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Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, May 22

first_imgDeath with Dignity vulnerable to abuseI’m disappointed that The Gazette has failed to print (up to May 13) anything about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s support for physician-assisted suicide (bills A2694/S3947). More than 75 years ago, my aunt would regularly visit a friend suffering from dementia at the Egelfing hospital, but stopped doing so very suddenly. I searched for Egelfing and found Hitler’s “T4 Program,” which sent SS troops disguised as doctors to transfer disabled patients to other facilities, where they were systematically killed. Later. their families received an urn of ashes with condolences regarding the unfortunate death of their loved ones. This was Hitler’s assisted-suicide program. Now our governor is endorsing a law that will lead to similar results.The financial pressures for mercy killing are enormous. Insurance companies would rather pay for a cheap death pill than for months or years of medical care. Greedy relatives are reluctant to see their inheritance frittered away on nursing home costs.Assisted suicide advocates claim to avoid needless suffering by providing a dignified death. Of course, this is only meant for fully conscious, adult, terminally ill patients who freely request it. Safeguards would be included to prevent abuse. It is intrinsically evil to kill an innocent human being. No number of safeguards can ever make that morally acceptable. Christians should remember the Lord’s most undignified death. Soon “Death with Dignity” will include the demise of useless eaters and life unworthy of life, just as happened in my youth. We should call it Cuomo’s T4 Program.Wendell NeugebauerBallston Spa Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionHolocaust memorial will be asset to townRegarding the proposed Holocaust Museum in Niskayuna, I, for one, commend the panel on its support of this worthy project. To quote Stephen Berk, “If there was ever a time when a Holocaust Memorial should be built, this is the time.”I am appalled by some of the negative comments such as “this project is asking the neighbors to live with man’s inhumanity to man for the rest of their lives. It’s the wrong place, build it elsewhere.”This is a project for everyone in the community and also for future generations.Hopefully, the next forum (tonight) will be more productive.Phyllis ChapmanGlenville Duci worked in best interests of people I have been a close friend of Frank Duci’s for more than 43 years.When we first met, I was introduced to Frank by Leo Keneston, then the 4th ward Republican at my first county committee meeting. The chairman was Ed Cammarota.I was a young lawyer at the time. Frank asked me to participate in all his campaigns, and over the years we went to most political and community functions together. Frank was very resourceful and was an accomplished artist, sketching many political figures like Ronald Reagan and Mario Cuomo. After Frank retired, I co- hosted his show, “Frankly Speaking,” on the Schenectady public access channel. Going to the studio at Proctors, Frank would take the time to talk to the parking attendants. That’s the kind of man Frank was — always attentive to his constituents’ needs.  I had the pleasure to serve as the deputy corporation counsel under Frank and  Mike Cuevas. At the time, the council was in Democrat hands and I was doing the legislation (local laws, ordinances, and resolutions). Frank and I worked with the council on a bipartisan basis in the best interests of the people. That’s the kind of man Frank was.  Frank had a lot of accomplishments. One of them was spearheading a referendum to change the form of government from manager to strong mayor. Not once, but twice, the Democrats asked for and got another referendum. Frank prevailed both times.Frank was a great man and I will miss him dearly.Paul TockerSchenectady Trump shows talent for losing big moneyWhy don’t the critics of Donald Trump give him credit for being able to do certain things better than almost anyone else? One of his finest accomplishments, which certainly gives him bragging rights, is losing $1.17 billion in his business dealings in only 10 years. I challenge any reader of The Gazette to put together a business scheme that would beat what Trump was able to do. Perhaps The Gazette could sponsor a competition along those lines. And if Trump was able to lose so much money so quickly in running his own business, imagine what he can and is doing for our nation.Putting his significant talent to work, he is increasing our national deficit faster than anyone thought possible. Wow.Arnold SeikenSchenectady Continue the fight against robo callsCongratulations for taking strong positions on many consumer issues. Please keep advocating for strong limits on robo calls. I wish we could boycott services that unbelievably ask people to agree to such harassment just to use their services.I used to be better than a paid ad for PayPal. But lately, they will not allow a smooth transaction without you accepting and using a code they send to your smart phone. As part of the agreement to which you consent is this language:“If a telephone number provided to us is a mobile telephone number, you consent to receive SMS or text messages at that number. We won’t share your phone number with non-affiliated third parties for their purposes without your consent but may share your phone numbers with our Family of Companies or with our service providers, such as billing or collections companies, who may contact you using auto-dialed or prerecorded message calls or text messages. Standard telephone minute and text charges may apply if we contact you.”We need to find a better “pal.”Betty PieperScotiaTake action against impact of humansThere is widespread agreement that human activity is having long-term adverse on the Earth’s climate and thus on prospects of our survival as a species.That is to say, if we are to have a sustainable environment, there must be fewer humans exhaling CO2.A simple way to achieve this end would be stop subsidizing childbirth. This may be done by ending public financing of education. This approach towards working on a stable environment may also lead to an acceptance of the reality that today, a woman’s choice to become a mother, much like buying a car, is strictly a private matter.Like buying a car, she should be accountable for all of the costs of her decision. These costs include the cost of educating her child. It should not be the public’s responsibility. As for the transition issues associated with a sustainable environment and female responsibility, I suggest that we follow the St. Clare’s president and end all retirement contributions for professional employees.Fred BarneyAlbanyMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationlast_img read more

