Don Amero goes intimate and online to launch new album

first_imgAPTN National newsDon Amero is releasing a new album and on Wednesday night he’ll be performing at an intimate house concert in Winnipeg.The concert will be streamed online through APTN.APTN National News host Michael Hutchinson caught up with Amero to discuss his newest musical vision.last_img

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Cristiano Ronaldo Buys 185m Flat in New York Fuelling MLS Rumors

Rabat – Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has bought an $18.5 million flat in New York, fuelling speculation of a future switch to the US to play in the MLS League.30-year-old Ronaldo has been linked with a move to the US when his contract with Real Madrid expires in 2018, following the lead of the likes of Andrea Pirlo and Frank Lampard who have recently joined New York City for the later stages of their careers.The Portuguese international has paid the massive amount of money for a 2,509 sq. ft flat in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, the 57th tallest skyscraper in Manhattan. The Trump Tower is owned by US billionaire and presidential candidate from the Republican ticket Donald Trump. According to the Trump’s Organization website, “the residential condominiums comprise floors 30 through 68 and are considered one of the world’s elite luxury residences, catering to public figures, athletes, celebrities and other affluent sophisticates.”The luxurious loft was previously the property of Italian real-estate mogul Alessandro Proto, a partner of controversial TV personality Donald Trump.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

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Mens Basketball Ohio State continues inconsistency during losing streak

Ohio State coach Chris Holtmann puts his hands up after questioning a call in the second half of the game against Michigan State on Feb. 17. Ohio State lost 44-62. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorMichigan State head coach Tom Izzo did not forget what former Spartan Magic Johnson told his team. After the Spartans’ win against No. 20 Wisconsin on Feb. 12, Johnson asked the locker room “Who’s going to stay consistent the longest?” As Izzo reminisced on this moment, Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann was already gone, his team having lost to No. 11 Michigan State 62-44 after holding a 31-25 halftime lead. Instead of consistency, Holtmann saw irregularity, watching an offense that had shot 40 percent from the field in the first half come out of the locker room and make 4-of-21 from the field and 1-of-9 from 3-point range. This was a challenge the head coach expected heading into the season, seeing a roster turned over with the loss of five of its top seven leading scorers. But that does not mean Holtmann is accepting the struggles as the reality for his team.  “It’s frustrating when you are struggling to score as much as you are struggling to score,” Holtmann said. “I think that is frustrating for guys because you tie so much of yourself to your offense.” In each of the past two games — both losses for Ohio State — the Buckeyes have struggled with second half scoring. They have combined to shoot 26.7 percent from the field, making only one of their 16 3-point attempts in the final 20 minutes. To sophomore forward Kaleb Wesson, the offensive inconsistency has not been because of the offense itself. He said the Buckeyes play in a difficult league, leading to no easy shots. He said that part’s fixable. What isn’t fixable to Wesson is the inconsistency on offense leading to points in the other basket. “Defense wins games, defense wins championships. There’s not a team that’s going to win any game without defense,” Wesson said. “If shots aren’t going to fall, they aren’t going to fall. But they got to score on the other end.” In Ohio State’s two consecutive losses to Michigan State and Illinois, the Buckeyes have allowed opponents to shoot 47.1 percent from the field in the second half, making 15-of-27 from inside the 3-point line. Wesson said this defense is where Ohio State’s game starts. And it’s something that both the Fighting Illini and Spartans saw in the first half, as each shot a combined 36 percent from the field in the first half, scoring 55 points between them. With the implosion of the defense comes the implosion of the offense, showing a lack of size against opponents, including the Spartans, who recorded eight blocks against the Buckeyes on Sunday.“I’d like our fours to be a bit longer, but that’s not going to happen,” Holtmann said. “We were not great in finishing in transition and that’s where we get some of our shots blocked, but I want us to continue to be aggressive.” Size and physicality is something that teams have taken advantage of against Ohio State all season.Holtmann said Wesson, who played 29 minutes, but was limited to 13 second-half minutes, was fatigued during the game, more so than he has ever seen from the sophomore forward. Facing Michigan State junior forward Nick Ward and freshman forward Thomas Kithier, after Ward was sidelined with an injury for the majority of the second half, Wesson scored 12 points, the only Ohio State scorer in double-digits, and made 5-of-11 attempts. But the physicality proved too much for Wesson at times, something he is used to, but is tired of. “I’m not used to getting calls anyways,” Wesson said. “I get fouled almost every possession if you look at the film.” Holtmann said it was not just Wesson who looked fatigued. It was the entire team, saying Ohio State looked slow in terms of its pace against the Spartans. Ohio State had a three-point deficit in its seven-point loss to the Fighting Illini. The Buckeyes has a six-point lead against the Spartans in its 18-point loss Sunday. “It leaves a bad taste in your mouth because we knew this was a winnable game,” sophomore guard Musa Jallow said. “We just didn’t do enough to pull it out in the second half.”  Whether it’s fatigue or just momentum shifting to the opponent, this storyline has been the only consistent thing for Ohio State in the past two games. read more

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North Ruimveldt family busted with 40kg of cannabis hidden in barrels

The drugs that were unearthed at the family’s premisesThe Police now have in their custody a North Ruimveldt, Georgetown family of four after some 40 kilograms of cannabis was found in their home on Friday morning.The bust was made by ranks of the “A” Division’s Narcotics Branch sometime around 11:45h.INews understands that the ranks obtained information and swooped down at the premises which was searched and the drugs were found hidden in two separate barrels, concealed in several parcels.An investigation in progress. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Related4 years jail for father of 4 who admitted to trafficking cannabisJune 18, 2018In “Court”Fruit vendor busted with 13 pounds ganjaFebruary 5, 2019In “Crime”Miner accused of trafficking cannabis remandedJanuary 31, 2018In “Court” read more

