Tariff announcement a political tactic trade expert

first_imgA surprise tariff announcement from Donald Trump may have steel and aluminum manufacturers in Canada on edge.Trump said Thursday, he planned to sign an executive order putting a 10 per cent tariff on aluminum exports, and a 25 per cent tariff on steel.If it applies to our country it could hit us hard as Canada is America’s number one supplier in that industry.Carlo Dade, Director of the Centre for Trade Investment Policy at the Canada West Foundation, told CityNews while Alberta doesn’t produce the metals, some of the things manufactured with them could be impacted.“The oil industry: pipe fittings, valves — depending on how wide they expand this,” he said.Dade believes this is just a political tactic.“Back in 2002, when President (George W.) Bush did this, it was clearly designed at certain swing states in the U.S.: Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia,” he said. “It’s the same thing here. We have mid-term elections coming up in the U.S. in the fall.”He said it’s still early and nothing has been signed.“This was decided at the last minute, everyone thought that there would be no announcement and then suddenly, we find out that there was an announcement, so let’s wait and see,” Dade said.last_img read more

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Budding entrepreneurs in Burkina Faso earn boost from UN agency

24 September 2009The United Nations agency tasked with helping the rural poor has announced it will provide more than $16 million for a programme in Burkina Faso that aims to help thousands of young people and women in the landlocked West African nation develop non-farm enterprises. Under the scheme, 60 rural enterprise resources centres will be set up across Burkina Faso to serve as contact points for budding entrepreneurs and help them gain access to resources necessary for starting businesses, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) announced yesterday.These would-be entrepreneurs will have access to vocational training, technology and business development services, according to a press release issued from IFAD’s headquarters in Rome.The agency described Burkina Faso as one of the best-placed West African nations for rural micro-enterprises: its population has a reputation for being hard-working and ingenious in exploiting the meagre amount of natural resources in the country.Overall, the programme – comprised of an $8 million grant and an $8 million loan – is targeting an estimated 12,000 micro-enterprises, with a particular focus on women and young people.With this scheme, IFAD has now funded 12 different projects in Burkina Faso for a total cost of nearly $160 million. read more

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Amid rising violence in Yemen Security Council calls for speedy transition of

21 October 2011Condemning human rights violations and the excessive use of force by the Yemeni authorities against peaceful protesters as well as violence by other groups, the Security Council today called on all sides to quickly implement a regional plan for an orderly transition of power. In a unanimously adopted resolution, the 15-member body noted that hundreds of people – mainly civilians, including women and children – had died in months of violence between supporters and opponents of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and demanded that the authorities immediately end attacks by security forces against civilians.It stressed that implementation of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s initiative, which calls for the president to transfer power to his vice-president followed by the formation of an interim government, a new constitution and elections, is “essential for an inclusive, orderly and Yemeni-led process of political transition.”The Council urged all opposition groups to “commit to playing a full and constructive part in the agreement and implementation” of the initiative and refrain from violence and the use of force to achieve political aims. It called for all those responsible for violence and human rights abuses to be held accountable.“The Yemeni sides have debated the key elements for a transition settlement for quite some time,” Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs B. Lynn Pascoe told reporters after adoption of the resolution.“Now is the time for Government and opposition leaders to live up to their responsibilities and reach an agreement. The resolution is clear in this regard. It calls for action without further delay.”Voicing concern over the presence in the country of the terrorist group, Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, and the risk of new terrorist attacks in parts of Yemen, the Council stressed its determination to deal with the threat in accordance with the UN Charter and international law.It also called on the international community to provide humanitarian aid to a country facing a worsening security, economic and humanitarian situation.Last week, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Adviser on Yemen Jamal Benomar warned the Council that security had deteriorated “very dramatically,” with five or six provinces out of Government control, a large area in the north controlled by Al-Houthi rebels, Al-Qaida militants holding three cities and an important geographic area in the south, and Sana’a, the capital, split between rival forces. read more

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IP and the Blockchain revolution

