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Widespread Panic Brings Bluesy Grit, Fireworks Both Literal & Musical On First Night Of Trondossa 2019 [Videos]

first_imgAfter leaving Atlanta in ruins at last weekend’s SweetWater 420 Fest, the six-piece leviathan known as Widespread Panic headed to North Charleston, South Carolina this for their Trondossa Music & Arts Festival at Riverfront Park.The spacious outdoor stage provided food, drink, and even a prayer circle to assuage the temperamental spirits beyond. The sun flew high and bright while The Marcus King Band, the Wood Brothers, and Umphrey’s McGee warmed up the stage for the steadily arriving Trondossa guests. The smell of wood-chip smokers and smokey barbecue wafted lazily by the Cooper River to the side of the stage. Attendees were rewarded for their dedication with delicious brisket, cold refreshments, a cool breeze, and best of all, two nights of Widespread Panic. Edie Jackson was also on hand to interpret John Bell’s incantations in her unique dancing A.S.L.Widespread Panic’s John Bell Talks Col. Bruce & The Art Of “Improvising Eloquently” Ahead Of Trondossa [Interview]Kicking off their first of two two-set shows at Trondossa this weekend, Widespread performed a down and dirty rendition of “Tail Dragger”, written by Willie Dixon and popularized by Howlin’ Wolf. As a tribute to the slow-rolling river in the background, the band dove into “Proving Ground”, which demands, “Find out just how tall I am / by jumping in the middle of the river!” The engines rumbled to life as the jam heated up and the day cooled down as night fell.A tribute to the community, “Good People”, followed with JoJo Hermann dancing his fingers all over his piano and JB proclaiming that, “We are the good people / the ones your grandma warned you about!” And the GoodPeople showed up as always, helping each other find lodging and rides to the shows to add that infectious energy that the band feeds on.Jimmy Herring invoked the power of the lightning gods as Dave Schools represented the thunder with a sizzling “Weight of the World” before crushing another raunchy extended take on “Junior”. “Junior” was written by mixing several of Junior Kimbrough’s songs, who shared a record label with JoJo Hermann at Fat Possum Records. A tasty jam meandered its way into a hard-hitting “Rock”, adding another old-school classic to the setlist. “Blue Indian” made another mention to the haunted feel of the festival with “We gotta party goin’ on! / Many spirits strong!” To finish off the first set, Widespread Panic paid tribute to Tom Petty with a ripping version of “Honey Bee”.After a short set break, Panic came back to the stage to cook up a salacious cauldron of sausage gumbo, eventually building up and breaking down before beckoning the audience to “Come and git it!” Dave Schools rode a heavy wave his bass notes plucked with the strength of a biblical golem throughout the psychedelic progressions of “Machine > Barstools and Dreamers”. This “Barstools” was particularly far out, with a glorious cross-fertilization of JoJo and Jimmy’s interplay. JB looked like he was primed to start a “Thank you” rap, but kept the vocals morphing to add to the detailed picture of the song’s imagery stored in banks of his cerebral cortex.After teasing several different songs (“Space Wrangler”, “I’m Not Alone”, “Honky Red”), Jimmy Herring introduced Vic Chestnutt’s “Protein Drink / Sewing Machine”, emerging