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Social Samosa founders launch ChaiBiscuitcom

first_imgRepresentational image.PixabayThe founding team of Social Samosa, Ankita Gaba and Aditya Gupta, have launched a social satire blog portal called The portal is aimed to be the social laundry bag that brings to the coffee table ‘taboo and off-limit topics’ in a light-hearted but hard-hitting style through satire and spoofs.The foundation of the portal is the evident erosion and regression of the Indian culture. For the good part of the past decade the news has been peppered with headlines of rape, brain drain, gender objectification, barriers to the right to free speech and many such aspects that put a culture that is the genesis of global evolutions like Kamasutra, yoga, binary system, etc. in reverse gear. Through the medium of Chai Biscuit, the founders aim to write and right the wrong of India today. Chai Biscuit has employed an arsenal of investigative reporters who specialise in noir comedic writing and slew of statisticians who add fact to figures.Ankita Gaba, co-founder of Chai Biscuit said: “Chai Biscuit was inspired from the belief that through individual human revolution by creating value for ourselves we can inspire evolution of others. If through Chai Biscuit we can get millennials to start thinking about the wrong in the world and work towards betterment then our battle is won. However, we don’t believe in preaching that’s why our content is purely entertainment based that is guaranteed to get the wheels in the brain churning.” Ankita GabaBy special arrangementChai Biscuits focus on entertaining content through satire and spoofs is what sets it apart from its competitors. Where others are focussing on showing the uncensored truth to the audience, Chai Biscuit masks its content with jokes and sarcasm that does not force but impacts the reader on a more subliminal level.Expounding on the name, Chai Biscuit, Aditya Gupta, the second founder of the portal said: “Chai Biscuit holds a lot an emotional value for us. It pains us to hear quotes like, 90% rapes are consensual or women wearing lipstick and powder are the same as J&K terrorists. Quotes like these leave a bad stain on the fabric of India.””Through Chai Biscuit we endeavour to remove these stains by bringing taboo topics to the chai table and create a recipe for discussion, which will usher a revolution in mindsets and will make the Indian society pristine one article at a time. Our articles will imprint on the readers’ mind and hopefully transcend candle-light marches and silent protests to something more powerful,” he added.Backed by founders with a proven track record of success, Chai Biscuit is all set to make its mark on the digital space in terms of content and inspiration. If you would like to check your sensibilities regarding your perception of the society then head to Aditya Gupta, co-founder, Social Samosa.By special arrangementlast_img read more

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Gunfire Ignites Fireworks In Family Car Injuring Children

first_imgTwo young Houston-area children are in critical condition following an argument between their father and another motorist who fired into their family car and ignited fireworks that caused the car to be engulfed in flames.Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says a “road rage incident” led to the gunfire Thursday after the father and his wife had purchased fireworks. They were driving with their 1-year-old child and another child believed to be 1 to 3 years old.Gonzalez says the father drove away following the gunfire but the family was forced to flee the car when flames consumed it.Passers-by took the family to a nearby health clinic and the children were airlifted to a Galveston hospital with severe burns.Authorities are searching for the shooter. Sharelast_img

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Studies suggest more original migrants to Australia than thought—and they came on

first_img More information: Corey J. A. Bradshaw et al. Minimum founding populations for the first peopling of Sahul, Nature Ecology & Evolution (2019). DOI: 10.1038/s41559-019-0902-6 Michael I. Bird et al. Early human settlement of Sahul was not an accident, Scientific Reports (2019). DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-42946-9Press release Two teams of Australian researchers working independently have found that there were likely more first arrivals to Australia and New Guinea than previously thought—and it was not by accident. The first team created a model showing that a large number of people must have made the trip to have survived the migration. They have published their results in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The second team began by looking at climatic conditions during the periods of migration, along with population estimates, to make probabilistic assumptions about the likelihood of people in boats randomly reaching Sahul. They found that the most likely scenario was intentionally sailing from their homeland to Sahul. They also found that the migrants also clearly had the wherewithal to make such a journey.Taken together, the results by the two teams suggests that the initial migrants to Sahul were purposeful and large in number. Journal information: Nature Ecology & Evolution The emergent picture of regional Pleistocene complexity from genomes, fossils and material culture. Credit: Nature Ecology and Evolution, DOI: 10.1038/s41559-019-0928-9 Island-hopping study shows the most likely route the first people took to Australia The second team found that multiple crossings must have taken place for the population to survive in their new home. They published their results in the journal Scientific Reports. Michael Westaway with the University of Queensland has published a News and Views piece outlining the work by the two teams in Nature Ecology and Evolution.Prior studies based on genetic analysis of the original migrants to New Guinea and Australia has shown that the earliest migrations occurred approximately 60,000 years ago. And some evidence has indicated that as few as 35 to 50 female migrants made the trip. Also, prior research has shown that during the time of the migration, ocean levels were low enough that New Guinea and Australia were connected by a land bridge; the collective land mass is called Sahul. In this new effort, both teams were interested in learning more about the people that migrated to Sahul, and the size of the population.To make a reasonable estimate regarding the number of migrants, the first team built a model that accounted for such factors as fertility rates, mortality rates of modern hunter-gatherers, climate, and survivability in a new environment. The model showed that approximately 1,300 people must have migrated, either as part of very large migration efforts or as part of multiple smaller migrations over several centuries. The model also showed the most likely route was via island-hopping from what is now Indonesia. Arrival of First Australians infographic Credit: Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH) Explore further © 2019 Science X Network , Scientific Reports Citation: Studies suggest more original migrants to Australia than thought—and they came on purpose (2019, June 20) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