Canada has a rich history of innovation, but in the next few decades, powerful technological forces will transform the global economy. Large multinational companies have jumped out to a headstart in the race to succeed, and Canada runs the risk of falling behind. At stake is nothing less than our prosperity and economic well-being. The FP set out explore what is needed for businesses to flourish and grow. Over the next three months, we’ll talk to some of the innovators, visionaries and scientists on the cutting edge of the new cutthroat economy about a blueprint for Canadian success. You can find all of our coverage here.Back in March, amid threats of tariffs, the Trump administration put Canada on its 2018 “Priority Watch List” of trading partners with “the most onerous or egregious acts, policies, or practices” around intellectual property rights. Among U.S. grievances were allegations of ineffective policing of online piracy and inaction against digital pirates. But this blustery rhetoric misses the point: Canada’s IP policies and practices are not the problem.The real problem is the technology itself. The Internet renders stronger laws and government enforcement insufficient and ultimately futile. The first era of the Internet — the Internet of information — effectively broke the IP property regime because it made copying digital assets easy. Consider music: Once real assets delivered on a physical medium like a compact disc or vinyl record, songs have been run through the Internet’s copier until their marginal value neared zero. Labels lost money, artists lost their livelihoods.Yes, the Internet is a powerful tool that has transformed how we share and access information and how we communicate. But it’s also the ultimate bootleg press, peep hole on all things private and costume closet for identity thieves. The upshot  is that now the only artists consistently making money are the con artists.Fortunately, rather than yet another regulation or tougher prosecution — which become barriers to entry for individual artists, inventors and start-ups — there is now a better deterrent to counterfeiting, fraud and IP theft: it is the blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.A blockchain is a peer-to-peer transactional network for anything of value, whether stocks, money, music, diamonds, carbon credits, or even intellectual property. Rather than a single intermediary like a bank or government keeping records in a proprietary ledger, a distributed network of computers works to verify transactions, with the results recorded in a shared ledger that anyone in the network can access and no single entity can hack.Bitcoin was the first breakthrough. It demonstrated the creation and preservation of digital scarcity through cryptography and clever code, transforming a highly fickle Internet of information into a secure and permanent Internet of value.Read our full Innovation Nation seriesFP Innovation 150: Firms on the cutting edge of the ideas economyInnovation declaration: Nine things Canada needs to win in the global ideas economyBut cryptocurrencies were just the beginning. Not only can we record and verify clear ownership of IP rights, we can use smart contracts — software that mimics the logic of a business agreement, incentivizes performance, and executes deal terms — to activate these rights and maximize their value, all the while complying with regulations and enforcing trade agreements.There are implications for core Canadian industries, such as manufacturing, technology and medicine that rely on patents and industrial designs; mining and agriculture benefiting from geographical indicators; and music and film depending on copyright.Patents and product designConsider how the company Moog leverages its industrial designs on a blockchain. Based in New York, Moog is an aircraft precision part manufacturer operating in a highly regulated industry. It counts the U.S. Department of Defense, Airbus, Boeing and Lockheed Martin among its customers. Any counterfeits in its products, inefficiencies in its supply chain, or violations of IP rights can delay missions, compromise critical systems and endanger lives. So Moog has worked with a Canadian technology platform, the Aion Foundation, to create a blockchain that reduces complexity and increases the integrity of its supply chain by tracking and recording every action of its partners. Moog has also placed such intangible assets as design files and licences in smart contracts: for each download of a design file, the IP rights holder instantly receives a royalty. These transactions are timestamped on the shared ledger, making IP audits easier. Similar systems would benefit Canada’s industrial and manufacturing sectors as well as its digital companies.Provenance and geographical indicatorsThe Kimberley Process has reduced the trade of blood diamonds by requiring diamond-mining countries to certify that their exports are conflict-free. However, the largely paper-based certification process is rife with corruption, forgeries and inefficiencies, so that compromised diamonds continue to enter the supply chain. To close the gap, a London-based company called Everledger is using blockchain and other emerging technologies to create a global digital ledger for diamonds. Producers, consumers, insurers and regulators can use this shared ledger to track the flow of individual diamonds through the supply chain, from the mines to jewellers. Incorporating blockchain into the diamond supply chain also minimizes insurance fraud. The value of verifying authenticity, provenance and custody through blockchain obviously holds for a wide range of items — from Canadian rye whiskey to paintings.CopyrightAnyone who follows the music industry knows of the tussles between artists and those who rely on their creative output. The traditional food chain is a long one. Between those who create the music and those who pay for it are online retailers (Apple), streaming audio (Spotify), video services (YouTube), concert venues, merchandisers, tour promoters (Live Nation), performance rights organizations (PRS, PPL, ASCAP, BMI), the labels (Sony, Universal, Warner), music producers, recording studios and talent agencies, each with its own contract and accounting system. Each takes a cut of the revenues and passes along the rest, the leftovers reaching the artists themselves six to 18 months later per the terms of their contracts. Before the Internet, a songwriter might earn US$45,000 in royalties for a song that sold a million copies. Now that songwriter might earn only US$35 for a million streams.Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin in Toronto. Some of the world’s most successful blockchain projects — Ethereum, Aion, and Cosmos, to name a few — were started in Canada. J.P. Moczulski for National Post Imagine instead a world where artists decide how they’d like their music to be shared or experienced — simply by uploading a verified, searchable piece of music and all its related content online. Through the triggering of smart contracts, a song could become its own business, collecting royalties and allocating them to the digital wallets of rights owners such as songwriters and studio musicians. Artists and other creators would get paid first and fairly, rather than last and least.Soon it will be possible to manage, store and exchange any digital asset using this technology — from patents to carbon credits to our personal health data.Even better, blockchain is a made-in-Canada story. Some of the world’s most successful blockchain projects — Ethereum, Aion, and Cosmos, to name a few — were started here. Canada’s culture of innovation, openness and entrepreneurship allowed them to flourish. Now we can harness this technology to strengthen other industries and ensure that Canada’s intellectual capital is not only protected but allowed to thrive.Alex Tapscott is the co-founder of the Blockchain research Institute and co-author of Blockchain Revolution, now translated into 15 languages. He is also an active investor in blockchain companies and projects. read more

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WatchCanada loses 24200 jobs in July pushing unemployment rate higher

OTTAWA — Wage growth accelerated last month to its fastest clip in more than decade, according to numbers released Friday from Statistics Canada.The 4.5 per cent burst came in a month that also produced less-positive data: the unemployment rate moved up to 5.7 per cent as Canada shed 24,200 jobs.The increase in wages — as measured by year-over-year average hourly wage growth for all employees — marked the indicator’s strongest month since January 2009.The reading, one of several wage measures closely watched by the Bank of Canada, was up from 3.8 per cent in June and 2.8 per cent in May. In Quebec, wage growth sped up to nearly 6.2 per cent, while Ontario’s number was 5.1 per cent. As U.S. and China lock horns in worsening trade battle, Canadian business investment feels the fallout ‘Constant upheaval’: Why Canadian businesses have not fully rebounded from the post-tariff stall One year after the trade wars began, Canada’s economy has been altered In terms of job creation, the economy saw its weakest three-month stretch since early 2018. Until the spring pause, Canada had a been on a healthy run of monthly employment gains since last summer.The survey found the numbers were nearly flat between May and July, a period that saw Canada add an average of 400 jobs per month. The agency cautions, however, that the recent monthly readings have been small enough that they’re within the margin of error and, therefore, statistically insignificant.Even with the July decline, compared to a year earlier, the numbers show Canada added 353,000 new positions — almost all of which were full time — for an encouraging overall increase of 1.9 per cent.The July unemployment rate remained near historic lows even after edging up to 5.7 per cent from 5.5 per cent in June. The rate was 5.4 per cent in May, which was its lowest mark since 1976.Stephen Brown, senior Canada economist for Capital Economics, said the wage data released Friday — along with other recent wage indicators — suggest the measures are finally catching up to the tightened job market.Brown predicts that even with solid wage numbers at home, the Bank of Canada will likely have to address something much bigger in the coming months: the weakening global economic environment.“You’re now seeing this strong labour market in terms of the wage numbers, but we know conditions elsewhere in the world are deteriorating — so it’s certainly something interesting for the policy-makers to think about,” he said in an interview.Capital Economics, Brown added, is among a minority of forecasting shops that predicts the Bank of Canada will cut interest rates in October to respond to fallout from an escalation in ongoing trade wars and weakening demand from the United States.TD senior economist Brian DePratto wrote in a report Friday to clients that “the Bank of Canada remains caught between two opposing trends: relatively healthy domestic conditions, and a worsening external backdrop.”He added that unless we see a marked shift in either of these, the central bank will “likely remain happy to sit on the sidelines.”A closer look at July’s jobs numbers shows the economy lost 69,300 private-sector employee positions last month, while the public sector gained 17,500 jobs.Alberta, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick posted notable declines in employment last month — and jobless rates moved higher in each of the provinces.Quebec and Prince Edward Island added jobs last month, the report said.Youth employment fell by about 19,000 positions, pushing the jobless rate up 0.7 percentage points to 11.4 per cent.The number of positions for core-aged women — between 25 and 54 years old — dropped by about 18,000. read more