China condemns US tweet on Taiwan exclusion from UN

first_imgChina has condemned a US tweet backing Taiwan’s push for participation at the United Nations as the global body works with its 193 member states to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.Beijing’s diplomatic mission to the UN expressed “strong outrage and firm opposition” to a message on Friday by the United States calling Taiwan’s exclusion an “affront” to UN principles.The self-ruled island, which Beijing considers a wayward province awaiting reunification, has been held up as a model in fighting the virus. Fewer than 500 cases have been detected in Taiwan despite its proximity to the Chinese mainland where the outbreak began.”Barring #Taiwan from setting foot on UN grounds is an affront not just to the proud Taïwanese people, but to UN principles,” the tweet by the US mission said.US Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft retweeted the message.In response a statement by Beijing said “Taiwan is an inalienable part of China”.The Twitter account of the US mission also shared earlier tweets from the US State Department that called for Taiwan’s inclusion in a coming World Health Organization (WHO) assembly.Relations between the UN and Taiwan were strained long before the pandemic but have deteriorated in the past three months.The WHO’s leadership have been accused of being too close to Beijing and complimentary of China’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.Topics :last_img read more

Dominica could be the station for marketing wellness tourism

first_img Tweet Indian High Commissioner Mala Mishara. Photo credit: GIS NewsIndian High Commissioner to Dominica Mala Mishra said the Nature Isle is the ideal country to market a new form of tourism that has the potential to boost the struggling sector.Mishra said India is willing to partner with Dominica in that regard.He said a delegation could soon visit Dominica to discuss ways to get the initiative off the ground.“We use a lot of humble plants to generate medicines and we make medicines, we produce them in India and export them in large quantities. We also run medical tourism or wellness tourism where we offer a lot of treatments in spas. I think Dominica could be an ideal location in the Caribbean to market wellness tourism and you can add that as a very important tourism product in Dominica and you can really do well,” he said.Mishra said plans are underway to bring a delegation from India to identify the plants to start the project.“The delegation will develop some kind of laboratory and then manufacture the plants not only to be used in Dominica but other parts of the region,” Mishra added. LocalNews Dominica could be the station for marketing wellness tourism by: – April 19, 2011 22 Views   no discussions Dominica Vibes News Sharing is caring! Share Share Sharelast_img read more