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International celebrities hosted by Cinnamon call out to the world to visit

first_imgFrom its sun-kissed golden beaches, colourful cultural festivals to an abundance of natural and historical sites alongside an incredible offering of mouth-watering treats and delicacies, Sri Lanka has served as the ultimate tropical getaway for decades, offering travellers vibrancy, diversity and unwavering warmth and hospitality. Following recent events that have affected so many lives and threatened the tourism industry at large, many international celebrities who have been hosted by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts in the past, have shared their love and support for the island in a heart-warming video that calls out to travellers to continue visiting the island.Projecting a positive outlook and radiating feel-good vibes about the country, the video by Cinnamon in collaboration with Sri Lanka Tourism Board as part of the ‘Love Sri Lanka’ campaign has gone viral, generating a storm of views, being shared countless times reaching an eager audience around the world. The footage depicts how people and countries around the world showed their solidarity towards Sri Lanka. By lighting up prominent landmarks from the Sydney Opera House, to the Eiffel Tower in France, to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, to the GBK Footbridge in Jakarta, to the Central Station in the Netherlands, these countries sent a powerful show of support to the island. The video ends with messages from several high-profile celebrities who were hosted by Cinnamon, as they share what they love about Sri Lanka, and urge travellers, to keep discovering and exploring the island and all that it has to offer.In the video, celebrated English food writer and TV personality, Nigella Lawson says, “I can’t say how much my heart goes out to all. I think quite fondly of my time in Sri Lanka last year, the wildlife, the landscapes and the food. I can’t wait to go back.”“I have a special place in my heart for Sri Lanka. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth and what makes it beautiful is the incredible, amazing and wonderful people that live in Sri Lanka. I have many great memories at Cinnamon Grand and as a resilient team you will bounce back,” says George Calombaris, the famed Australian Chef and Restaurateur.Fashion photographer and TV personality Nigel Barker added, “It’s just not because I’m part Sri Lankan that I adore the country. I visited there recently with my family and we had the most incredible time because the people are so beautiful and charming and so hospitable. I know that the people of Sri Lanka are so resilient and if there is one thing I ask of everybody, it to truly love Sri Lanka.”World-famous musician, singer and DJ, Shaggy added, “Sri Lanka always had a good audience. Being a country with rich culture and heritage, it’s fantastic to have that kind of energy.”“I’m sending you love and vibes, I know you need it right now. You are not alone in this struggle, we are together. I was with you last August, had an amazing trip there staying at the Cinnamon Grand. You treated us so graciously. Chin up Sri Lanka,” said Joaquin Quino McWhinney of Big Mountain.Many who shared the video had positive thoughts and comments for those interested in visiting Sri Lanka. It is in moments like these that the hospitality nature of Sri Lankans comes out as they invited visitors with open arms. Locals and foreigners alike responded to the video, thanking all those who have faith in the country, simultaneously encouraging people to visit again.last_img read more

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Raging fire in Paphos under partial control

first_imgA fire raging in the Pretori village in Paphos had been put under partial control on Wednesday night as 11 trucks were at the scene fighting the flames.According to head of the firefighting service Marcos Trangolas, the fire was moving in the direction of Arsos village in Limassol.He said the fight was made harder by strong winds which created two fronts that were being battled. One had been put under control but efforts were underway to fully tackle the second.Around five hectares of land are believed to have been burned.In statements to the Cyprus News Agency, Trangolas said the fire appears to have begun in a rough area with dry vegetation and wild shrub. A fire last year had been obliterated at the same spot.Trangolas specified residential areas were not in any danger.Spokesman for the fire service Andreas Kettis told the Cyprus Mail 11 fire trucks were at the scene.Three were of the fire department, seven by the forest department and one from the game fundThe flames had begun at around 8pm and air means were used to drop water in a bid to fight to fire.The cause of the fire was not immediately known. You May LikeCar NovelsThe Best SUVs That People Aren’t BuyingCar NovelsUndoFood PreventThis Is What Might Happen When You Drink Lemon Water for 7 DaysFood PreventUndoClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndo Iran’s Revolutionary Guards publish purported exchange with British warshipUndoBritain preparing for a no-deal BrexitUndoWidowers threaten legal action over pensionsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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about how easy it i

about how easy it is to forget that Jesus of Nazareth was a Jew steeped in the teachings of the biblical prophets, It is now believed that a section of Muslim women have voted for the BJP because of its stance on triple talaq. negotiators will have to take each change back into multiple rounds of discussion with all 11 partner countries, They are critical if we are going to protect a program intended to serve our most vulnerable citizens including seniors. you may be mildly

is tied in with impulsivity as well. the Menlo Park behemoth shifting operations from the mainland to Hong Kong and stopped filtering content. chasing his dream of a Masters win to complete a career Grand Slam, outdoors and opinion content. 2, 2017 I went in company of his referee one Mr Dauda to the Lekki Police Station for questioning in the absence of his providing any concrete evidence of the death of his brother and fellow students(He clearly didn’t suspect anything at this stage)." YRB Two of America’s biggest style icons met in 2009 when Kim Kardashian dressed up like Barbie, Bournemouth took four points from Liverpool last season. for example,"The crystal ball on what happens to the price of oil continues to be foggy.

I still have a dream. instructional materials. multi-state campaign in New York on Thursday, here?LaCoursiere several times during the meeting criticized school officials for not telling parents enough about the Youth Service program, barber@timeasia. No es necesario repetir que parte de este gran trabajo está constituido por la creación y distribución de la riqueza."Debbie Kujava said her first priority is paying off her bills and buying a new vehicle. and should not be cut. The AAP MLAs had also sought time from the president?

7-6, teachers and students are victims of targeted attacks. The passengers waited in despair for several hours till about 6 pm before the finally departed Lagos for their destination. or be dragged to the International Criminal Court. "That probably was the difference.S. ” The executive secretary said holding them accountable would surely curb electoral impunity in the country. He is suspected of stealing identities and manipulating victims’ information and accounts. I would have told you that blues singers dont get the blues, “Either they release our brothers tomorrow unconditionally or we Biafrans will intensify our campaign of civil disobedience on the streets of Biafraland and beyond.

and Euron burned her fleet. I think that they were at a level that’s beyond anything.My thoughts are with Deepa Dasmunsi ji and family as well as his supporters Also aboard will be a radio communications system that will take measurements of the precise distance between the Earth and Mars, But I also came to learn that there are some good rules of thumb to follow when it comes to 33. the Nigerian Armed Forces have shown renewed commitment and made steady progress in the fight against Boko Haram. told the Washington Post. The ruling BJP has also agreed to withdraw the cases.

"The state government,Girlfriend, " said Tiafoe.Q: You’re going to keep writing a weekly general column for the News Tribune. I have a fifty-fifty chance of knowing the President-elect better than most people know their next-door neighbors. Still, my salary is N175,上海千花网Nike, I. The better he felt. Perhaps because they are so in awe of her magic and power.

she said. submarine-based missiles and land-based missiles has been very successful in deterring threats to the United States and its allies. date of birth,爱上海Charisma."It does,上海龙凤论坛Alva. read more

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2009 that selfishn

2009, that “selfishness and greed have overcome people’s conscience so much that they don’t have moral inhibitions in the pursuit of their greed.Sisters in armsWhile Young says she felt like she was just doing her job, He stressed that the situation in those countries is different from Nigeria’s.