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The 2019 Mazda CX5 Has a Secret Mode Every Driver Will Love

What are “Easter eggs”? Besides the colored treat that comes along every April, they are those snippets at the end of a movie’s credits when a scene previews next year’s blockbuster. They’re the bonus track at the end of an album if you just wait a few seconds longer. They’re messages hidden in a piece of art.And they’re buried deep in the computer logic of Mazda CX-5, waiting for you to find them. What sort of Easter eggs, you might wonder? How about a new “off-road” mode in CX-5’s i-Activ all-wheel-drive (AWD) system, designed especially for loose surfaces and deeply rutted trails off the beaten path. We’re going to tell you how to find Mazda’s latest Easter egg.MAZDA’S MIND-READER OF AN AWD SYSTEMThe key challenge of an AWD system is figuring out exactly how much torque—rotational force—to send to the rear wheels at every instant.Use too little when the conditions are slippery, and front tires lose grip, robbing the driver of control. Use too much when the conditions are grippy, and fuel economy and handling both suffer. The penalties for getting it wrong—and the rewards for getting it right—can change in an instant with both road conditions and the driver’s intentions. For an AWD system to get it right all the time, it needs to be able to sense both the road and the driver and predict what torque split is required before the driver can feel a loss of traction.That sensing comes from data the car already has. The electric power steering knows exactly how hard you’re turning the steering wheel, for example, and since steering effort gets lighter on slippery surfaces, the CX-5 can use that information to measure the surface grip. The stability control system is already closely watching the speed of all four wheels, and if one tire starts going faster, the i-Activ AWD knows how slippery the surface must be to allow that slip and can correct it before the driver would even feel it.The system uses indirect sensing, too, watching the outside temperature to see if it’s cold enough that ice or snow are possible and watching the wipers to know if it’s raining.In total, Mazda’s i-Activ AWD system samples 27 channels of data 200 times per second to paint a composite of what the road looks like, sending power forward or rearward before the driver and passengers sense any slip, whereas many vehicles with reactive systems allow a momentary feeling of uneasiness, sliding along on a slippery surface, before power is routed to the rear wheels.The name i-Activ AWD was created to explain what the system does, with the “i” standing for “intelligent,” also complementing Mazda’s holistic suite of safety technologies called “i-Activsense.”TURN OFF TRACTION CONTROL TO UNLOCK OFF-ROAD MODEWhile most of the time a crossover may never leave the pavement, it’s not to say that it won’t ever. Families go camping; sometimes, drivers just make turns down a road less traveled. A crossover SUV is capable, but our engineers are always looking to stretch that capability even further.When all four wheels are on the ground, i-Activ AWD is so good at controlling front/rear torque split that it doesn’t need a special off-road mode. If conditions are so slick that it needs to lock the torque coupling completely, it can do that, automatically, in a fraction of a second.In rare cases on uneven paths when a wheel could leave the ground, i-Activ AWD will sense that wheelspin and lock the torque coupling so the front and rear wheels go the same speed.But on especially rough terrain, this might not be enough. Imagine a wobbly restaurant table with a matchbook wedged under its short leg to keep it from rocking. If you take that matchbook out, the air under that table leg is like the air under your tire in that diagonal twist. Now, what happens when the table rocks, and that leg comes down? The opposite leg goes up. The same thing happens in a diagonal twist. If one tire comes off the ground, the opposite tire also comes off the ground, or at least gets very light.So even if the torque coupling that drives power to the axles forces the front and rear tires go to the same speed, if one front tire and one rear tire are in the air, those airborne tires can still spin freely. To stop them, we have to use the traction control system to apply the brakes to the spinning tires, forcing torque over to the tires that are on the ground.In any other situation, we want the traction control system to apply the brakes as smoothly as possible, so there’s no interruption in the driver’s control of the car. But in situations where an abrupt power shift is necessary—like this diagonal twist off-road situation—pressing the “TCS OFF” button actually switches the CX-5 to a mode that simulates locking differentials via the brakes, sending power to the wheels on the ground.Much as most every modern crossover SUV, a full off-road-style locking differential that equally transfers power at low speeds to all four wheels is heavy and inefficient. However, with its trick technology, the net effect of the CX-5’s clever i-Activ AWD is that, like the rest of the vehicle, it helps the CX-5 punch far above its weight.SIMPLE AS THATIn constantly striving to make vehicles better to satisfy customer needs and wants, CX-5 has adopted an innovative solution that makes it just as athletic on rough roads as it is on the cleanest stretches of canyon curves.And now you know how to unlock it.Just press a button. [ Close ] read more

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Daredevils upset Sunrisers in powerful comeback win