Persons React to the first Edition of The Last Enemy

first_imgPhoto Credit: DBS Radio’s Production Manager Felix Henderson’s Latest featured Program’s first edition “The Last Enemy” was aired today on the Nation Station from 9:00am.The First Edition which was just about an hour long spoke of the beginning of time when God created man,  the deception of man by the devil and the condemnation of death unto man because of sin.It also spoke of persons preparing for birth and not for death and about the unknown of man’s appointment with death.In the first edition, Mr. Henderson spoke to many nurses and also to Dr. Irvin Mc Intyre about their experience with death in their profession.After the program was aired many called the program “talking Point” hosted by Mr. Steven Dangleben sitting with Mr. Felix Henderson to congratulate him on the production of The Last Enemy” and also spoke of their experience with death at their door step.One man called to share his experience.Click to Hear Audio:The second and third edition of “The Last Enemy” will be aired on Tuesday and Wednesday at 9:00am and be repeated in the afternoons at 2:30pm and the whole program will be aired on Sunday 22nd may 2011 between the hours of 12:00pm to 1:00pm, 3:00pm to 4:00pm and 6:00pm to 7:00pm on DBS Radio.“The Last Enemy” was written, directed and produced by Mr. Felix Henderson, Production Manager at DBS Radio.News Reporter: Ms. Grace HendersonDominica Vibes News Sharing is caring! Share 43 Views   no discussions LocalNews Persons React to the first Edition of The Last Enemy by: – May 16, 2011center_img Share Share Tweetlast_img read more

Girls Area Middle School And Grade School Basketball Results

first_imgGirls Area Middle School And Grade School Basketball ResultsThursday  (2-13)The 7th Grade Lady Cardinals ended with a high score for them of 68-24.  Scoring for SLS were Lucy Abplanalp with 16pts, and the following all scoring 2pts each Anna Moore, Emily Schebler, Kenzie Maple, and Ainsley Sipples.  Defensively we had Lexi Scheiner and Paige Watters pulling down rebounds and holding their own under the basket.  Great job ladies way to get a new point high for the team. The 8th Grade Lady Cards won against the Chargers with a final score of 39-25.  Scoring for SLS were Kate Weber with 10pts and 3 assist, Rhea Miller with 8pts and 1 assist, Catherine Streator with 7pts, Sadie Wachsmann with 6pts and 1 assist, Madison Wanstrath with 4pts, Claire Saner with 2pts 2 assists, and Lilly Schebler with 2pts.  Rebounding the ball well was Madison Wanstrath and Kate Weber.  The defense was key along with offensive passing with Ava Owens, Lea Cossentino, and Iza Wonnell.    Great job ladies. In non-conference play, the Chargers traveled to Batesville to take on the Cardinals of St. Louis winning 68-24. The Chargers committed 0 fouls, shot 70% from the free-throw line, and shot the ball extremely well from the field. Leading the way, Whitaker with 16, Barker with 14, Allen added 11, Haley had 7, Saunders and Kinker each with 6, while Schoettmer and Duckworth added 4 apiece. North Decatur returns back home next week to play Edinburgh and St. Mary’s on Monday and Thursday respectively. Courtesy of Chargers Coach Eric Whitaker and Cardinals Coach Erin Trenkamp.The St. Louis 8th Graders defeated North 39-25.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Erin Trenkamp.The 8th Grade Lady Bulldogs fall to a very talented Rushville team, 49-19. Lady Bulldogs played hard and fought the second half. The leading scorer was Elaney McGuire with 11 points. The next game is Monday against South Ripley. Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Amber Erhart.The St. Louis Girls 5th Grade Lady Cardinals improved their record to 8-0  on the season with a 45-6 win vs the Greendale Tigers on Thursday, February 13th. The Lady Cardinals started strong and never looked back on their way to a 28-0 halftime lead. The Cardinals were led in rebounding and scoring by Ella King who put in 16 points. Mimi Smith added 12 points and numerous steals. Belle Young had 6 points while Madden Showalter and Riley Siegel each added 4 points.  