mid-set with a bass-laden jam powered with Schools jet fuel. Steve Lopez jumped onstage for an exhilarating cover of War’s “Slippin’ Into Darkness”, the audience responding raucously to the words “He loves to drink good whiskey / While laughing at the moon!” A breakdown gave Schools and JoJo the opportunity to inject the reggae rhythms of Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up”.The muddy blues kept on rolling with another Howlin’ Wolf tune, “Smokestack Lightning”. JB must have eaten his chicken that morning, as his feral, gritty vocals continued to cut deep. Herring took off to intergalactic speeds and wavelengths as Schools began to wander down the Grateful Dead‘s “The Other One” rhythm. Bell returned us the southern plantations with a song as old as the Chicago blues with the scattered raptures of a chicken robber.A long transition full of teases eventually revealed a rocked-out rendition of “Bust It Big”, the first JoJo song of the night. JoJo made it count with a lengthy ride down the river and up the gulf stream to New York City, the home of “Rosemary’s Baby”.To close out the festival’s first night, the band embarked on a well-timed stroll down “Walkin’ (For Your Love)”. The concluding walk included a long pause which cued the onset of a ballistic barrage of fireworks. While the boats on the river never saw the return of the visual board (which had an amoebic pumping blood-like visual), they sure as hell enjoyed the firework show behind the stage. Remaining in the shadows of the fireworks, the band slammed home an equally explosive finish to “Walkin’” as soon as last gunpowder echo faded.The “Slippin’ > Smokestack > Bust It Big > Walkin’” was the heart and soul this performance, stacking the jams into a monster mosaic of musical madness. Both harmonious and, at times chaotic, John Bell and Widespread Panic continued to casually unleash unholy jams of divine proportions to “build you up just to break you down”. The band will return to Riverfront Park to do it all again for the Trondossa crowd tonight.You can check out a selection of crowd-shot videos from the performance below:Widespread Panic – “Protein Drink / Sewing Machine”[Video: Fred Ramadan]Widespread Panic – “Honeybee” [Tom Petty cover][Video: Fred Ramadan]Widespread Panic – “Smokestack Lightnin’” [Howlin’ Wolf cover][Video: Fred Ramadan]As always, you can stream full audio of the performance via PanicStream.Setlist: Widespread Panic | Trondossa Music & Arts Festival | North Charleston, SC | 4/27/19Set One: Tail Dragger, Proving Ground, Good People, Weight of the World, Junior > Jam > Rock, Blue Indian, Honey Bee (60 mins)Set Two: Thought Sausage, Machine > Barstools and Dreamers, Protein Drink / Sewing Machine, Slippin’ Into Darkness* > Smokestack Lightning > Jam > Bust It Big > Walkin’ (For Your Love)** (88 mins)Notes * w/ Steve Lopez on percussion** Fireworks began during pause and continued until end[‘Get Up, Stand Up” jam during ‘Slippin’ Into Darkness’; ‘The Other One’ jam during ‘Smokestack Lightning’; Entire show with Edie Jackson, ASL interpreter]If you’re in North Charleston for Trondossa, don’t miss a very special ROBOTRIO & Friends‘ late-night at Charleston Pour House tonight, Sunday, April 28th, featuring Ryan Stasik & Jake Cinninger (Umphrey’s McGee), The Royal Horns (The Marcus King Band), Kanika Kay Kay Moore & Mike Quinn (Doom Flamingo), & more.For tickets and more info, head here.ROBOTRIOlast_img read more