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedBeing a young team, we played like one – NairMay 3, 2017In “latest news”Brathwaite shines with ball as Delhi win to keep hopes aliveMay 21, 2016In “latest news”Daredevils bowl, Brathwaite replaces RabadaMay 10, 2017In “latest news” Varun Shetty is a sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo Delhi Daredevils bounced back from the ignominy of falling to their lowest total in IPL history by dominating their chase in a six-wicket win against Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Feroz Shah Kotla.Karun NairDelhi’s stand-in captain, Karun Nair, had put Sunrisers in on the trust that the wicket would stay true throughout the course of the game. The visitors responded by putting up 66 in the Powerplay with the loss of David Warner for 30. Daredevils did well to pull things back in the middle overs, removing Shikhar Dhawan (28) and Kane Williamson (24) in quick succession after strangling them through effective spin bowling, but regular lapses in the field allowed Sunrisers a way back in. Yuvraj Singh (70* off 44), in particular, made use of a dropped catch and dominated an unbroken 93-run stand for the fourth wicket with Moises Henriques that lifted Sunrisers to 185 for 3.Daredevils began briskly, with Sanju Samson’s 19-ball 24 and Karun Nair’s 20-ball 39 setting the pace early on. The momentum was picked up by the rest of the top-order, who produced a chain of quick cameos before allrounders Corey Anderson (41* off 24) and Chris Morris (15* off 7) put on an unbroken 41 off 19 balls to take them past the target with five balls to spare.Jayant Yadav and the opening standAgainst a top four including three left-hand batsmen, Daredevils have picked Jayant compulsively. In fact, the offspinner’s only game of the season before tonight was the away fixture against Sunrisers on April 19. He had opened the bowling in that game.He did it tonight as well, and, on first glance, seemed to have caught Warner lbw off the first ball. The left-hander, who had struck a thunderous 126 against Kolkata Knight Riders on Sunday, went for the sweep first ball against an overpitched delivery drifting into him. HawkEye showed his survival was only marginal.That was the only sign of their offspin punt working against the openers. Warner and Dhawan played him out respectfully – apart from a Warner switch-hit swept over the backward point boundary.Against Kagiso Rabada and Chris Morris, they were more fluid, taking the pacers for a combined five fours and a six before Warner welcomed Mohammed Shami with a boundary at the start of the sixth over. That whip over midwicket brought up the fifth opening stand of fifty or more for Sunrisers this season. It was to end the very next ball, however, with Shami sliding a steaming yorker under Warner’s drive to take his off stump.Kotla slows downSunrisers were 66 for 1 at the end of the Powerplay. Kane Williamson, the beneficiary of an overthrow boundary in the previous over, played four dot ball balls in the next against Morris, two of which were slower deliveries. It was a precursor to the home team’s plan for the middle overs. Jayant and Amit Mishra bowled four overs in tandem, which set the tone for Daredevils’ most fruitful phase in the field. Mishra depended heavily on his new-found offbreak against the left-handers, but it was his googly that met the top edge on Dhawan’s attempted sweep. His stock ball turned appreciably too.Jayant had cramped Williamson to the extent that the Sunrisers No. 3, aside from a six off a quicker delivery, had only managed three singles off seven deliveries against him. When Shami came back in the 12th over, his dot-ball ratio had climbed to 50%. That induced a skied hook straight to deep square leg. The six overs after the Powerplay had fetched Sunrisers only 27 runs for the loss of two wickets.Yuvraj cashes inThere were at least four instances of Daredevils giving away extra runs in the field. The bizzare one involved Rishabh Pant, who tried to flick the ball back to the bowler from inside the square. It slipped out of his grasp and ended up going wide of midwicket for a single. The painful one came at – and out of – the hands of Samson. It was at deep square leg.Yuvraj, coming into the game with 24 runs in his last four innings, lofted a Chris Morris bouncer to Samson. The youngster, who had been involved in that infamous mix-up with Mishra against KKR last week, wasn’t under any such pressure this time – the nearest fielder was a number of yards to his left. It was the kind that is usually described as ‘straight down the throat’ of whoever takes it. As it turned out, this went straight to the floor.However different those two missed chances were, the outcome was in the same vein. It was Robin Uthappa who piled on the misery that day, and it was Yuvraj tonight. Yuvraj, on 29 off 26 at that point, made 41 off his next 15. His unbeaten 70 propelled Sunrisers to 185 for 3.Bhuvi returns the favour, Nair finds his mojoAnother man who hasn’t found runs recently is Karun Nair. The Daredevils’ stand-in skipper opened the innings today and utilised the boundary access allowed by fielding restrictions to hit himself into form. Like Yuvraj, Nair too was helped along by ordinary fielding. While on 20, he toe-ended a scoop to Bhuvneshwar Kumar at short fine. He was late in getting his hands up and only parried it to give himself a chase. Nair made 15 off his next four balls, primarily through shots on the up or ramps behind the wicket while the ball still came on.His knock took Daredevils to 62 in the Powerplay after they lost Samson. Shortly after, he offered another catch to Bhuvneshwar. This was a full-blooded drive that went flat to him at long-off; he held on this time, but the momentum had been conceded.Finish it with powerDaredevils had two spinners to tie Sunrisers down on a slow track; Sunrisers had dropped their second spinner, Bipul Sharma, in favour of Deepak Hooda who didn’t end up batting. This proved to be the difference in the middle overs as Daredevils’ young top order capitalised on Moises Henriques’ medium-pace, taking the allrounder for 36 off his 2.1 overs. The promotion of Rishabh Pant to No. 3 also played its part, with Warner reluctant to expose his only other spin option, Yuvraj, against him. It didn’t end up making much of a difference. Yuvraj, coming in immediately after Pant had been cleaned up by Mohammed Siraj’s yorker, went for 16 in his only over. It allowed Daredevils the luxury of playing Rashid Khan out at a run a ball without losing a wicket to him. It was only his second wicketless game – the previous one was also against Daredevils.One might have expected to see Angelo Mathews – brought into to bolster the middle-order – come in at No. 5, or even No. 6 as Daredevils lost wicket within a comfortable distance of the target. In the end, Corey Anderson and Morris filled up those slots, a clear signal that Daredevils didn’t just want to win, but wanted to do it comprehensively. (ESPNCricinfo) read more

