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Harvard through Drew Faust’s eyes

first_imgFrom Memorial Hall and the Lavietes Basketball Pavilion to the Smith Campus Center, Drew Faust reflects on the places, times, and ways Harvard marked her, sharing with us times of joy, laughter, sorrow, and poignancy during her 10 years as president of Harvard.Come experience Harvard through her eyes.The following are 360° videos. If viewing on an iOS device, use the title links to open the video on the YouTube app. Otherwise, click and drag your mouse, or move your mobile device around, to explore the 360° environment. For the most immersive experience, try using a headset, such as Google Cardboard.Memorial Hall transept “It’s a space that mimics a cathedral and is intended to inspire and uplift.”,Lavietes Pavilion “I remember very soon after I became president, attending a women’s basketball game and celebrating with them my ascension to female power.”,Calderwood Courtyard at the Harvard Art Museums “It has become a kind of public square for Harvard.”,Annenberg Dining Hall “It’s hard for me to believe that this wonderful building and that wonderful space was left almost to disuse.”,Harvard Yard “In old Harvard Yard, people raced through, they always felt they ought to be going somewhere … rather than to linger or have a conversation.”,Sanders Theatre “I can still see [Teddy Kennedy]. I left the stage, and he was supposed to follow me, and he didn’t want to leave. And I remember turning around and seeing his silhouette as he looked out at the cheering audience, and the cheers would not stop, and he would not leave.”,Harvard i Lab “It’s a space that’s designed for invention, creativity, entrepreneurship.”,Knafel Center (Radcliffe Gym) “Radcliffe alums not only used that balcony as a track, they had to learn how to lower themselves on a rope from the balcony onto the floor because it was believed that it would be important for women to know how to use a rope to get out of a burning building.”,Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center “A university-wide space, in which people could bump into each other, share ideas, find spaces in which to have meetings for their organizations and groups, and embody the sort of unity that I felt would strengthen the university.” Related A particular sound or scent, the memory of a cherished event, or a moment of profound and absolute beauty can leave an indelible mark that we carry with us for the rest of our lives. Family, history, and the 1960s all helped to shape Drew Faust, but it was illness that urged her forward Drew Faust and Larry Bacow on learning from each other, the value of humility in decision-making, and the biggest challenges facing higher education ‘What the hell — why don’t I just go to Harvard and turn my life upside down?’ Two leaders, one Harvardlast_img read more

Watch Wayne Brady Talk About His Upcoming Stint in White Rabbit Red Rabbit

first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on Dec. 19, 2016 Wayne Brady View Comments Kinky Boots star Wayne Brady will wrap up his time in the land of Lola on March 27, and he already has his next gig lined up for the very next week. But if you’re worrying about studying lines and rehearsal time, don’t. The Emmy winner will take to the Westside Theatre stage for one night only on April 4 as part of the lineup for White Rabbit Red Rabbit. He joins a roster that includes the previously announced Nathan Lane, Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Wilson, Brian Dennehy and Mike Birbiglia. In the Nassim Soleimanpour play, actors are given the script for the first time just as they’re about to step into the spotlight. It’s the “ultimate cold reading,” said while visiting The Today Show on February 24. “You have to be so in the moment with the choices you make. You just have to go and stick with it.” After Brady’s stint, Cynthia Nixon and Martin Short will have a go on April 18 and May 2, respectively.center_img Related Shows White Rabbit Red Rabbitlast_img read more

Investor Signal: Philippine Coal Tax

first_imgInvestor Signal: Philippine Coal Tax FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Interaksyon:The passage of the coal tax increase in the Philippines gives a clear signal to investors that the country is leading the ASEAN transition to clean energy. This is important as it gives new policy impetus for the private sector to invest in abundant yet underdeveloped wind resources.And it’s already happening.Meralco PowerGen Corporation (MGen) is planning to invest in wind power projects and is looking at two projects totaling 300 megawatts (MW). Its president Rogelio Singson was quoted by recent reports as saying that “When the coal tax kicks in, that will even be more competitive.”The public and private sector in the Philippines can take this a step further by replacing the 10,000 gigawatts (GW) in coal projects currently in the pipeline with other options such as geothermal, natural gas, solar, wind, hydro, and biomass through a technology-neutral least-cost procurement.Building new wind and solar farms costs less than continuing to run current coal or nuclear plants, according to a new report from Lazard, a leading global financial advisory and asset management firm. The levelized cost of energy for both utility-scale solar and onshore wind technologies globally are down six percent from last year. Economies of scale and technology development mean this deflationary trend shows no sign of slowing.As a result of renewable energy cost deflation, the electricity transition taking root in countries around the world is attracting the world’s largest investors. Global electricity policy leaders such as Mexico, Chile, India, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates are seeing accelerating tariff cost reductions of up to 50 percent since the start of 2016. Overnight, a 500-MW wind tender in Gujarat, India was finalized at a record low 2.43 rupees per kilowatt-hour (kWh), equivalent to USD0.04 per kWh or PHP1.90 per kWh. Rooftop solar in the Philippines is seeing costs as low as under USD1 million per MW.As the Philippines’ energy policy clarity and commitments build, the opportunity to replicate this technology-driven trend here is very material.More: Coal tax: The right signal for new investments in the Philippineslast_img read more