Affordable Adventure

first_img“My dad’s goal every time we moved was to get us into activities that were unique to that place,” O’Sullivan said. “When we moved to Chattanooga, he saw an ad in the newspaper for a pool roll session for kayaks. We didn’t really know what he was talking about, but we’ve always loved water.” By the end of that first year, instructors were inviting Lee on personal trips so he could get more experience on rivers the program didn’t cover. The past two summers, he worked for Outdoor Chattanooga as a kayak instructor and staff member.  Unlike most cities, Chattanooga does not have a parks and recreation department. Instead of offering softball, soccer, and basketball leagues, Outdoor Chattanooga provides introduction to activities like mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, and hiking.  The O’Sullivan sisters started attending weekly sessions with the Whitewater Kids Club, starting at the pool until moving up to the whitewater rivers easily accessible from Chattanooga.  “I could easily put myself in the shoes of whoever was that participant,” Lee said. “To have that lens that you can put on as an instructor is really awesome, knowing the fear that happens going down your first rapid and the different things that made me stick with it. It felt like passing the torch in a way.” That program was an early model of what would eventually become Outdoor Chattanooga, a division of the city’s Department of Economic and Community Development. The city officially established the program in 2004 as part of an initiative from then Mayor Bob Corker to highlight the city’s natural resources.   Sunshine Loveless, Outdoor Chattanooga’s customer relations specialist, said the program is designed to get residents and tourists outside, taking advantage of the many outdoor recreation opportunities in the area.  “I think by offering those low-cost, no-cost programs, we are able to reach that demographic that wouldn’t normally have access to getting outside and playing,” Loveless said. “We are not limited to just those who can afford it.” These programs are open to everyone, from novice adventure seekers to more experienced users looking for a structured outing. For many participants, like O’Sullivan, they come away with a passion or appreciation for the outdoors.  Although her family eventually moved away from Chattanooga, O’Sullivan kept kayaking. In college, she worked at the Nantahala Outdoors Center during the summers before coming on as a full-time kayak and wilderness medicine instructor.  “I’m trying to give back that feeling and style of instruction Outdoor Chattanooga gave me,” he said. Outdoor Chattanooga’s influence extends beyond the residents of the city.  Lee, who is heading into his junior year at Warren Wilson College, is organizing a whitewater kayaking club to teach others about the sport and eventually compete against other colleges.  “Kayaking can be cost prohibitive when you first get started because it’s a financial commitment to buy all the equipment,” O’Sullivan said. “It was great to do it through this program because they provided all of the equipment. So, we didn’t have to buy a bunch of stuff for a sport we weren’t sure we would like.” When she moved back to Chattanooga for nursing school, O’Sullivan worked as a summer kayak instructor for Outdoor Chattanooga. Although the program has evolved from her time to include more activities and opened up to all ages, the mission is still the same.  Alden Lee went whitewater rafting for his fifteenth birthday and fell in love with the experience. He took a whitewater kayaking lesson for a more personal experience the following year but knew it would be difficult to continue when lessons cost $150 for a half-day session. “Kayaking has changed my life 100 percent,” she said.   You don’t need a ton of money or expertise to explore the outdoors—especially in Chattanooga  “It just was not sustainable,” Lee said. “We looked all around Atlanta for different ways I could still pursue this. I was at a point in my life where I was really getting into it.” Most of the programs, including archery, adaptive cycling, bike commuting 101, and the hiking series, are free. The organization provides all of the equipment, instruction, and transportation. The more intensive programs, such as whitewater kayaking, come at a much lower cost compared to private resources available. While doing research online, the Lees came across Outdoor Chattanooga’s program. A year-long membership there cost less than $100 for access to instruction and equipment. Although it was a two-hour drive, the Lees made it work on the weekends for a much more affordable price. “You were surrounded by this overwhelming feeling of being in a place where people are dedicated and truly want to share that passion with you,” Lee said. “It’s a crazy thing to be strapped into a boat and then going underneath the water. You feel completely comfortable with them because you know that they got your back. They make that clear.”   Growing up, Bailey O’Sullivan’s family moved about every two years for her mom’s job. They ended up in Chattanooga, Tennessee for a few years when she was in middle school.  “It would be cool if every city had that as a resource,” Loveless said. “I’m curious about mountain biking but I don’t want to go drop $800 on a bicycle just to not like it. So, we offer a two-hour course for 10 bucks where we give you a mountain bike and teach you the basic skills. Usually by the end of that two-hour session, you have decided whether you are going to like this or you’re glad you didn’t spend more than $10 to learn that.” “Everything is that outdoor play, connection with nature,” Loveless said. “There’s not really any other city organization that offers the kind of programming that we do. We’ve had several cities call us and ask how they can adopt our model and incorporate it into their own setting because they recognize the economic impact that it has.” “Some of my favorites are the first timers,” Loveless said. “We took a 70-year-old woman on a kayaking trip down the river at sunset. It was super slow going because she had never been in a kayak before, but she was so grateful for the experience.”last_img read more