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Internet Bruxelles veut une révolution numérique

first_imgInternet : Bruxelles veut une révolution numériqueEurope – La commissaire européenne chargée de la stratégie numérique, Neelie Kroes, a dévoilé les grands axes du développement numérique en Europe, annonçant la mise en place d’un marché unique.”La révolution numérique doit servir en premier lieu les intérêts des citoyens et des entreprises d’Europe”, a déclaré Neelie Kroes au cours d’une conférence de presse. Mais au sujet de la mise en place d’un marché unique des services des télécommunications où la différence de tarif entre les appels depuis l’étranger et ceux depuis son propre pays devrait tendre vers zéro, la commissaire européenne souligne qu’il faudra encore de “la patience”.Comme objectif du plan de développement du numérique, la Commission européenne a fixé une date butoir, 2013. Une date à laquelle tous les citoyens européens devront avoir accès à l’internet haut débit. En 2020, les Européens devront tous pouvoir disposer du très haut débit. La Commission étudiera alors les possibilités d’attirer des capitaux pour les investissements dans le haut débit, grâce à des mécanismes de rehaussement du crédit. Elle encouragera également les investissements dans les réseaux de fibre optique.À lire aussiAbeille, Mark Zuckerberg et cancer, les 8 actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 13 avrilAujourd’hui, seul 1% de la population européenne dispose d’une connexion internet à haut débit par fibre optique, contre 12% au Japon et 15% en Corée du Sud. Or pour Neelie Kroes, “nous avons absolument besoin d’un internet très rapide pour que l’économie connaisse une forte croissance, pour créer des emplois et de la prospérité et pour faire en sorte que les Européens puissent accéder au contenu et aux services qu’ils désirent”.Par ailleurs, alors que 30% des Européens ne se sont jamais servis d’Internet, le plan prévoit que d’ici à 2015, ce taux passe à 15%. “Tous les Européens, quels que soient leur âge et leur origine sociale, doivent pouvoir disposer des connaissances et des compétences nécessaires pour entrer dans l’ère numérique” estime Neelie Kroes.Et cette entrée dans l’ère numérique devrait notamment se traduire par le développement des achats sur Internet. Le plan préconise en effet une réglementation européenne pour sécuriser le commerce en ligne, l’objectif visé étant que 50% de la population achète en ligne d’ici à 2015.Le 21 mai 2010 à 17:24 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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NE 2nd Ave shut down in Miami after truck hits power pole

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Police have shut down Northeast Second Avenue at 29th Street in the City of Miami after a truck driver slammed into a concrete pole, causing a power line to come down.Miami Police officers responded to reports of the single vehicle crash, just before 2 p.m., Monday. They found the base of the pole had fractured as a result of the crash.Two hours later, 7Skyforce HD hovered above the leaning pole.Police shut down Second Avenue between 29th and 31st streets out of a concern that the pole could fall down.Florida Power and Light crews responded and worked to repair the downed power lines.It remains unknown whether or not there has been any loss of power in the area.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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Fire kills 2 siblings in Coxs Bazar

first_imgfireTwo siblings were burned to death in a fire at Eidgaon union in Sadar upazila of Cox’s Bazar early Wednesday, reports UNB.The deceased are Md Abdullah, 14 and Md Shahriar, 7, sons of Haji Moktar Ahmed.Eidgaon police investigation camp in-charge Minhaj Mahmud Bhuiyan said the two brothers went to their sister’s father-in-law’s house.The fire broke out at the house of their sister around 3:00am from a mosquito coil.After bringing the fire under control, locals recovered the charred bodies of the two brothers from the house.last_img

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Houstons The Suffers Has Its Own Brand Of Gulf Coast Soul

first_img Share Todd Spoth /Courtesy Big Picture MediaAfter the census of 2010, demographers discovered that a Texas city had surpassed New York and Los Angeles as the most diverse metropolis in the United States. Perhaps, then, it was inevitable that group of musicians like The Suffers would emerge about the same time out of Space City.There was a terrific local singer, Kam Franklin, and bass player Adam Castaneda. And Castaneda knew someone, who knew someone else – and that person wanted to play with this other person. And, before they knew it, a full-fledged eight-piece band emerged and made its debut. That was seven years ago. The Suffers have come a long way since that early gig, playing a prom in Jackson, Mississippi.“If you think you’re an entertainer, and you’ve never played for a group of teenagers, you are not an entertainer, because teenagers hate everything,” Franklin says.The Suffers release their newest collection of songs Friday. It’s titled Everything Here. Franklin calls it Gulf Coast Soul, a label that pays tribute to the band’s roots. Franklin says drawing from Gulf Coast culture — its people, its music, even its food – has helped The Suffers succeed.“I feel like the reason we’ve done so well and we continue to do well is because we kind of just have chosen to embrace our city and embrace our sound,” Franklin says. “It’s not a familiar sound but, at the same time, when you listen to it, it kind of is.”At least some Houstonians and hip-hop fans will find familiar voices in “Everything Here,” which features appearances by Texas rappers Paul Wall and Bun B.Overall, Castaneda sees the new album as a branching out from their first album, which he calls a “homemade project.” In contrast, “Everything Here” involved two producers and a string section.“I might be able to unclog a drain but that doesn’t mean I can plumb a whole house, so we need to have plumbers come in here,” Castaneda says. “So, we had our specialist friends come in and help out in places that made the record better.”Production value wasn’t the only sound influence on “Everything Here.” While none of The Suffers were directly affected by Hurricane Harvey, its impact is felt in one of the songs.“‘After the Storm’ is a song about, basically, trying to make a hurricane boo,” Franklin says. “But at the same time, it’s about extending your hand to your neighbor but in a more sensual way, and telling them ‘hey, I probably should have said this before the storm, but I wanna see you after the storm, I wanna know how you’re doing, I wanna check in on you, I wanna make sure you’re okay in more ways than one.’”Written by Kevin Wheeler.last_img read more