Chris Isaak Talks NYCB Theatre at Westbury Show, His Love of Music & Johnny Cash

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, actor, director and bandleader Chris Isaak is in the process of crisscrossing the Northeast, with stops on eastern Long Island, Connecticut, then back to Long Island for an appearance at the NYCB Theater at Westbury on Sunday, September 7.Chris Isaak’s music entered my life when I first heard “You Owe Me Some Kind of Love,” released in 1986. It’s a fantastic, dark and original take on love and obsession, not the musical flavor of the day. The following year he performed at Jones Beach Theater (opening for the Thompson Twins), and remains a regular visitor to Long Island. His music may evoke sounds of many genres and eras, but his themes of love and romance are universal, his sound is timeless. And his shows are a here-and-now blast.Isaak exchanged emails with me (WALK-FM’s David North) in-transit to a recent appearance on eastern Long Island. DAVID NORTH: Welcome back! During a tour, not so long ago, I was having a conversation at WALK-FM with a gentleman in his 80s (Long Island Swing Music authority, the late Jack Ellsworth), and an intern, a 19-year-old woman. I mentioned I was going to see you in concert; neither of them recognized your name. I took a shot at singing, “But AYYYYYYYE don’t wanna fall in love…” They both lit up. He, a Bing Crosby fan, said, “Oh yeah, I know him—he’s great!” She said, “Oh yeah—I love him!” (Note: Mr. Ellsworth, then-host of “Memories in Melody” on WALK-AM, had received a promotional recording of Isaak’s “Baja Sessions,” including a version of a Crosby classic, “Sweet Leilani,” and with open ears he decided Isaak “has it.” I suspect our intern wanted to share it…)When you recorded “Wicked Game,” and stepped away from the studio that day, did you know you’d created a cross-generational, pan-demographic, fashion-proof musical masterpiece? CHRIS ISAAK: “I’m so happy that people enjoy the music! I’m not sure exactly why I always write; I have been making up songs since I was about 12… But it really feels great if somebody hears it and gets it… it’s something that always makes my day! I never know what song is going to be a hit, but I can tell when we play some songs live that people are reacting profoundly.“Before ‘Wicked Game’ was a hit or a video (recorded 25-years-ago) I remember playing it out and the reaction was so strong I went to the record company and asked to make a video. I never asked them for anything, and they turned me down! But it all ended great, so I have no complaints!”[Note: Ended great? “Wicked Game” was MTV’s Most Sexy Video for decades; it’s the “Stairway to Heaven” of sexy-video countdowns!]DAVID NORTH: Did you feel pressure to produce another global smash—or did the success of ‘Wicked Game’ assure you that you’d arrived, and bring you the confidence to express yourself as an artist, not simply as a performer? “Baby Did a Bad, Bad, Thing,” “Notice the Ring” and “We Let Her Down” are not Moon-in-June tunes. CHRIS ISAAK: “I always just try to start by making a record that I like….then later I hope like hell other people agree!” DAVID NORTH: What’s the sound and flavor of this tour? CHRIS ISAAK: “Ha! I’m not sure about the flavor…um…American roots Rock n Roll with a side of Romantic Ballads? I have had this band almost 30 years, the guys know all the music, hell they made the records! We just have fun every night, I always try to throw a few songs in that my guys don’t expect… I think it keeps us all on our toes.” DAVID NORTH: Your band, Silvertone: Listening to your recordings and seeing you performing together, it’s like enjoying the work of an All-Star at every position. You guys are a great BAND!Your guitarist Hershel Yatovitz brings it all: exuberance, soulfulness, romance, an aggressive sound or a wistful sound, it’s his sound, but it’s YOUR sound. Kenny Johnson’s drumming and harmony vocals are always solid, but it must be daunting for him to drum and support a famously versatile singer. Scott Plunkett’s keyboards and Rowland Salley’s bass are skillful yet subtle; always appropriate. Editors call that quality “elegance.” And every member of the band is the subject—or the butt—of a good joke or story. How did you find the right people to bring what you hear in your mind, your sound, to life? Was it similar influences, hard-fought collaborations, or do they just “get” you? When you play together, you play… together! CHRIS ISAAK: “I