The Lady Cardinals will travel to Laurel on Monday for a 5:30 pm tip-off.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Brent YoungThe 6th grade Lady Cardinals traveled to Central Elementary to take on Greendale. The Cardinals worked hard and were scrappy until the very end of the game, but came up short. The Cardinals lost 35-14. Leading in scoring was Rachel Suttmann with 8 points. Cora Roth had 4 points and Karsyn Watson had 2.  The Cardinals will continue the long stretch of on the road games as they travel to Laurel on Monday.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Anne SuttmannWednesday  (2-12)7th Grade Lady Eagles defeated Sunman Dearborn Black 31-7. Scoring for the Lady Eagles were Delaney Hughes 9, Cheyenne Cullen 8, Sophia Sullivan 4, Hailey Kunz 4, Kelsey Borgman 2, Bailey Groth 2, Ashlynn Moorman 2. 8th Grade Lady Eagles defeated Sunman Dearborn Black 50-9. Scoring for the Lady Eagles were Reese Obendorf 18, Reagan Hughes 16, Emma Wagner 11, Julia Meyer 2, Kelsey Borgman 2, Sophia Sullivan 1.  Courtesy of Eagles Scorekeeper Brandy Meyer. Tuesday (2-11)The 7th Grade Lady Bulldogs fell to Greendale in a hard-fought game Tuesday night at home by a score of 30-23. The girls fell behind by 10 points in the first half but played well in the second half.   Leading the way scoring was Lydia Haskamp with 12 points; followed by Veronica King with 8 points; Dottie Turner 2 points; and Eden Williams with 1 point.  The girls are back in action Thursday night at Rushville.  Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Chris Weiler.8th Grade Lady Bulldogs pulled out a great win against Greendale last night, 25-17. The Lady Bulldogs played excellent team defense with 10 steals. Leading scorers were Elena Kuisel with 11 points, Elaney McGuire with 7, Kaylin Hinners with 5, and Renee Lecher chipping in a bucket as well. The team played together and worked hard throughout the game. Great job 8th grade! Bulldogs head to Rushville for their next matchup on Thursday.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Amber Erhart.North Decatur Girls 7th Grade Basketball beat Milan High School 40-13. The Lady Chargers improve to 8-0 with a win tonight against Milan. ND Scoring-Allen 12, Duckworth 8, Whitaker 7, Haley 5, Kinker 5, Barker 2, Schoettmer 1. North Decatur will be on the road Thursday to face off against St. Louis. Courtesy of Chargers Coach Eric Whitaker.North Decatur Girls 8th Grade Basketball falls to Milan High School 31-16. ND Scoring-Ogden with 3 points, Motz with 6 points, Kunz with 5 points, Abrams with 2 points. Courtesy of Chargers Coach Becky Bingham.The St. Louis 5th Grade Girls took the court again Tuesday night February 11th vs. the Mt Carmel Vikings. The Lady Cardinals started the game off slow and had trouble hitting their shots. They were able to use their defense to keep the Vikings at bay and take a 16-2 lead at halftime. The Lady Cardinals woke up in the third quarter behind Mimi Smith who scored 12 of her game-high 14 points. This increased the lead to 34-3 after three quarters. The Lady Cardinals were able to keep rolling behind Grace Gutzwiller and Olivia Leising’s hot shoot from the field. Each Lady Cardinal finished with 6 points. Belle Young had a solid offensive and defensive game with 10 points and a few steals as well. The final score was St. Louis 46 and Mt Carmel 5. The Lady Cardinals play their next game Thursday night at Central Elementary School vs Greendale. Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Brent Young.The 6th Grade Lady Cardinals traveled to Mt. Carmel to take on the Vikings. The Cardinals fought hard but came up short losing 26-11. Leading in scoring for the Cardinals was Rachel Suttmann with 7 points and Bridget Lohmueller with 4 points. The Cardinals are now 3 for 5 on the season. The Cardinals are in action again, as they face Greendale Thursday. Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Anne Suttmann.last_img read more