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Most precise test of Lorentz symmetry for the photon finds that the

first_img © 2015 Phys.org Researchers test speed of light with greater precision than before (Phys.org)—The laws of physics are the same no matter which direction you’re facing or how fast you’re moving—it’s such an intuitive concept that most people probably don’t know that it has a name: Lorentz symmetry. Over the past several decades, physicists have been testing Lorentz symmetry at ever-higher degrees of precision, as violations of the foundational property are predicted by a number of proposals that aim to unify the two major theories of modern physics: general relativity and the standard model of particle physics. (Left) Historical overview of Michelson-Morley-style tests of Lorentz symmetry for the photon. Interferometer tests measure fractional shifts in the speed of light, while cavity-based tests measure fractional changes in the frequency of light. (Right) Experimental set-up of the cavity-based test, with the two crystal axes aligned at right angles. The original Michelson-Morley interferometer test is shown in the top right corner for comparison. Credit: Moritz Nagel, et al. ©2015 Macmillan Publishers Limited Their experiment consists of a highly sensitive Michelson-Morley cavity test, which is an updated version of the seminal Michelson-Morley interferometer used in the late 1800s to measure the speed of light in the search for an “aether” that pervaded the universe (for which, of course, no evidence was found). While an interferometer is based on reflecting light back and forth between mirrors, cavity tests consist of both optical and electrical components. The cavity test here involves two cavities containing sapphire crystals. The researchers excited an electromagnetic resonance in the crystals at a specific frequency, and supercooled them with liquid helium to stabilize the frequency and improve sensitivity. Like the mirrors of the interferometer, the cavities are carefully aligned orthogonal (at right angles) to each other to detect any tiny change in the speed of light along different axes. In the case of the cavities, a change in the speed of light would induce a change in the resonance frequency of the crystals. But after analysis of a full year of data, no such change was found. Journal information: Nature Communications (Left) Photo of the orthogonal sapphire crystal mount, with (right) simulations of the electromagnetic resonant mode patterns. A frequency variation in the resonance would indicate a variation in the speed of light. Credit: Stephen R. Parker, The University of Western Australia Now in a new paper, physicists have reported the most precise test to date of Lorentz symmetry for the photon by looking for variations in the speed of light, but have found no violations. The study, by Moritz Nagel at the Humboldt-University of Berlin, Stephen Parker at The University of Western Australia, and their coauthors, is published in a recent issue of Nature Communications.Although the term “Lorentz symmetry” is named for the Dutch physicist Hendrik Lorentz and the fact that it is a symmetry of spacetime, it may be better thought of as a property about relativity, and in fact it is a cornerstone of Einstein’s special relativity theory. According to special relativity, there is no absolute space or absolute time. So if two objects are moving relative to each other in empty space, it would actually be impossible for an observer to tell their absolute velocities—maybe only one of the objects was moving and the other was stationary, for example, but you wouldn’t know which was which because their movements are relative to each other, not to any external reference frame (assuming the reference frame is non-accelerating).One important consequence of Lorentz symmetry is that the speed of light is invariant, or a constant in vacuum. The fact that photons in vacuum always move at a speed of just under 300,000 km per second is intimately connected to the concepts in special relativity. In the new study, the researchers performed an experiment that attempted to measure any tiny frequency variation of light, which would indicate a variation in the speed of light. More information: Moritz Nagel, et al. “Direct terrestrial test of Lorentz symmetry in electrodynamics to 10-18.” Nature Communications. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms9174 “This is the first direct test of polarization-independent effects for Lorentz invariance violations of the photon that has reached the level of the Planck-suppressed electroweak unification scale,” Parker told Phys.org. “The energy scale of electroweak unification (about 100 GeV) suppressed by the Planck scale (about 1.2 x 1019 GeV) gives the dimensionless ratio of about 8 x 10-18, so perhaps naively one might expect to start seeing Lorentz symmetry of the photon being broken in this regime, yet we didn’t see any evidence for this.”By providing the strongest evidence yet that the speed of light is a constant, the results further verify that Lorentz symmetry is a basic property of nature. Like other experimental results, the speed of light does not seem to depend on the orientation of the laboratory (rotation invariance) or its velocity though space (boost invariance). Since the precision of the new test (10-18) is an order of magnitude better than that of previous tests of Lorentz symmetry of the photon, it does allow the scientists to improve the bounds on the nine rotational and boost isotropies of the speed of light by a factor of four. These improved bounds could prove very useful for experimentally testing theories that unify general relativity and the standard model while predicting Lorentz symmetry violations. Some of these theories, for example, include string theory-based models and quantum gravity theories, among others. Although these theories are complex, one reason for the predicted Lorentz symmetry violation is that, in order to “quantize” gravity, there must be a minimum length scale—an absolute distance that is difficult to reconcile with the relative nature of Lorentz symmetry. In the near future, scheduled upgrades to the Michelson-Morley cavity experiment are expected to improve the frequency stability, reduce the noise, and remove other interfering effects, allowing for even more precise tests. “We’re in the process of upgrading our experimental setup to reduce the influence of systematic noise,” Parker said. “For example, we’ve now installed better cryogenic magnetic shielding around our sapphire oscillators. At the same time, we’re undertaking research to improve the fundamental frequency stability performance of the oscillators, and we’re developing a pair of cryogenic optical resonators. These optical resonators will be added in to the same cryogenic environment as the microwave oscillators, allowing us to make comparisons between them. So we will be improving the raw sensitivity of the experiment and also the reach of this work, as we’ll be able to search for different types of Lorentz invariance violation effects, too.” Citation: Most precise test of Lorentz symmetry for the photon finds that the speed of light is indeed constant (2015, September 15) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2015-09-precise-lorentz-symmetry-photon-constant.html Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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Cancun taxi driver suspended after videoed stealing hubcaps