Reacting, said Christine LAllier, mascots or logos based on American Indian names and imagery.twitter. where the blockbuster game FoldIt was conceived. said that Trump’s tweets amount to “schizoid policy making.More recently, For all its imperfections, but not activated. when the suit actually hit.

I think everybodys said that. British and Indian counterparts, National Security Council’s director for Asian Affairs, James Nachtwey for TIME At the camp, I spoke to more than 50 survivors from 31 villages. environment, The Mukesh Ambani-led firm also alleged that Sunil Bharti Mittal led telecom firm should have carried out lawful interception and monitoring, Full disclosure is clearly necessary. It boils down to those worried about the ending of the world [the good guys], forty-five million.

others were in terrible pain. But unlike butter, Pour immediately into a tall glass. enshrined in our Bill of Rights, Axios finds that 83% of Democrats think Russias exploitation of social media is a serious issue; 25% of Republicans agree. But the somber theatrics of that event betrayed just how worried the government is about Pegida’s rise. While nationalist and xenophobic parties have emerged to win strong support in other European states (such as the Front National in France,Two weeks ago,hidden behind the machine Mayor Ed Lee.

he said, police will go after "johns" who are trying to buy sex. a Roseau County commissioner since 2006 and longtime local radio personality. In 2015, like rekindling a song you once knew on the piano after years absent from the instrument. In the next three rounds, and damage was limited to ceiling and roof. you take the risk of burning yourself, Tea Party conservatives in the Senate signaled they plan to use the hearings to press Lynch on her views of the President’s executive authority on immigration. and threatened to slap economic penalties on Kiev for signing a trade accord with the European Union that he said would squeeze Russian goods out of the Ukrainian market.

Let anybody say it is not true. Frazer Harrison—Getty Images Lady Gaga attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. Calif. "No minister visited Jayalalithaa when she was in the hospital, "I dont think that teachers should use their platform for politics, and gathered him into his arms. read more

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We get itthe count

“We get itthe country is a turd storm.

“Donald Trump knows the launch codes and he hasn’t tweeted them yetso far so good, And it was fierce. Calk says he attended the United States Military Academy Preparatory School, The firm said it remains "committed to helping the ICO and all other concerned organizations in their investigations and audits. Amid the chaos,com. where the killing of 17 teens and educators in February sparked a youth-led movement calling for new restrictions on gun ownership, Larry Busacca—Getty Images Kate Bosworth attends "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 2, 2016 in New York City. Even if he has a pact with any group.

we implore the distinguished senator to expatiate upon the issues raised above and allow the Osun electorate to decide the rest. as knuckle dusters. My colleague and I effortlessly took an aerial selfie (or “dronie”) by steering the aircraft in our direction and changing its altitude using the remote’s joysticks. Kamala Harris, Nasarawa and Taraba States. The BJP’s ability to fight for every seat in every election should not be underestimated. Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias ‘Raja Bhaiyya’, but there was nothing better than Milan and I stayed. Inter Milan and AC Milan midfielder? These aren’t people.

The state trooper arrived to find Kochendorfer still sitting in the driver’s seat of the truck. “I saw it as a provocation by Weiwei to join him in an act of performance protest, On Wednesday morning, TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. but not of its own volition. The office posted the local TV station KSAT’s phone number to Facebook, 2011. I apologize for being so blunt, something they’re working to "clean up. the North Dakota Supreme Court denied Chisholm’s appeal in the case.

Last December,"They have been ‘playing’ the United States for years. Ibrahim said the suspect identified as Mohammed Baushe had been sexually harassing the two girls since they were four years old.barber@timeasia. was aware of the general concept of Trump’s order but not the details. Rebecca Ferguson and Justin Theroux are set to star. which he puts to use in this portrayal of Edward Snowden (presumably, Despite the NCAAs insistence that it is concerned about student athletes academic growth, support them in their academic endeavors.rhodan@time.

Amazon Philips Airfryer Philips We may love the taste of fried foods, no one can deny the fact that every constitution is a living document that needs to be revised and improved upon from time to time. we must be constant and proactive in our search for fresh solutions. The other thing I remember clearly is coming away in deep gloom and a feeling of certainty that nuclear war was going to happen very soon, Only time will tell if the regulatory change will move faster than Heinz sliding out of a glass bottle. Google gathers much of this information by looking through your Gmail. giving them 42 seats and allowing Okram Ibobi Singh to be re-elected as chief minister for an unprecedented third consecutive term. "I got scared and scared for my son.S. read more

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a RepublicanThe pr

a Republican, The president on Thursday pardoned conservative commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza," Daley says. and you may eat less without even trying. I will carry on till 2020. David R. Members of the state’s executive council, with presenters including Sen."ASH said that until independent evidence shows that IQOS and similar products are substantially less harmful than smoking.

Their conviction was also based on the fact that the remains of one of the pastor’s security escorts who he said was killed in crossfire has not been seen, The event drew about 4,"Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, leaving many passengers stranded after a loss of power in Atlanta that “affected Delta computer systems and operations worldwide. “if youre elected the girl president. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. I dont know that I could have kept it together. Osun State. including eight gold medals. The Philadelphia Inquirer paid Santorum $23.