Colombia’s Armed Forces recognized for professionalism

first_img With no internal rebel groups to contend with, the Chilean military is particularly active in providing support to U.N. peacekeeping missions. “Since we don’t have any internal combat operations in Chile, we’ve been actively supporting 48 peacekeeping missions across the globe,” said Chilean Army Col. Andres Schuler. The Chilean’ military’s primary peacekeeping missions include supporting the U.N.’s Minustah in Haiti, Schuler said. Chilean military forces are also working with Salvadoran troops, Ecuadorian engineers, and Argentinian soldiers on a peacekeeping mission in Cyprus. Chilean soldiers are also contributing to the European Union’s peacekeeping effort in Bosnia-Herzegovina. “In Haiti, our main challenge now is dealing with day-to-day operations that involve regular contact with civilians,” Schuler explained. “Up until now tensions between the Haitian population and our soldiers haven’t involved human rights’ violations but if this occurred it would be dealt with by a special Guatemalan investigative body operating under the UN umbrella in Port-au-Prince”. More than 50 high-ranking military officers from more than 60 countries recently gathered in Cartagena for the Senior Workshop on International Rules Governing Military Operations (SWIRMO 2013). The meeting was sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). It took place from Oct. 6 through Oct. 12. The meeting was the seventh edition of SWIRMO, and the first gathering to be held in the Americas. Previous meetings were held in Malaysia, South Africa, and France. Peru’s Armed Forces are dealing with an adversary – the Shining Path – which is becoming more involved in transnational drug trafficking operations, said Army Col. Hugo Molina Carazas. Peruvian Special Forces are relying on intelligence to battle the Shining Path, Carazas said. In the 1980s and 1990s, the Shining Path committed violence to advance its extremist political ideology, but now, the organization behaves like a drug cartel, Caranzas said. “They [the Shining Path] are now narco-assassins without a political ideology,” Carazas explained. “To target this change, our Special Forces are using targeted intelligence gathering methods to bring down their leaders”. The peak of the conflict with the Shining Path, in the 1980s, young soldiers did not receive the detailed level of training they do now regarding the IHL, the colonel said. During that time, the Peruvian military’s top priority was to limit the violence of the Shining Path, he explained. As the conflict has evolved, so too has the training for the Peruvian Armed Forces, Carazas said. “Now we have a stronger legal structure together with academic curricula that pinpoint the key applicable areas of IHL for use in our operational plans,” said Carazas. Confronting the Shining Path Military cooperation By Dialogo October 23, 2013 Military training Colombia was chosen to host the meeting because of the ICRC’s high regard for the professionalism of the country’s Armed Forces, according to Jorge Enrique Bedoya, Colombian vice minister for defense. The ICRC also recognized Colombia’s rigorous adherence to International Humanitarian Law (IHL), Bedoya said. Organizers of the conference recognized that Colombian military leaders have compiled an impressive record fighting two rebel groups, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN). “Through our long internal armed conflict, Colombia has built up a great deal of experience fighting terrorists and we have worked with partners across the region to share this know-how,” according to Bedoya. “This is the first time this event has taken place in the Americas and both Colombia and our allies should be proud of the achievements we have made.” Colombian security forces have registered several important victories in recent months. For example, during the first six months of 2013, the Colombian National Police broke up more than 75 extortion gangs which took more than $10 million from victims in four of the country’s largest cities. Officials from Colombia, Peru, and Chile engaged in simulations of Armed Forces operations to demonstrate how they use IHL in field training, in developing a national doctrine, and in their military disciplinary systems. Colombia is known for making good use of the IHL, said Frederico Almendra, the ICRC’s military and security representative for South and Central America. “The Colombian Ministry of Defence ensures specific reference to the implementation of IHL is made in all its military operations,” Almendra said. In recent years, military leaders in Colombia, Chile, and other nations in the Americas have shared their knowledge of security issues to United Nations peacekeeping operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. They have also shared their knowledge with military authorities in the Middle East and in Africa. Colombian security forces recognized Chilean peacekeeping operations The workshop served as a “unique opportunity for military leaders to exchange opinions and learn new ways to integrate these International Humanitarian Law into their military operations,” Almendra said. Carazas agreed with this assessment. “We learned a lot from our Colombian counterparts in terms of ways to instill a community approach to our military operations, integrated with our police forces, as a means to win back the hearts and minds of smaller localities where the Shining Path continue to operate,” Carazas said. I liked it and I’m entering the Colombian territory A lot of coca, a lot of money!last_img read more