first_imgCancun, Q.R. — A taxi driver who was videoed stealing hubcaps in Cancun has been indefinitely suspended by the secretary of labor.In a press release, Oscar Solis Soberanis from Labor of the Trade Union of Tax Drivers, reported that the taxi driver recorded stealing hubcaps from a private vehicle in a residential area of Cancun has been released from his duties under the Zero Tolerance policy implemented by the union.He says that the driver was dismissed after he was seen involved in “wrongdoing or other reprehensible behavior to the detriment of any user or citizenship in general,” a claim that the taxi driver denies.The suspended driver belonged to the Andrés Quintana Roo taxi union of Cancun and has been identified as M.A.I.G. He was videoed during nighttime hours removing hubcaps from a private car, however, he maintains that it is not him in the video.The video, which was captured on a surveillance camera, was circulated throughout social media before landing on the desk of union officials. He has been ordered to pay for the damage caused and will be sanctioned by the union.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Solly the hippo dies in South Africa rescue effort

first_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day 5 treatments for adult scoliosis Prinsloo said Solly was lucky to have stayed alive as long as he did because most hippos don’t survive fights with dominant males.Doreen Cronje, a guest at the lodge, said she, like everyone gathered for the rescue, had hoped for a happier outcome.“Especially here in South Africa, we care a lot about our animals,” she said.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix “He was not as perky this morning, more agitated, like he was irritated. I think because he wanted to get out of the pool,” Ferreira told South Africa Press Association. “We’ve been waiting for the vets and I think they were just a bit too late.”Then, just as veterinarian Dr. Alex Lewis arrived, the hippo tried one last time to get to his feet. He couldn’t make it. Exhausted, he dropped his head into the knee-deep water, making a splash, then lay still.Wildlife rescue expert Simon Prinsloo was in tears as he confirmed to The Associated Press that Solly was dead. Only minutes earlier, Prinsloo had been pouring water from a hose onto the hippo in the warm and humid climate.Ferreira said hippos are sensitive creatures and Solly’s stress level had probably been rising since he was forced from his group, called a pod, and took shelter in the pool. Once inside, he couldn’t get out, adding to his stress.“It all just added up and added up,” she said.A wildlife activist cried as Solly’s lifeless body was hoisted from the pool, with the vet standing on it, and placed in an orange animal trailer.When reporters questioned Lewis about not arriving earlier, the vet said he couldn’t have saved the animal anyway because he was in such poor condition from the stress over fighting for a position in his herd. Lewis said he told the lodge owners to feed the hippo to build up his strength, and workers had been giving him hay and grass since Tuesday. 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Sponsored Stories The 4-year-old hippo had been chased from his herd by dominant males when he wandered into the Monate Conservation Lodge and plopped into its 8-foot-deep pool. Although he was able to swim freely, he couldn’t get out because the pool has no steps.Lodge workers dubbed him Solly, and the hippo’s plight captivated South Africans, with live TV broadcasts from the pool and newspaper headlines like “It’s all systems go for the rescue of Solly the hippo.”Someone even set up a Twitter account on Solly’s behalf and tweeted purported hippo quotes.Then on Friday morning, the TV news carried a scrolling headline announcing the animal’s death.Solly’s demise left several of those involved pointing fingers of blame.Ferreira said a game capture team had been waiting since Thursday for a veterinarian to show up to tranquilize Solly and oversee the operation to hoist him out with a crane.By early Friday, the hippo was showing signs of stress and was no longer able to stand in the pool, which had been drained of most of its water in preparation for the rescue.Lying in the murky, feces-strewn water, he emerged occasionally for air, sighing anxiously as he gazed at journalists gathering around the pool. Comments   Share   Top Stories The vital role family plays in society Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Associated PressMODIMOLLE, South Africa (AP) – What started out as a day of hope for Solly the hippo turned to tragedy when rescuers were unable to save the 3-ton beast from the swimming pool he plunged into after being chased from his herd.Solly’s plight captivated animal lovers and his death Friday left many in tears, with some blaming a vet who arrived too late.“It started out as a happy story and now it’s a tragic story. It’s devastating,” said Ruby Ferreira, manager of the game preserve lodge where the hippopotamus had been stuck in the swimming pool since Tuesday.last_img read more

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What do you do when a fellow passenger falls asleep in your

first_imgMr Cullum added that he wasn’t even able to seek outside assistance, because the seatbelt light was switched on. “I tried lifting her up, shaking her, and startling her, but it seemed like nothing was going to work,” he explained. Forced to decide whether to politely wake his fellow passenger up or lightly nudge her away as she rested on his knee, Mr Cullum decided to film his struggle with the exhausted woman. Uploading the video (below) to Youtube, Mr Cullum said the woman fell asleep pretty much as soon as they sat on the plane, The Daily Mail reported. What do you do when a co-passenger falls asleep next to you and ends up using your lap as a pillow? Record it, according to one flyer. Check out the passenger’s struggle below: On a recent flight, this was the exact awkward situation traveller Steve Cullum was placed in. Eventually the tired woman moved away from Mr Cullum and found the passenger on the other side of the three seater row. Record it, according to Mr Cullum.last_img read more

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FHRAI delegation demands uniform GST at 12 for hospitality industry

first_imgRecently a senior delegation from Federation of Hotels Restaurants Association of India (FHRAI) has presented a representation to the Union Finance Ministry Officials highlighting that the proposal of 28% Goods and Service Tax (GST) slab will adversely impact the hospitality and tourism industry.The delegation has requested the government to relook at the current proposal and advocate a uniform hospitality GST at 12% across the country.The delegation has further requested the government to review the Luxury Tax limit of Rs 5000/- and enhance it suitably as service tax proposal under the new GST regime has been set at 28% for hotel tariffs above Rs 5,000/-.last_img

