membership of 100 persons, then 500 persons and now has exceeded 1000 members.Agriculture is a major sector of the Liberian economy with 38.8% GDP (Gross Domestic Product), employing more than 70% of the population and providing a valuable export.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Mr. Keller: “Lofa County remains the country’s food basket.”-Women say at rally to make county’s bread basket againA group of women under the banner, Lofa Women for Progress (LWP) has launched an agricultural initiative to reclaim the county’s lost status as ‘Liberia’s Bread Basket.’The possibility of achieving such an ambitious goal was echoed by one of the founders of the Security Experts Guard of Liberia (SEGAL), Lionel A. Keller, Jr. who served as the keynote speaker.Keller said Lofa County has the potential to reclaim its pre-war status as the most productive county as recorded during the 1970s and 1980s. This, he said, is achievable but not with subsistence farming.“We therefore need to graduate from this type of farming, and move to mechanized farming. This is the only way we can make it better. I know you women will get there,” Mr. Keller said as a challenge to the women.He added, “we have come to enlighten the minds of our mothers, sisters and daughters, who have deemed it necessary to foster great prospects in the country’s agricultural sector. We would like to encourage you to continue to strive in this sector.”He defined agriculture as the bedrock of the nation, “and with support from everyone, our women will work to meet the objectives of this organization.”Mr. Keller urged the people of Lofa to rally around the women to ensure that the county regain its lost status in the sector.He added that women have played a significant role in the development of the country through agriculture—a role that they need to retake to ensure that the country becomes food sufficient.“I want to inform you that majority of our farmers are women, who represent more than 50 percent of the country’s farming population,” Keller said.He said empowering women in the sector will assist them to fight poverty to the very end, nothing that LWP’s goals are achievable, but require a lot of work.last_img read more