Sturridge apologises to Reds fans

first_imgStriker Daniel Sturridge apologised to fans for not winning the Barclays Premier League this season but assured them he expects Liverpool to challenge for the title again. If Liverpool are to become genuine regular title contenders while balancing the demands of the Champions League, they have to strengthen their squad considerably. Southampton midfielder Adam Lallana – who will go to the World Cup alongside Sturridge and Reds team-mates Steven Gerrard, Raheem Sterling, Glen Johnson and Jordan Henderson – has emerged as an early priority in Brendan Rodgers’ strengthening process. There are reports of a formal bid being lodged with Saints and it is no secret Rodgers is an admirer. Sturridge is confident his manager will get the summer recruitment right. “I think this squad is unbelievable. We’ve done really well and I fully expect us to push on again next season,” he added. “I am sure the manager will buy players who he believes can push us on to the next level. “With whoever comes in together with the great players we already have here, I am sure we will do well next season.” While looking to bring in more players, Liverpool are also keen to extend the contracts of a number of the first-team squad. Negotiations are on-going with right-back Johnson, who has just over 12 months remaining, but much will depend on the England international. The club want to keep the defender, who turns 30 in August, but considering his age they want his salary – Johnson is one of the highest wage earners – to reflect that and that may be the stumbling block. There has yet to be any movement on new deals for Jordan Henderson and Gerrard but those are expected later in the summer. Midfielder Lucas Leiva moved to clarify remarks he made after posting an image from Sunday’s post-match lap of appreciation. The Brazil international, who lost his regular place after Gerrard dropped into a deeper midfield role, wrote alongside a picture of him and his family: “Yesterday I finished my the season with Liverpool. I want to thank the ones who supported me all this years. #thankyou #goodbye.” However, after realising that left much open to interpretation he soon added: “The goodbye that I said it is about the season that finished nothing else.” After 21 goals this season it was no surprise to see Sturridge selected in Roy Hodgson’s World Cup squad and the 24-year-old hopes to be able to take his good form to Brazil. “It’s a very big summer ahead,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to going to Brazil and trying to do well. I’m hungry to do well. I want to bring England some success.” Press Association “I know we set the target of reaching the Champions League but I can’t stand here and say I’m happy. I am gutted,” said the England striker. “I know we’ve gone from seventh to second but I am never happy coming second no matter what I’m playing, whether it’s table tennis, cricket or whatever, I don’t like losing. “We’re all hungry for success and the fans deserve success. They’ve given us great support from the first minute to the last and I apologise to them for not winning the Premier League. “I’ll do everything in my power, just like my team-mates will, to try to ensure we do that for them next season. I believe we can. “People can make excuses about how we had an advantage because we weren’t in Europe this season but I know we will be contenders again next season. “We will take the positives from this season and learn from the negatives. “This experience will stand us in good stead for next season. I believe we will challenge. “Next season will be a big year for us and we’re looking forward to that already.” The Reds had destiny in their own hands until slipping up with a home defeat to Chelsea late last month which handed the initiative to Manchester City, who duly closed out the championship on Sunday with victory over West Ham, negating Liverpool’s 2-1 win over Newcastle. However, second place still represents success, having come from seventh last season, as it secured a return to the Champions League and although Sturridge knows it could have been so much better, he also believes this campaign will not be a flash in the pan. last_img read more

Munster go top after narrow win

first_img Anthony Foley’s men had looked on top as they stung their provincial rivals with 21 points, including tries from Robin Copeland and Duncan Williams, as they recovered from an early 12-0 deficit. Resilient Ulster profited from Stephen Archer’s 72nd-minute sin-binning, though, with Humphreys’ fifth successful penalty closing the gap to 21-15 in the dying minutes. Neil Doak’s charges coughed up some cheap penalties, with Keatley gladly turning them into six more points for Munster by the hour mark. The introduction of Robbie Diack sparked a much-needed spell of decent possession and territory for Ulster. Munster countered through van den Heever, with JJ Hanrahan denied a try by Stuart Olding’s alertness in defence, and Keatley also missed a subsequent drop goal and penalty. The visitors hung in there and were rewarded with a fifth Humphreys penalty, following replacement prop Archer’s yellow card for taking out a support player at a lineout. That set up a frantic finish and although Williams forced his way over after a couple of near misses from lineout mauls, Humphreys’ missed kick allowed Munster to take the points and move temporarily to the top of the PRO12 table. Press Association Ian Humphreys missed a last-minute conversion as Munster emerged 21-20 winners of tonight’s Guinness PRO12 derby against Ulster at Thomond Park. Fourteen-man Munster could not hold out as their former number eight Nick Williams burrowed over for Ulster’s only try of the night. However, Humphreys was wide with the left-sided conversion as the Reds chalked up their seventh victory on the trot in all competitions. The visitors quickly hit the front, a Stuart McCloskey surge leading to Humphreys’ opening penalty in the second minute. After an Ian Keatley miss, Ulster extended their lead to 9-0 as Humphreys punished two moments of indiscipline from Munster back rowers CJ Stander and Paddy Butler. A snappy break from Keatley was spoilt by further loose play from Foley’s side, as Ulster continued to look the sharper outfit with their scrum marching forward twice. Humphreys made it 12-0 before Keatley broke Munster’s duck in the 23rd minute, punishing Craig Gilroy for a high tackle on Gerhard van der Heever, although the hosts’ scrum was still having problems. A clash of heads prompted home debutant Pat Howard’s withdrawal, but Munster finally clicked into gear when Ronan O’Mahony raided through midfield and Denis Hurley’s pass out of the tackle released Copeland to cut in from the left for a 12-8 scoreline. A couple of flash-points inspired a late Munster assault as the ever-threatening Van den Heever evaded four tacklers, only for Keatley’s distribution to let him down with numbers out wide on the left. The early pressure came from Munster in the second period, and they got a lucky break three minutes in when Copeland fumbled at the back of a scrum in the Ulster 22 but the alert Williams rescued the situation to break to the left, hand off Paul Marshall and crash over in the corner. TMO Kevin Beggs confirmed the grounding and Keatley’ classy touchline conversion put Munster 15-12 ahead. Notably, Williams found space again soon after as possession-starved Ulster scrambled back. last_img read more