am so proud of these guys; good men on and off stage. It makes all the difference in the world to have a real band not just hired musicians who learned the songs a day ago. “These guys have a lot of musical influences in common, but it’s great that each brings something extra to the mix, for example my Cuban percussionist Raphael (Padilla) has probably picked up a lot of Elvis and Johnny Cash from me and he has shown me more about Cuban music than I even imagined… and we all laugh at the same jokes. If you have a band and one guy doesn’t laugh at the jokes… you have a problem. You might need a new band member… or better jokes…”DAVID NORTH: You mention Elvis and Johnny Cash… The wonderful thing about being our age (somewhere near “middle”) is the gift of finding inspirations from EVERY generation. Who continues to inspire you?CHRIS ISAAK: “There are lots of great singers, I keep hoping Nicole Atkins will get the hit she deserves and then everyone will know her. She is amazing, and hails from Neptune City, New Jersey. [Note: Nicole Atkins has a similar “circa ‘63” vibe; with flavors of Patsy Cline, Roy Orbison and contemporary Neko Case.] I also still listen to a lot of Elvis, Jerry Lee, Orbison, Johnny Cash… I still love that music I grew up on.”DAVID NORTH: Isaak has a strong connection with movies and movie-making. “Wicked Game” exploded into pop-culture history after director David Lynch used the song in his film Wild at Heart. “Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing,” is remembered and enjoyed long after Stanley Kubrick exploited the tune in his final film Eyes Wide Shut. Isaak also had significant roles in films by directors as diverse as Bernardo Bertolucci (Little Buddha), Tom Hanks (That Thing you Do) and John Waters (A Dirty Shame). He directed episodes and starred in his own Showtime series, The Chris Isaak Show, about a musician very-much like Chris Isaak, and his adventures.Will we see you acting and directing again?CHRIS ISAAK: “I hope so, it’s a lot of fun. I turned down a lead in a musical movie, it sounded like fun but I didn’t think the music was right. I guess my dream would be to be in some black and white film noir… my movie heroes were always Robert Ryan or John Garfield… I pull for the underdog every time.”DAVID NORTH: I hear the Ryan/Garfield influence in some of your songs, “the Desperate Man in Doomed, Epic Romance.” Many are very-much like mini-film noir movies! The happy songs can be screwball comedies.You did some boxing as a younger man, and you’ve told stories about bicycling during downtime while on tours; do your ride here on Long Island, or surf our South Shore?CHRIS ISAAK: “I’m in the surf plenty when I’m in San Francisco, either surfing or fishing. I bring home lots of sand, sometimes mussels and rock crab. Usually when I’m on tour I save my energy for the show! We don’t stand still on stage; I’m not really sure how it happens but I know by the time I come off stage every night my shirt looks like I’ve been swimming!” DAVID NORTH: You guys have some choreography in your show, and your touring outfits are great to look at but must weigh a ton! Tell the truth: The Chris Isaak Show; “Gary Shandling”—or “Jack Benny?”CHRIS ISAAK: “Wow! I’m honored to be mentioned in the same breath. I read Jack Benny’s biography on my last tour, I’m reading Bing Crosby’s on this tour… I love the stories of their lives because entertainers really haven’t changed in 100 years—you travel, you do your show and hope they like you, and then you go.“I was on Gary Shandling’s show and I will always remember how nice he was, really a low-key, smart, funny guy… but just nice. I remember him calling me into his office, offering to share his lunch with me and just hanging. It’s nice when people you like on stage turn out to be really likeable up close. Ain’t life grand?”DAVID NORTH: What do you look forward to when you visit Long Island? CHRIS ISAAK: “The fall foliage and an ebullient crowd!”“Postscript: Sorry about the spelling but I’m on a moving bus! All the best, your singing pal Chris Isaak THANK YOU VERY MUCH!”Chris Isaak will be performing Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014 at NYCB Theatre at Westbury, 960 Brush Hollow Rd., Westbury. His show kicks off at 7 p.m. and tickets are $49.50 & $69.50. For more information about the gig, past shows and future amazing performances at NYCB Theatre at Westbury, check out their website and their page in The Island Ear.last_img read more