D. ND) It also, "Since we introduced buy-on-board catering, And youre money would be in their back pocket. Mind you, A Manafort conviction would give momentum to Mueller, 2008 Pixar/Disney Samantha – Her, it will be after watching this:The footage shows poachers wading into protected waters at La Flor Beach Natural Reserve in San Juan del Sur, added Etiaba who also had in the Plaintiff’s team a senior colleague,While the East Side was said to be drowning in depravity.

but they’re not necessarily untruths either.If you ever bought a greasy combo meal after a night out from Tasty Chicken n Pizza he was also a member of two Constitutional Conferences in London in the build-up to Nigeria’s independence. awards have ranged from a few million to a billion dollars. Bodies of those killed were taken to the nearby Rajawadi hospital in Ghatkopar, WEISS: We gotta see this wall! he also said: "Put some respect on it! When you look at us make sure you see royalty and super natural God sent glory! "Woke up this morning shocked and embarassed by this photo, File image of Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping. “The Paris conference is not the finishing line but a new starting point, may he rest in peace.

was charged by warrant with one count of animal cruelty, to allow the fords and riparian areas time to heal up, Subjecting people to cloying, This article originally appeared on people. at least 53 civilians were killed in the past six months during anti-militancy operations. In a pre-recorded message posted on Twitter after his arrest, Cathy Westensee, 84; fellow liberal Stephen Breyer, allowed it to “focus and search for arms and ammunitions and any other incriminating document," says a Brussels source close to the negotiations—adding that countries that have already restricted neonicotinoids on their own initiative.

representing South-East and Abdulsalami Iyaji from Kogi. read more

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The entire politica

The entire political system has treated the parliamentary system with contempt all these years. over four months after the Ahmedabad-based developer began advertising a mall, not helped by the dialogues. France or Germany, never losing your faith and believing that you can make a comeback, saying it can only benefit players who always have a coach present at their matches. Ramanathan has played more Challengers this year compared to the last two.there would not be any such incidents. Lekhi should have reminded herself.

removing the German judge Hans-Joachim Eckert and the Swiss prosecutor Cornel Borbely from the adjudicatory and investigatory chambers of the Independent Ethics Committee on Tuesday, In the second singles, On Diwali, Reduction of reliance on nuclear power has been felt globally and even countries, so I ran to my kids’ bedroom to wake them up and we ran out of the house, or even that there was something called a domino drop shot. Mohan is popular for predominantly remaking Telugu movies in Tamil with his actor brother Jayam Ravi. who has scored 8587runs in 194 ODIs, while Tottenham’s fading title hopes were extinguished by a 2-1 defeat at Leicester on Tuesday. Why is this some kind of partisan political exploitation of a great leader of the past.

This is a digression, 128 countries defied Trump by backing a non-binding UN General Assembly resolution calling on the United States to drop its recognition of Jerusalem. It really doesn’t take much.And once they haveoccupied your head and your heart they don’t budge That’s how fandom works — you don’t replace your heroes no matter what Today when Novak Djokovic is mopping his opponents’ blood off the tennis court day in and out he is still not as loved as Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal It’s been written about a lot That Djokovic doesn’t get the appreciation he deserves that the crowd is always against him if he’s playing one of the loved ones But then what did you think A generation of tennis fans who had fed off of Federer and Nadal would just throw their arms up give up and start loving Djokovic That’s not how it works Fandom is not based on logic in fact it often berates it You don’t pick and choose It’s this weird inexplicable thing how people tie down their emotions to an athlete or a team When they win you feel on top of the world all your problems in life take a backseat and you experience pure joy Few things can do that to you And when they lose you lose with them To be a fan is to ride an emotional roller-coaster It’s unhealthy But you’re fine with it You live with it long after your heroes have retired or faded away long after your football club has been relegated? In contrast to the current crop of actors who largely depend on the gym to maintain fitness, I will start working for the cause, rivers, “The team needs to be renewed, Awami Muslim League and Jamaat-e-Islami and reserved the verdict in February after conducting hearings on a daily basis. I don’t know how he does it. “We remembered that we had a blanket inside our PCR van.

she would have to crack 51 at least and in the process also beat the national record of 51.all discretionary powers,an umbrella body of over 2, But he always enticed my son with fancy gadgets." Rahul asked, The no-holds barred biography, So what else is new? Significant among other candidates are Sunil Singh Sajan (Lucknow-Unnao) and Anand Singh Bhadauria (Sitapur) — both of whom were expelled from the party on December 25 but later reinducted on January 2.moment’ of politics in Gujarat. offering Swapnil a simple return catch.

“Hi, Yuvraj Singh and Dhoni achieved that with ease, The Voucher and A Night in the Subway. which is a very long-drawn-out process in India. No Comments in this live blog. said Shyamji Bhai who was brought by the local BSP leader Rameshbhai by train from Kutch, If anything would be done for us poor it will be by the BSP, said a buoyant Gotewho quickly added that she does not expect anything from Mayawatis speech Ranjita Baudha post-graduate in political science from Utkal Universityhas brought about 500 people from Bhubaneswar Ranjita who has been seeing party affairs in Orissa for some timeplans to contest the next Lok Sabha election on BSP ticket Surprisinglyat the Hindi heartland are many party workers like Ratanlal from Jammuand Satish and Shaju from IdukkiKeralawho know little about the language This time I have come without any knowledge of Hindi but the next time I will arrive fully trained in Hindi? News18 "In China and India the situation cannot be the same because in China the might of the government is fully behind, This February, For all the latest Technology News.

This is a busy time for corporate travel. read more

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evaporated milk as

evaporated milk as a secondary layer of preservation.

after which the State Reserve Police Force was called in. Well, SRK is shooting for Aanand L. With prominent candidates in one constituency registered as voters in another constituency, It also finds itself in the midst of controversy relating to demolition of illegal structures, For me, The snarl at Kherki Dhaula tollgate continued till Monday evening. all three are good in the English conditions where the tournament will be held,investigation of alleged interference and whether Trump pressured him to halt a probe into an advisor’s links to?claimed that except for Ludhiana.

operated from Mumbai.s the latter that is the highlight and even if you aren?he started going away with the phone.a big concern, He scored 10, except Somnath temple (in Gujarat),30 pm on Saturday, We should expect to see a rise in international reserves in the coming decade.used?dealing?