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp offers encouragement to knee injury victim Joe Gomez

first_imgLiverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has reassured Joe Gomez he is happy to wait for him to return to fitness after he confirmed the defender had sustained an anterior cruciate ligament injury. Press Association The 18-year-old was injured on duty with England’s Under-21s and faces the prospect of the rest of the season on the sidelines. However, Klopp has told the youngster he will give him all the time he needs to fight his way back to fitness. center_img “The information about young Joe Gomez is not the best. He came back here and I met him for the first time,” he said. “What a wonderful young boy: tall, muscles in the right positions, but he has an injured knee – an ACL. “We have to make a further diagnosis and we will see when he gets operated on but from this point on he can count the days until he comes back. “It was not the best day in his life but he is a young guy and I am pretty good at waiting for players, young players especially. “This is his home and we will do everything to help him come back as soon as possible.” Klopp offered more optimistic news on striker Christian Benteke (hamstring) and Roberto Firmino (back), two players who are expected to play a major part in his plans to implement a new way of working at the club having taken over from Brendan Rodgers. “Benteke and Firmino are on their way back too. They are back on the pitch but not team training,” he added. “I do not know exactly when they come back but next week (it will be with team training) and then we can see how fit they are. “For sure not Saturday (they will be fit) and I don’t think Thursday but maybe next Sunday.” last_img read more

Governor’s Tennis Cup Rebrands to Lagos Open

first_imgHe explained that the intention of the organisers was to move the tournament from Futures status to Challenger circuit which will enable higher profiled international players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, the Williams sisters (Serena and Venus) and Angela Keber to grace the annual tournament.According to him, ” this is the 18th edition of the event meaning it has attained manhood and there is the need to upgrade from the present status to the next level. Aside that, from 2020, the Futures Tour will no longer attract Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) ranking points and therefore men’s tennis will effectively begin at the Challenger level. This is part of the International Tennis Federation’s attempt to reduce the number of professional players from around 14,000 to approximately 750 men and 750 women,” he explained.He noted that the implication of the transformation is that men’s Future will no longer be attractive to professional tennis players nor to sponsors and the CWC as no choice than to elevate the event from the coming years.In a bid to meet the international standard practice, the committee has engaged OE &E Marketing firm represented by Mr. Tony Agenmonmen and Mr. Ehi Braimah to rebrand the tournament. A new logo for the annual event was also unveiled during the programme.“This transition comes with a lot of benefits especially in the calibre of players participating, advanced on and off court infrastructural upgrade and equipment, electronic scoreboards, tennis line technology, higher level tennis officials and officiating, training of local technical officials and ball boys,” he remarked.He said the this year will be the valedictory edition of Futures tennis which is made of two futures in F5 and F6 with players participating in four events namely; men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s singles and women’s doubles.Players from about 40 countries have signified their intention to participate in the annual event with the total prize money still at $100,000.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Femi SolajaAfter an interrupted 17 years of staging Governor’s Cup Lagos Tennis tournament, the organisers, yesterday decided to transform the annual event into Lagos Open in order to give the event an elevated global status.The Chairman of Central Working Committee (CWC) of the tournament, Chief Pius Olu Akinyelure stated this at a press conference to herald this year’s edition of the competition which will hold from 29th September to 13th of October.last_img read more