3 approaches to data-driven credit card strategies

first_imgIn a recent interview with Credit Union Management, I shared a bit of my perspective on the importance of data-driven strategies for today’s credit card issuers. In particular, reporter Karen Bankston and I discussed three approaches to business intelligence credit unions and community banks can pursue in the name of optimizing their credit card marketing and management:The Macro ApproachUsing topline data on aggregate balances, transaction volume and revenue from interest and fees, this approach provides an overall picture of portfolio health. The average spend per active card, for example, is a useful measure of cardmember engagement. Rank-ordering accounts by profitability and engagement can lay the foundation for cardmember segmentation – a critical first step for any data-driven marketing strategy.The Loyalty ApproachRewards data provides a window on card usage and member preferences. It also facilitates liability management, as the rewards program is one of the largest expenses in running a card portfolio. continue reading » 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Planning your marketing pivot with updated member segments

first_img 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Jennifer Laud Jennifer is a credit union marketing consultant and the owner of Jennifer Laud Consulting. She has a background in strategy and a passion for positioning credit unions to find their … Web: Details As summer approaches and the nation discusses what it takes to move forward during the pandemic, it’s time for credit unions and marketing teams to reemerge from our hunkered-down states.After weeks of anxiously watching how things unfold with the global health crisis, many of our members are starting to feel fatigued and ready for some good news to stay motivated. By now, messages of solidarity are beginning to sound a little stale. While that messaging was completely appropriate and necessary, it is now time to pivot from crisis mode into action once again.So, how do we connect with members and their desire for a bit of their old lives back, while still being sensitive to an ongoing pandemic and looming recession? We can start by understanding the changes within our member segments, and then create plans based on the new information.Evolving Member SegmentsSegments and member personas are powerful tools, but our old data is unlikely to be reliable. Information on income, assets and purchasing intentions may be drastically different than they were at the beginning of the year. As many people reassess what they are prioritizing, some behaviors may even be changed for the long-haul.Ernst and Young’s recent consumer index provides information on how consumer behaviors are adjusting due to the pandemic. As you look at your membership, see how many people now fall into one of these new segments:Hibernate and Spend (11%): These members are most concerned with the pandemic, but best positioned to deal with it. They are spending more, saying that products have changed, and that brands are now more important.Stay Calm and Carry On (26%): These members are not changing their spending habits.Save and Stockpile (35%): These members are not as concerned about the pandemic, but are worried about the impact to their families. They are pessimistic about the long-term effects.Cut Deep (27%): These members are the hardest hit, have the biggest change in behavior, and are most pessimistic about the future. Almost a quarter have had their jobs suspended, either temporarily or permanently. They are buying just the essentials and say brands are now far less important.How you approach changes to your marketing over the summer will depend on the sentiments of your membership and how their capabilities have changed. You must keep a clear understanding of how your segments are feeling and how their actions are changing.If you skew heavily towards members who have maintained many of their resources and are generally optimistic about the future, you can lean on your mission to seperate yourself from other brands. Focus on beefing up your digital offerings and marketing campaigns, while removing barriers for members maintaining social-distancing practices and assisting members in finding ways to enjoy everyday comforts while they are at home.For credit unions that have a more pessimistic membership and more individuals who have lost income or have fallen ill, your approach needs to be different. With these members, find ways to provide relief from their debt obligations and offer reasons to feel better about their long-term financial position. You can create solutions as their credit union, but also lean on your network and partnerships to give information about places they can find assistance or support.We can expect that at some point, everyone is going to transition out of their crisis segment and into their new normal. EY also offers five segments that we will likely see emerge:Back with a Bang (9%): These members are younger and working. Their daily lives were most disrupted, but they are also most optimistic and are spending as a result.Get to Normal (31%): These members are spending like they previously did and their daily lives were never really affected.Cautiously Extravagant (25%): These members are middle to high income and are focused on health. They will spend more in areas important to them.Stay Frugal (22%): These members are spending slightly less and trying to get back on their feet.Keep Cutting (13%): These members are the least educated and least likely to be working. They are making deep spending cuts, changing what they buy and how.As people reflect on what is important to them, some members will change the types of businesses they seek out and what things they consume. This is a huge opportunity for credit unions and one that we should be prepared for. Take a look at your process for gaining and onboarding new members. Work on necessary changes to offer remote solutions that are easy to use and incorporate your credit union’s personality.Prepare a number of short-term campaigns that you can pull out quickly as you analyze changes within your membership. Ideally, they’ll have some flexibility so you can make adjustments to keep them relevant and appropriate for your local environment. If you already have strong digital marketing skills, continue to flex those muscles when you plan delivery channels. If not, create a plan to develop those skills and utilize whatever social media, website, email, or digital ad knowledge you have already.For the long-term, this is a great time to take a step back and assess your position. You may decide that you’ve ignored your remote experiences in favor of face-to-face. Now may be the right time to make a shift in training and technology investment. Or, you may realize that this is the perfect opportunity to solidify your place in the local community and take advantage of potential members who are realigning their actions with their values. As we all respond to the shock of these current times, your credit union can do the same and come out the other side as a stronger institution, with stronger relationship ties with your members.last_img read more