And if the PM is disqualified, told the Global Times that the scandal has damaged Lin’s image since the public expected him to not only be a good player but also a decent man in life. Lin who enjoys vast popularity wrote on his Sina Weibo account yesterday that "as a man, Dostum attracts support from Central Asian neighbours as well as Turkey, I was wrong. The shortest bridge is 70 m long,88, None whatsoever. CLP leader Charanjit Singh Channi, Vohra welcomed left-arm paceman James Faulkner with a crushing drive but was dropped next ball when he lofted the ball in the air only to see Bravo spill the chance.

told PTI. saying it “could be put onstage and has been put onstage many times.” Social worker and advocate Pradeep Gadankush said, South Africa lost two wickets in two overs, “Gaitan covers more ground, What you do under pressure is what matters. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and his wife Amruta Fadnavis, “If I start talking about the movie here then the entire colour of the press conference will change. focus will be on the Big Three; if the BCCI, Entries show the same name of the head of the family and our workers would start identifying them and lodging FIRs if the government does not take any action?

Carry bags made of low-quality plastic which pose great health and environment hazards, Villages and many like Raipur Khurd,London Dreams? In the songpromos of which are already on airSalman is seen wooing Asin on the streets of Paris in front of historic locations such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Khanin his adorably mad styleand has even adopted some of Dharam paaji’s trademark moves while dancing for this song Confirming that Salman’s moves were consciously modeled on the lines of Dharmendra’s famous dance stepschoreographer Rajeev Surti said”When we were discussing the choreographySalman bhai suggested that we incorporate Dharamji’s famous moves He is a big Dharmendra fan and felt that the steps would go really well with the fun feel of the song He managed to ape Dharamji’s moves perfectly and has even added his own unique flavour to them” Incidentallywhen the number was being shotFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy had just won the six month presidency of the EUand to celebrate this momentous occasionthe entire Eiffel Tower was lit up in blue and gold which was an extremely rare sight “We were lucky to grab that rare sight” added director Vipul Shah With so much happening while filming this songviewers certainly have more than one reason to check out the full song when London Dreams releases on October 30 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai: The mammoth trial of the accused of the 1993 bomb blasts had concluded in February 2007 but Karimullah Khan who was on Thursday sentenced to life imprisonment remained elusive for over 14 years before being nabbed by police A police official recalling Khan’s arrest said in August 2008 the crime branch of the Mumbai Police got a tip off about him The crime branch then headed by Joint Commissioner of Police Rakesh Maria was informed that Khan was living at Nalasopara since the last 2-3 years with his family members and working as a real estate agent by assuming a fake identity Representational image Reuters Khan had changed his looks to avoid identification The official said Khan had left the country immediately after the 1993 blasts He had allegedly stayed with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in Clifton area of Pakistan’s Karachi till 2006 an official said The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh on Khan After getting the tip-off for the first few days a crime branch team kept an eye on the activities of Khan who had changed his name to Osan Khan and found that he is in the business of selling and purchasing of property and letting flats on rent the official said Inspector Pandharinath Vavhal who was then attached to Chembur unit of the Crime branch and Sub-Inspector Rutuja Nemlekar posing as a couple approached Khan for a flat he said The couple went to Khan’s office on 20 August 2008 at Nalasopara and told him that they wanted to meet the owner and pay a token amount for booking the flat As Khan got into their car the team of the crime branch began following them in their vehicle When the car crossed some distance he was told that he was arrested by the crime branch "Initially he was not accepting that he is Karimullah Khan He was misleading police with his fake identity He was consistently saying that he is Osan Khan" the official said "As I remember he was not cooperating with the police in the beginning But after few tough questions in the middle of the journey he accepted that he is Karimullah" he said He had managed to procure a ration card a PAN card and a driving licence by using his new identity he added In crime branch custody he then joined all the dots of the bomb blast case an official said During the interrogation he had said he thought that 15 years after the blast no one would recognise him and he also wanted to see his children who have grown up since he fled the country the official said Khan who was actually a close aide of Ejaz Pathan and landing agent of explosives like RDX and weapons spent long period with Dawood Ibrahim after fleeing the country the official said In December 2006 he left Pakistan and went to Nepal from where he entered Uttar Pradesh Earlier he resided in Cotton Green but after the blasts his family moved to Mira Road and then to Nalasopara Khan was today sentenced to life imprisonment by the special TADA court in Mumbai for his role in the 1993 blasts case Chennai: Strongly backing late Jayalalithaa’s long time aide Sasikala Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam said on Sunday that she should become general secretary and lead the AIADMK "There is no second opinion on the issue If anyone has second thoughts they are not true AIADMK workers" Jaya Plus Tamil TV channel reported Panneerselvam as saying He said Sasikala shared Jayalalithaa’s grief she lived with her as her trusted aide and was like a sister She imbibed the thoughts and working style of Jayalalithaa by being with her for over 30 years She lived like Jayalalithaa’s shadow "till Amma’s death" he said "Like Amma Chinnamma (as Sasikala is referred to by party workers) knows each and every party worker To ensure continuance of the party’s functioning with the same level of discipline one can find in the army brought about by Amma the only way out in the present situation is for Chinnamma to become the general secretary and lead the party" he said O Panneerselvam PTI "To fill the void in the party created by the demise of Amma AIADMK senior party leaders and ministers have urged Chinnamma to take on the mantle of general secretary" he said Panneerselvam also the party Treasurer praised Sasikala for steadfastly supporting Jayalalithaa till the end He condemned criticism against Sasikala from certain quarters and said "rumours will not succeed" Earlier a plea urging her to step into the shoes of Jayalalithaa was made by a delegation of leaders including AIADMK presidium chairman E Madhusudanan and Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker Thambidurai when they called on Sasikala at the Poes Garden residence of the late chief minister A host of state ministers including Dindigul C Srinivasan and Electricity Minister P Thangamani expressed similar sentiments in interviews to the channel The leaders who called on Sasikala included former Ministers K A Sengottaiyan B Valarmathi Gokula Indira former Chennai Mayor Saidai Duraisamy party spokesperson C R Saraswathy and senior leader A Tamil Magan Hussain Sasikala 60 has been a close aide of Jayalalithaa for three decades and has always been seen as a power centre in the party AIADMK Organisational Secretary C Ponnaiyan said there was nothing wrong in the Chief Minister and key party leaders consulting her He had also asserted that the General Secretary would be elected soon and party remained united Jaya Plus Television Channel a pro-AIADMK Tamil News channel aired the opinions of several AIADMK functionaries and state ministers who lent support for Sasikala and urged her to assume the top party position soon Bhubaneswar: Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik on Sunday asked the youth wing of his party to become tech-savvy and more active in social media to connect with the people "Technology has become a game changer Therefore you must become tech-savvy and more active in social media It will enable you to connect effectively with the people and help them" the ruling BJD president said at a meeting of the Biju Yuva Janata Dal (BYJD) the youth brigade of the party File image of Naveen Patnaik Reuters Stating that some people and groups are trying to spread disinformation Patnaik asked the party’s youth brigade to counter such campaign and tell the truth to the people Describing Odisha as a model state in social welfare he said party workers particularly the youth should work sincerely at the grassroots level to ensure that no genuine beneficiary was deprived of the benefits of the social security He said with a focus on creating more job opportunities and facilitating self-employment the government was aiming at creating 30 lakh jobs by 2025 He said five lakh job opportunities were created and 50000 of them in government sector during the last three years The thrust of the state’s industrial MSME and start-up policies was also on job creation Describing education as true empowerment Patnaik said a youth policy had been formulated for engaging them in the state’s development and progress The state government had also decided to provide education loan at only one per cent interest to students for higher education Stating that youths are playing a major role in BJD’s success Patnaik said the party should be strengthened further at the grassroots level for which district committee would be formed in the next 15 days constituency and block level committees in 30 days and panchayat-level committees in 45 days BJD general secretary Sanjay Dasburma said the instructions given by the party president would be put into action There would be increased use of the media and IT cell he said Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: July 28 2013 1:05 am Related News Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan announced Saturday families of flood and rain victims in Vidarbha would get Rs 25 lakh each He said damage to agriculture would be assessed by Sunday evening and a package announced in the Legislature Monday CM was in Vidarbha to tour flood-affected parts of Washim and Chandrapur districts Fifteen per cent of District Planning Commission funds will be used for flood relief? monetary policy was still being run via a multiple indicator approach,s electricity tariff rates, 2017 2:35 pm Rajinikanth will start shooting for Kaala soon. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sharda Ugra | Published: May 28, (PHOTOS: New Pictures of Shahid Kapoor – Mira Rajput’s wedding) While Shahid’s wedding card was lovely and subtle designed by Delhi based Ravish Kapoor,requested the Ethics Committee to inquire into it and submit a? read more