Smarter strategies for overdraft management and providing member liquidity

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Why a MANAGED Overdraft Program Matters More Post-CrisisOverdraft has always been a valuable service to consumers, even pre-crisis, and it will continue to provide value post-crisis for consumers who need to rely on this protection more than ever. As consumers across the country begin to recover financially, they’ll need overdraft services as a line of defense for when their account doesn’t quite cover purchases or regular household expenses. As a credit union, you have to strike a balance between supporting your member’s short-term liquidity needs while managing the increased risk to your institution.And the most efficient, strategic way to strike the perfect balance is by using a managed overdraft program. If you are still offering only static, one-size-fits-all overdraft limits (like $500 for all accounts), then your program is essentially unmanaged.A truly managed overdraft program can dramatically reduce charge-offs and overall risk to your credit union, which is the type of protection that is critical to your credit union’s recovery.For more information, download our free white paper, Part III of Velocity Solutions’ Credit Union Recovery Series:  Why a MANAGED Overdraft Program Matters More Post-Crisis.Strategies for Providing Short-Term Liquidity When Members Need It MostAccording to the Pew Research Center, about half of lower-income Americans report household job or wage loss due to COVID-19. Young adults were disproportionately at risk of job losses from COVID-19, as were the least educated and those working low-wage jobs—common demographics of workers in high-risk industries, such as restaurants/bars and other service sectors such as transportation, retail, personal care, arts & entertainment, childcare and many others.Other common characteristics of these consumers which worsen their financial situation:They often don’t receive benefits such as paid leave.They do not have the option to work remotely.Many do not have emergency funds.Many do not have access to liquidity to pay their bills. In fact, under a traditional credit scoring system, many of these workers would not qualify for loans or other types of short-term credit.They often have no choice but to turn to high-priced payday loans.Although federal regulators have repeatedly urged credit unions to offer more favorable alternatives to high-priced loans—particularly on the heels of COVID-19, the prevalence of predatory lending continues, often trapping consumers in endless cycles of payday loan debt.Give your members a better way, or they WILL stray.  In Velocity Solutions’ free white paper, we’ll discuss how the current economic crisis is affecting consumers’ financial behavior and various strategies and options for providing short-term liquidity to your members in a time when they need your support more than ever.For more information, download our free white paper, Part IV of Velocity Solutions’ Credit Union Recovery Series:  Your Consumers: Smart Strategies for Providing Short-Term Liquidity.last_img read more

Morley backs out of £400m deal to buy internet hotels

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Two Peruvian women diagnosed with COVID-19 give birth to healthy babies: Doctor

first_imgTopics : Two pregnant women diagnosed with the new coronavirus in Peru have given birth to babies who have tested negative for the disease, a hospital in the capital Lima said on Tuesday.The first of the children was born on March 27 and the second on March 31, both through cesarean sections on the advice of doctors to avoid complications, the Rebagliati Hospital in Lima reported.”Fortunately, there has been no vertical transmission, that means that there has been no contagion from mothers to newborns,” said Carlos Albretch, a doctor in the family unit of the hospital, which is run by state-owned Essalud. He added that both mothers were in good health, although still receiving treatment for the coronavirus.Medics in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the outbreak originated, raised concerns at the start of February about potential transmission of the virus by mothers to unborn children after at least one case of a baby born with symptoms.However, a study of nine pregnant women in China who had tested positive for the virus, published in the Lancet in mid-February, reported that there was “no reliable evidence as yet available to support the possibility of vertical transmission of COVID-19 infection from the mother to the baby.”The World Health Organization has said that new mothers who have tested positive for the virus should be encouraged to care for and breastfeed their newborns as normal, provided they maintain stringent hygiene.center_img Albretch said the women would be supported to stay with their babies.”This is a new pandemic, we have no experience,” he said. “China and Italy have some publications that give some breastfeeding recommendations. Transmission through breast milk has not been demonstrated.”He said for women with more severe COVID-19 symptoms, the guidance could be different. “In this case the newborns would have to be separated from the mother,” he said.The Rebagliati Hospital added in a statement it had conducted a second swab test on the newborns and was awaiting the results.Peru has so far had 2,954 confirmed cases of the virus and 107 deaths, while 1,301 people recovered.last_img read more