Resolving the issue of tourist land opens the door to new investments in tourism

first_imgGet involved in the public debate on the new Tourist Land Act. The HUP (Association of Hospitality and Tourism) emphasizes the satisfaction that this Act has finally come to the fore and points out that the new Act will bring order to the use of state property and eliminate its implementation ambiguities. “We welcome the adoption of new legal solutions in the direction of resolving the issue of tourist land management and opening the possibility of investing in that land in accordance with the valid spatial planning documentation. Namely, due to the inadequate law on tourist land from 2010, legal-property relations on tourist land remained unclear, so there were no numerous investments desirable to maintain and increase the competitiveness of Croatian tourism; and for the state there were no revenues from land use as well as all those consequent revenues generated from investments: such as VAT, taxes and contributions to the salaries of workers in the construction and catering sector, profit taxes and others. ”Said Davor Majetić, General Manager of HUP. RELATED NEWS: Therefore, the adoption of this law and the establishment of a quality legal framework for the use and management of unvalued construction land is a common interest and an important initiative of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, which is expected to have positive effects in the valorization of state property and economic development. The draft law on unrated construction land prepared by the Ministry of State Property is currently in public consultation, followed by the procedure of passing a new law in two parliamentary readings.  Side dish: ADVISORY: BILL ON UNPRECEDENTED BUILDING LAND The final resolution of the Law on Tourist Land has been awaited by employers in tourism for years, which is one of the main obstacles to investment in tourism, especially when we talk about greenfield investors who are chronically lacking. Photo: HUT WELCOMES CHANGES TO LAW ON “TOURIST LAND” last_img read more

MICE organizers can work with COVID-19 task force to monitor health protocols: Tourism ministry

first_img#socialdistance #avoidcrowd #covid19taskforce #usesoap #mothermessage #wearmask #keepyourdistance #washyourhand Read also: Indonesia second most confident in Southeast Asia about reopening tourism, study finds“Up until now, we haven’t treated any visitors [with such symptoms] because we already implement preventive measures for visitors at the port and when they board a boat to [the island],” he said.Similarly, Grand Mall Batam has an isolation ward on the building’s ground floor. “We also provide an ambulance if we need to transport a visitor to a health facility,” said the mall’s marketing communication officer, Vivi.Separately, the ministry’s general affairs and legal division head, Dessy Ruhati, said each regional administration had the authority to decide which tourist destinations were ready for reopening.However, she added that the administrations needed to evaluate the tourist sites thoroughly and their ability to implement COVID-19 health protocols before allowing them to resume operations. “We really hope that the public and the tourism community will comply with the health protocols, including wearing masks, washing their hands and physical distancing,” said Dessy.“It will be unfortunate for all of us if one destination is reopened but people surrounding the site [and visitors] neglect the rules, because we never know which of one of us has the virus.”Indonesia has set a limit of allowing only 5 million foreign visitors into the country until the end of the year. Last year, Indonesia welcomed a total of 17 million foreign visitors. (nkn) Titik said local administrations could request the deployment of COVID-19 task force officers at tourist destinations. Many tourist destinations and entertainment establishments in Batam have strictly applied a set of rules set by the ministry, which covers hygiene, health, safety and sustainability.The Kepri Coral marine resort in Batam, for example, has created an isolation unit for visitors.“We have a health clinic with an isolation facility,” said Kepri Coral general manager Eddy C Lumawe, adding that it was available for visitors who showed symptoms like coughing, fever and shortness of breath. The Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry has encouraged organizers of meeting, incentive, convention and exhibition (MICE) events and tourist destination operators to work closely with local COVID-19 task forces in implementing health protocols during the pandemic.Titik Lestari, the ministry’s coordinator for MICE, said most tourist destinations in the country were already applying health protocols but not all had proper monitoring teams to make sure they were properly implemented.“The monitoring can be applied to both guests and destination operators,” she said during an event in Batam as quoted by on Saturday, adding that the COVID-19 task force had the ability to monitor.center_img Editor’s note: This article is part of a public campaign by the COVID-19 task force to raise the public’s awareness about the pandemic. Topics :last_img read more