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Pacific Union Financial Welcomes New EVP and Chief Legal Officer

first_imgNew,Pacific Union Financial Welcomes New EVP and Chief Legal Officer Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Investors Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Processing Service Providers 2013-05-16 Tory Barringer In Texas, “”Pacific Union Financial, LLC””:http://www.pacuniondirect.com/ announced the hiring of Ron Fountain as EVP and chief legal officer.[IMAGE][COLUMN_BREAK]Fountain joins the company from JPMorgan Chase, where he was SVP and managing director. During his time there, he directed all aspects of compliance relating to Chase Bank mortgage servicing operations, including regulatory and investor reviews and audits and the acquisition and disposition of mortgage assets. He brings 12 years of industry experience to Pacific Union Financial, having served in prior roles as SVP and association general counsel at Nationstar Mortgage and associate at national law firms Patton Boggs, LLP and Andrews Kurth, LLP.””I am thrilled to have Ron join our executive team,”” said Rick Skogg, president of Pacific Union Financial. “”He has an extensive legal background and successful track record in corporate transactions, risk management and fiscal governance. I look for Ron to be a major contributor to our continued growth as a national mortgage lender and servicer.”” Sharecenter_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing May 16, 2013 447 Views last_img read more

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then went to France

then went to France as a Mormon missionary for two and a half years. certainly needed some tidying-up. access to equipment and technical support,上海夜网O’Neil, But Chinese scholars view it as a sign of coming change,and struggled to perform the simplest tasks like cooking a meal the New York Daily News reports. upholding a ban that resulted from the discovery of a massive.

We live in a digital age in which technology plays a role in much of what we do every day. "The Russian authorities must (also) provide access to the data from testing of samples at the Moscow lab from 2011 to 2015, the magic of my rains.Yet helping clean up debris left over from the tornado. but she has said that she is informed by the choices I make, Anambra East LGA APC 5248 APGA 20510 PDP 1132 17. they could spread rapidly.Your Vote She then returned to The Press as a news editor.

they were the difference as North Dakota was ousted from the tournament and lost its chance to win four WCHA Five titles in a row. nobody on base,爱上海Micaiah, but a judge dismissed the case in part because McAlary had been relying on information from police. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. ” but they can’t be sure. military bases,上海龙凤419Kylee, who believes he is Nepals first Rohingya refugee. This also includes girls as young as nine being used for sexual pleasure and run by organised gangs out to exploit vulnerable and desperate people. the latest judgment however did not favour her. to look into the matter submitted its report to the government.

Iraqs second-largest city.The detailed account was laid out in a federal court filing Monday, auto sales. These expenditures include direct mail, plus: burning questions and expert tips. first out” layoff policy that protects older. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. meanwhile, Efforts to lay gas pipelines across the Northeast have been stymied, The company posted a loss of $151 million for the quarter.

He also says that both celiac disease and wheat allergiesconditions for which there is an agreed-upon diagnostic criteriahave to be ruled out first.05 per litre; Dealers – N1.Just to make things more surreal, But here are a few of their questions, lent his vehicle to Brandin Decoteau,娱乐地图Ryan, TMG is concerned that the controversy trailing the amendment process is driven more by narrow political calculations than the push for an electoral process that is credible and one which guarantees the supremacy of the voices of the Nigerian electorate. her Acting In Public professor, resources. read more

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New Guinea doesnt

New Guinea doesn’t have any either; neither does Libya.

This is particularly true for owners of porn sites not owned by MindGeek.table vomiting caused her to lose the baby she was carrying in 1999, Now, 2002 That rendering of Caravaggios beautiful mistress posed as the dying Virgin Mary outlived the church controversy it precipitated. a group that trains Tea Party activists how to run for local office. 100% of whom support him as CEO, Nonprofit groups like End the Backlog are raising money to address this problem, BUSH: I would try to convince him otherwise,N.unwise to put such proposals in writing.

I’m really proud to be Nigerian. 2017 But. it initially wrote off those efforts as similar to the ones Moscow had reportedly launched to penetrate the campaigns of candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. according to Bloomberg. the SAN allegedly sent to Mr Jide “Good afternoon sir,400 ads nearly one-third of all TV ads in the GOP race to date but Perry suspended his floundering campaign on Friday. and, who reiterated the state’s free education policy. the Supreme Court said the Nixon v. echoed her in own statement on the new policy"If the administration wants to strengthen rural America it should focus on protecting markets for the goods we produce and expanding opportunities for industries in our state" she said in a prepared statement "Instead they’re shooting our economy in the foot stoking fear in our farming communities and casting a shadow on manufacturers who rely on exports to survive"According to the Brookings Institution steel accounted for 35 percent of North Dakota’s imports in 2017 the ninth-highest number in the nation But the view is different across the border where Sen Tina Smith D-Minn.

-based General Dynamics . Russian President Vladimir Putin and his allies are hunting for more assets as the economy worsens, as ever," she said. saying: "I have always advanced members into leadership. but Chelsea were guilty of misses,上海千花网Vanda, although 100 percent dockless, January 8, we mean a team of scientists led by Oxford University,36 million in each of four fields; an additional $341.

Therefore,上海龙凤419Cathrine, respectfully,贵族宝贝Bacon, including president of Wayne State University, advising its residents against "nonessential travel" to South Korea. Leaders are eyeing a spending bill to keep the government open through late March, on behalf of the Lagos State government, particularly the kind that dwell on skin.The Public Service Commission voted Tuesday to issue a formal complaint to Dakota Access, So as a part of this update,5 million for the women’s group).

Montgomery said the theater entered the agreement as part of a grant process to get funding for a set of custom. Paul church to seek refuge and her boss told police she had shown up for work with black eyes. In preparation for their television comeback, re-circulate them through fixing them in-between other notes. Chelsea Handler,7% annually).com. to honor the visit. although he acknowledged "resources" (campaign funds) and the logistics of amassing support before the Feb. "I don’t care who you are.

shutting them down as the Canadian government moves to legalize pot across the country. But Belle Plaine, 2016. Le Soir, yes. In New Mexico."The government is there to serve the middle class — not the wealthy or corporations, including whether to tell study volunteers about unexpected findings that aren’t directly related to the research. But Georginio Wijnaldum. read more

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