Emerging trend: families opt for apartments, over house and land

first_imgConsolidated Properties Group executive chairman Don O’Rorke.As land lots shrink, many Brisbane families have opted for an apartment as their family home, instead of investing in house and land.RELATED:Aspire to high design at SpireThat is according to the developer of Brisbane’s Spire Residences Consolidated Properties, who noted data from the Queensland Statistician’s Office showed the average Brisbane homesite had shrunk 203sq m in 10 years, from 604sq m in 2008, to 410sq m in 2018.Spire Residences, Queen St, Brisbane.Consolidated Properties Group executive chairman Don O’Rorke said the change in housing trends meant more families were now choosing apartments and embracing an inner city lifestyle instead of moving to the suburbs.“It’s really interesting to see the diverse mix of buyers we are getting at our inner city Spire Residences development,” Mr O’Rorke said.“Apartments have typically been the domain for singles and young couples, and while that is still certainly the case, we are now seeing some families choose a unit over a backyard.“It makes sense, when you consider that Spire offers more than 1000sq m of lifestyle amenities.”Spire’s infinity edge pool and its amazing city views.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus16 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market16 hours agoHe said the “crowning jewel” of the building, designed by award-winning John Wardle Architects, was its rooftop, which included one of the city’s highest pool, dining and entertaining zones and a 20-seat cinema.“Here, residents can take in the Story Bridge, Brisbane River and Kangaroo Point Cliffs from the infinity edge pool — there are very few places in Brisbane where you can do that.”>>FOLLOW EMILY BLACK ON FACEBOOK< read more

MADD: Celebrate and Designate

first_imgDallas, Tx. — This Fourth of July holiday, Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) urges everyone to celebrate safely by planning ahead and designating a non-drinking driver if plans include alcohol. Backyard barbecues, fireworks displays and other festivities surrounding the Fourth of July holiday often include drinking, making it one of the deadliest holidays of the year.Last year, from 6 p.m. July 1 to 5:59 a.m. July 5, 188 Americans were killed in crashes involving drunk drivers. During that timeframe, drunk driving deaths accounted for 41 percent of all fatalities on U.S. roadways.“As we take time to celebrate our nation’s independence, everyone must take personal responsibility to keep this holiday happy and joyous. All too often, celebrations become tragedies because of one person’s careless and deadly decision to drink and drive,” said MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church.  “Designate a non-drinking driver, if you plan to drink alcohol.”MADD is proud to work with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to remind the public that if you choose to drink and drive you will get caught. MADD supports NHTSA’s campaign, “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving” and is grateful to law enforcement for their increased presence by conducting additional sobriety checkpoints to remove drunk drivers from our roads.Sobriety checkpoints are extremely effective in preventing drunk driving deaths and injuries and can reduce alcohol-related crashes and fatalities by 18 to 24 percent. MADD always supports law enforcement during these high-visibility enforcement events and urges everyone to show their support for this proven countermeasure in their state.Drunk driving is not only dangerous, it is expensive. When caught, drunk driving can cost an offender thousands of dollars. According to NHTSA, a DUI arrest could cost up to $10,000, not to mention the loss of vehicle and driving privileges. The driver also could face jail time, higher insurance rates and expenses from attorney fees, fines, car towing, repairs and lost time at work.  Most importantly, they can kill others including family members.Drunk driving remains the leading killer on our roads, yet these senseless deaths are 100 percent preventable, 100 percent of the time. MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving is helping create a future with No More Victims®. The campaign includes advocacy for stronger drunk driving laws including all-offender ignition interlocks, support for high-visibility law enforcement, support for advanced vehicle technologies and public support for these initiatives.MADD reminds everyone to take personal responsibility by using taxis, public transportation, rideshare services or calling a non-drinking friend if their plans include alcohol this Independence Day and every day.last_img read more