Arsenal fans in meltdown as Mesut Ozil scores against Bournemouth with trademark bounce shot

first_img Read More Skip Rio Ferdinand tells Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop struggling Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 27 Feb 2019 8:08 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.1kShares Mesut Ozil bounced the ball into the ground an over Artur Boruc (Picture: Getty)Emery made six changes to his side for the visit of Eddie Howe’s team and his tinkering paid immediate dividends when, in the fifth minute, Sead Kolasinac slipped in Ozil and the former Real Madrid star deceived Artur Borcu by bouncing his shot into the ground with his instep and over the experienced goalkeeper’s outstretched arm.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT Read More Coming Next PLAY 1 min. story Manchester United captain Harry Maguire 1/1 by Metro Mesut Ozil opened the scoring with a sensational finish against Bournemouth (Picture: Getty)Mesut Ozil celebrated his return to Arsenal’s Premier League starting line-up with an early goal against Bournemouth.The German international’s future has been the subject of intense speculation in recent weeks with Unai Emery having left him out of the side due to injury, sickness and tactical reasons.Ozil had featured only twice since Boxing Day prior to starting in last week’s Europa League win over BATE Borisov and made an encouraging cameo performance from the bench in the weekend win over Southampton.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City Read More Full Screen About Connatix V67539 Read More / Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE SPONSORED Comment Read More Video Settings Top articles Advertisement Skip Ad Advertisement It’s not the first time Ozil has showcased that extraordinary technique, he scored in the same fashion against both Liverpool and Huddersfield last season and Arsenal fans couldn’t get enough of it after he hit the back of the net for the first time since October… Arsenal fans in meltdown as Mesut Ozil scores against Bournemouth with trademark bounce shotlast_img read more

Wednesday people roundup

first_imgSyntrus Achmea, State Street Global Advisors, NN Investment Partners, AXA Investment Managers, EFAMA, EY, Vontobel Asset ManagementSyntrus Achmea – Hein Brand and Fieke van der Lecq have been appointed members of the pension provider and asset manager’s supervisory board. Van der Lecq is currently professor of pension markets at the Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam, as well as chair of the supervisory boards of the Pensioenfonds Robeco and Pensioenfonds Zoetwaren, the industry-wide scheme for confectioners in the Netherlands. Brand was chief executive at ING Real Estate Finance from 2001 to 2008, and prior to that was head of global credit restructuring. State Street Global Advisors – Greg Ehret has been named president. He has been with the company for more than 20 years, overseeing areas including the firm’s ETF business. His new role will see him in charge of SSGA’s client-facing activities. NN Investment Partners – Ivan Nikolov has joined the convertible bonds team as senior portfolio manager. Based in London, he joins from Aberdeen Asset Management and has worked at KNG Securities and Pine River Capital Management.  AXA Investment Managers – Sailesh Lad and Olga Fedotova have joined the fixed income emerging markets team. Fedotova, who will be head of emerging market (EM) credit, will join from UniCredit in August. She has previously headed up HSBC’s EM corporate credit team and worked at ING Bank. Lad joins as senior portfolio manager from Ignis Asset Management, and has previously worked at Henderson Global Investors, BlueBay Asset Management and Moore Capital Management.EFAMA – Alexander Schindler has been appointed president of the European Fund and Asset Management Asssociation. Schindler is also an executive board member at German asset manager Union Investment. He will serve a two-year term with William Nott, chief executive of M&G Securities, acting as vice. Schindler replaces Christian Dargnat, who has been president since 2013. Nott has been on the EFAMA board for six years.EY – Karina Brookes as joined the UK’s consultancy arm in a senior role within the pensions covenant advisory team. She joins after spending 15 years with rival PwC, latterly as a director in the pensions credit advisory team.Vontobel Asset Management – Ludovic Colin has been appointed to the Swiss asset manager’s fixed income team as a portfolio manager and foreign exchange and interest rate specialist. Colin will take responsibility for Vontobel’s bond global aggregate fund as a deputy portfolio manager. He joins from the London office of Goldman Sachs where he was a multi-asset macro specialist, and previously worked for Amundi, under its previous guise of Credit Agricole Asset Management.last_img read more