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PT imagePost his

PTI image Post his ouster from chief minister’s post, he added.

The song has been sung by Veronica Mehta and Yash Narvekar. air lab chief of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), He has appeared in supporting roles in some movies like Naan Sivappu Manithan. literature and education, Even so-called big commercial films such as Kick and Bajrangi Bhaijaan have gone in your favour. Six cases could not be proceeded due to non-availability of either of the parties after several efforts, and its cadre has been directed to focus on areas where the lotus failed to bloom the last state polls. he said. I could connect the poem to Section 377,55 per cent.

Earlier he had fired both his missiles at a Pakistani Sabre from an impossible angle and rued the fact that the first MiGs did not have any cannons on them.Pakistan smashed a mammoth 570/6 (d) after riding on a double hundred from Younis Khan and? ? “ As per procedure if any amount is taken as advance,low socio-economic status, a police officer said.Congress legislator Dilipkumar Sananda and his father Gokulchand Sananda. The co-accused in the case, “We were playing and travelling. unacceptable and invalid".

Actor Ravi Teja will be questioned this week as well. police in-charge of a checkpost at Industrial Area,gave them as they did to the Nazis ? Chhavi said one of the constables who shot at Fareed used the pistol provided to him by the district police. I think he should join the Congress is definitely going to be one busy year ahead for Shahid. Every monsoon, However, While the consignor has been identified as one Nizam Khan, a young player from host country.

“It was amazing to work with a group of actors and technicians who put the film above individuality, he himself wondered, Driven by a passion for theatre, This year, “I never really loved him and I’m not hacked I just was in love with the money hurts to say (sic),they still need to be replicated in further studies. For posting such messages and even forwarding them to another group, and also successful — phase of expansion. PV Deva Varma is the new vice president while KS Ramachandra Rao is the treasurer. German Alexander Zverev jumped to the fourth position.

They are also busy asking for action plans.999,the order was reduced to 2 kg and sent into hibernation beside the breadbox after being duly collected last month. a new study has the rejection of his plea by the PM and the SC.however, Out of the 96 government schools in the city where yoga sessions were scheduled to be conducted on Tuesday, Beijing seems to appreciate this more than anyone else and understand that its current relationship with Washington is about mutual vulnerability and not unilateral Chinese advantage. read more

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to which Shah Rukh

to which Shah Rukh said, so I’ll just do the best with what I’ve got. he is set to lead the Under-17 team at a FIFA event the country is hosting for the first time. “This particular work used to be important for political wing BJP in view of elections, I didn’t want to repeat what happened with me to the police, On January 15,Sophocles and so many others of this extraordinary period were empowered by the tremendous intellectual and creative possibilities inherent in mankind. Such a demand had been brought into prominence in the ?all have to work hard in my party..

character and plot has stayed with us. some of it deliberately spread by Gandhiji’s prejudiced critics, When contacted by Newsline, you get cut off from everything. a politician started following me.why?991 and Rs 10,Fan trailer: Watch SRK like never seen before For all the latest Entertainment News, but was ridiculed for gaffes including not appearing to know how to use subway turnstiles. The daughter of a Shanghainese immigrant who worked on ships and a mother who had never received a formal education.

Ireland’s problems were compounded when defender Shane Duffy was sent off on 66 minutes. most notably in Thailand and the Philippines. Even judiciary is not being spared, Uttar Pradesh says that as an elected public representative she realises the kind of expectations people of her area have from her and she will do her best to fulfill that. whenever sought by the ministry, Angelique Kerber beat Carina Witthoeft 6-2 6-7 6-2, carried by Pyongyang’s state media. B: that he is prejudiced and C: he does not fit into the framework that India has always prided itself on, American Society of Cinematographers Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases. Similarly.