New sponsor G-Force Racing Gear gives special events awards in six IMCA divisions

first_imgROSWELL, Ga. – The emphasis is on value and quality, in G-Force Racing Gear’s new awards program for special events drivers in six IMCA divisions.The Roswell, Ga., manufacturer of custom designed racing suits gives $50 gift certificates to a top five finisher at each of 80 specials for IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Late Models, IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars, IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks, Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods and Smiley’s Racing Products Southern SportMods this year.The extensive G-Force line also includes helmets, gloves, shoes, harnesses, nets and restraints, as well as towing and crew gear.“Our products are sold across several platforms and we are already very familiar with IMCA,” said G-Force Director of Sales and Marketing Jeremy Curtis, a former dirt track racer in Kentucky. “Value and quality are where we got started as a company and we’re always talking to drivers about what their needs will be.”Curtis got an opportunity to talk to drivers at Boone Speedway during the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s.“We have been on site for two years now at the Super Nationals assisting the on-site G-FORCE Racing Gear dealers and customers. It was an opportunity for us to get one-on-one with the racers,” he explained. “We saw a lot of value in Super Nationals but wanted a program that hit a broad market.”G-Force gives $200 certificates to all champions and race of champions winners crowned at Super Nationals and to the top driver at the RaceSaver Sprint Nationals.Gift certificates will be mailed after special event results are received at the home office and in September after the week of Super Nationals.More information about G-Force products and its network of dealers is available by calling 770 998-8855 and at the website.“Jeremy and I have talked off and on for a while and the timing was right to launch the program with G-Force in 2018,” noted IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder. “Their program adds value to IMCA special events across the country and we’ve gotten good feedback thus far.”last_img read more

Slaven Bilic lauds “brilliant” Jose Mourinho ahead of West Ham v Chelsea

first_imgSlaven Bilic insists Jose Mourinho is still the best manager around. Press Association But as the Hammers prepare to host Mourinho’s men on Saturday, Bilic is backing his opposite number to guide them back into the top four this season. “It’s a big challenge for us, it’s a big test,” the Croatian said. “It’s a special game because they are the champions. “And you can easily say he is the best manager around. He’s been doing it all his career, he’s brilliant. He’s Jose Mourinho! “It just shows how strange football is. It’s the same team, the champions. “I know Mourinho and he’s always motivated. His teams are always hungry and everyone expected them, maybe not to be top after nine games, but not to be where they are now. “But sometimes in football it happens. I watched most of their games. “Sometimes you play the same way but you hit the post and the opposition don’t hit the post, when last year it happened the other way round. “It doesn’t have to be anything major. You lose a couple of games – and from their point of view drawing is like losing – and suddenly people say ‘what happened to Chelsea?’ but it’s nothing big or major. The Portuguese finds himself under scrutiny following Chelsea’s poor start to the season, with the reigning champions down in 12th place after just three wins from their opening nine games. West Ham, by contrast, are flying high in fourth spot after a sparkling start to Bilic’s reign at Upton Park. “If it was he would be the first to change it, but sometimes it’s those invisible things you can’t detect and you have to work hard to try to change it. “Things will definitely change for them, we just hope it won’t be against us. I see them finishing in the top four.” West Ham will be without winger Victor Moses under the terms of his loan deal from Stamford Bridge, while defender Winston Reid has yet to shake off the knock which kept him out at Crystal Palace last week. last_img read more