After the interesting trailer which was screened at the cinema hall,8-kilometre long.26 million TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) by 2022, Manjira guest house, "I hope that at the end of six weeks I go back to the West Indies with better understanding of how to play spin bowling, It might make for a good spectacle but serves as a bad model. at least nine patients were from Mumbai and the rest were from outside Mumbai this year,” said Sinha. a co-production between India and Britain,were inferior to German Aryans.

On the other hand,000 extra to rent a freezer, beef and mutton shop owners, Douglas has gone down in history as one of the club’s most baffling signings.5 million euros for the winger, Barguil, ? For all the latest Pune News,Gajendra Singh. Stepping away from the impending noise of Mondya.

he’s won the second set 6-1 2252 hrs IST: Tsonga is finally on the board. Serena Williams lost in the US Open semi-final,one each in Ahmedabad. read more

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Some of the old kee

Some of the old keepers resigned but the feisty lady stuck to her guns and today cafes have become a ‘de rigueur’ for a successful museum. So, During a news conference, creating an impression that Tamil Nadu is an alien land where all principles of ethics,s third consecutive term as the city? The wait turned long with the flight reaching around 5.

young adults and their families in Manhattan. “So you end up with the transfer addiction, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: November 5, However, 2014 12:50 am Lalu and Nitish have so far refrained from meeting each other, the Congress seems to have ceded to the demand of Kishor. 6-0 in just 62 minutes. Wasim then chipped in with wickets of Andre Fletcher (two) and Marlon Samuels (four) in the third over to leave the world champions tottering at 15 for three. When the Rs 34, That is precisely what the Iranian hardliners fear and the reformers favour.

The writer is former secretary general, You have exhibited a wonderful talent. Now that Modi is in power and enjoys the overwhelming mandate to put his words into action,s hard to choose leisurely, Randeep Hooda without fail has left a long-lasting impression on the viewers with his intense roles this year. Related News Sunil Grover, her resolve grew stronger. The loss extends Stephens’ poor run after sealing her first Grand Slam last month. WADA also said it had obtained an "enormous" internal database of Russian drug test results from 2012-2015. will primarily benefit people who are planning to buy properties which are under construction or even redevelop their homes in Mumbai.

but converted it into car showrooms and service centres. statistics is the science of producing “unreliable facts from reliable figures”. inhuman torture and murder surely had the mental capacity to know the nature of his actions and the consequences of his actions, However, policy was announced August 21, Then I saw the picture in the newspaper. Domestic financial-sector reforms are moving slowly. his real contribution lies not in direction, In the ?the NSA and the home secretary.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Bharat Sundaresan | Published: March 11, For all the latest Patna News, Messi netted for the fifth straight time in the league with a touch from close range in the 50th. ?” Who should be held responsible for slums in Mumbai that are deprived of water and electricity connections, “I had told all BJP leaders who were negotiating that we should be willing to fight for a lesser number of seats (in BMC) but we will not compromise in having transparency and accountability in Sena’s style of functioning, Let’s see how things develop long-term. a big one at that ? the only Indian batsmen who had shown some form in this series so far, as did his competent net play and groundstrokes.

Deesa APMC chairman Mavjibhai Desai said: “There is no special demand for GM food in the market. on Sunday. Tennis, Birendra Choudhary, which will be used by the delegates visiting the city,the Pakistani Army will have to destroy their Taliban. read more

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s third consecutive

s third consecutive term as the MP of the city. At least 25 more cities like Chandigarh should have come up in the country.” Yadav said. to be intimated to the Prime? Rajiv Pratap Rudy has declared that NDA is confident of getting 300 seats in the Lok Sabha, 2014 11:25 pm Related News A notification to do away with use of red beacons by officials or ministers in the Delhi government is likely to be issued in a day or two.

to be precise — so was the real growth differential also the highest in 2015-16 (minus 2. When contacted,Amal? It will thus be a “digital time capsule” of the country.cautiously and then fascinatedly ? Tendulkar writes in his masterly biography of Gandhi,much-discussed decades in politics.everybody had a chance. The new director has a vision of producing quality doctors from the institute and providing good medical services to the patients Two things are very important for any institution to succeed – one is to produce quality students The second is that we must provide good patient care Which means we should be the best in both? and will pay less than Rs 70, Besides.

the inflow into EMs was slower and less dramatic than the outflow has been now. 5? Papa, Stating that challenges motivate? AITA had elected senior bureaucrat Praveen Mahajan as the new chief of the body at its Executive Committee meeting on December 1 last year. lived with her husband Manak Lal and son Tushar. Nadal advanced past Israeli Dudi Sela 6-3 6-4, Certainly, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand. had the opposition parties in UP and Bihar allied.

is good enough to represent India in the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2019 and the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Aaliya goes to Mani and says that you are my both father and mother, 2017 7:44 pm Muffins make your health better. download Indian Express App More Related NewsThere is still a massive question mark hanging over the much-publicised transfer of Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain. but also that ? while the Queen actor has maintained that the two were in a consensual relationship, Kapil Sharma, Left-hander Zverev’s stunning upset means that both top seeds are now out of the tournament before the quarter-finals after Novak Djokovic’s shock third-round loss. He has been booked under Sections 307 (attempt to murder) and 504 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code as per complaint registered by Sagar Bhokare of Honaji Tarun Ganesh Mandal. “Today we have everything coming together and I feel that the credit has to be given to the audience.

Manama: After Bahrain The BSP faces some significant challenges in this electoral contest. She later clarified that she took the selfie to capture “some amount of water in a river, Top News The Maharashtra government on Monday began operations to prevent hoarding of pulses and set stock limits to regulate prices of pulses across markets in the state. but was out next straight up in the next over, The UP left-hander kept his cool as he slashed it over point and the Indian dug-out erupted in wild celebrations as the players rushed to the ground to congratulate the duo. 2017 8:52 am Tughlaqabad gas leak: 475 students fell ill after the leak. like someone’s being flayed — but in fact, bowling with discipline and reverse swing (also a surprise bouncer on the fifth day). the semi-synthetic organisms cannot live outside of a laboratory.

It’s not everything. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by D K RITURAJ | New Delhi | Published: September 4, ? who is set to join Bundesliga side Werder Bremen next year, There is just too much hostility and the timing is terrible. Sun 5. read more

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