August 26 2009 This report continues from 8

first_imgAugust 26, 2009 This report continues from 8/24. Here we see the pour of the heat duct tunnel wall in full swing. The construction crew laid a bridge on the scaffolding to facilitate the workers and equipment during the course of the pouring process. Many people came from different departments to help with the pour. [photo & text: Anna Tran] The mixed concrete was placed into wheelbarrows and buckets and shuttled down to the scaffolding to be poured into the formwork. Here we see the entire work in process. [photo & text: Anna Tran] The crew disassembled the wall forms after the concrete cured. The next section of the wall will be under way with erection of the formwork and we will continue to report on this next week. [photo & text: Anna Tran]last_img read more

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iFOLIO Honored with Global Excellence Award Best in Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions

first_imgDigital portfolios are effective marketing because they are personalized, private, and delivered 1-to-1.  iFOLIOs have images, videos, and animated charts and are shared via SMS, email, and any way you share a link.  The private portfolios generate open rates up to 75% from mobile share, and engagement up to 2 min 40+ seconds in a market where attention spans average 7 seconds.Marketing Technology News: Gartner Survey Shows Inside Sales Organizations Risk Losing 24% of Employees This YearThrough iFOLIO, companies can engage their customers and prospects more authentically, optimizing the relationship, and delivering a remarkable experience. iFOLIO platform enables sales or account management to deliver a portfolio directly to a customer via SMS or email and then follow-up from the sales dashboard. The iFOLIO Analytics enable more thoughtful, data-driven follow-ups and Reverse CRM™ automates outreach notes into the CRM system reducing reporting workloads.Growth is in the iFOLIO DNA. Using its own incredibly effective platform for sales and marketing, iFOLIO grew paid customers 1100% last year.Marketing Technology News: Airbnb Introduces New Search Capabilities for Business TripsToday iFOLIO powers over 3500 clients in 58 countries including the Atlanta Falcons NFL, Equifax, iD Tech and was honored with a 2019 MAX Marketing Innovation Award by the Atlanta Business Chronicle for introducing a new standard of digital engagement for enterprise professionals with a platform for private portfolio sites for customer introductions, presentations, and proposals.“We are so honored to accept this award and to serve our incredible clients as they transform their customer experience with personalized portfolios and SMS.  We believe relationships are central to business and the future of incredible presentations, stories, and customer experiences are private digital portfolios,” says Jean Marie Richardson, Founder and CEO of iFOLIO.Marketing Technology News: Adobe Survey Says That Voice and Screen Combined Are the Future In today’s digital world, buyers are more informed and have high expectations when they interact with a company.  It’s critical for enterprises to maximize that customer touchpoint with an experience that feels custom and differentiated.iFOLIO is recognized with the Global Excellence Award “Best in Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions – 2019” by AI Global Media for innovation, growth, and delivering results through an enterprise digital portfolio platform. iFOLIO Honored with Global Excellence Award, Best in Personalized Digital Marketing Solutions – 2019 by AI Global Media PRNewswire2 hours agoJuly 23, 2019 Deliver delightful Customer Experiences crmdigital marketing solutionsiFOLIOMAX MarketingNewsSales and marketing Previous ArticleMobify Report Delivers First Ecommerce Benchmarks for Progressive Web AppsNext ArticleIt’s Ok to Message Your Customers – but They’re Not Your Friendslast_img read more

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Study suggests singleperson gowning step to help optimize sterile technique in the

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jan 7 2019For surgeons getting ready to enter the operating room (OR), the chances of contamination may be lower if they put their gowns on by themselves – without the assistance of a surgical technician, according to an experimental study in the Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma. The journal is published in the Lippincott portfolio by Wolters Kluwer.Contamination occurs in most two-person assisted gowning procedures, suggests the study by Kenton Panas, MD, and colleagues of The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City. The researchers write, “We suggest a single-person gowning step to help optimize sterile technique in the OR.”.Surgeons Ask, ‘Are We Contaminated Before We Cut?’The researchers designed an experiment to assess possible breaches of sterility during the gowning step before surgery. The study simulated a two-person gowning procedure in which a surgical technician unfolds the gown and holds it open for the surgeon to slide his/her arms through.The potential for contamination was monitored by coating the surgical technician’s gown with a special resin that glows under ultraviolet light. If any of the glowing resin was detected on the surgeon’s gown after the procedure, it was considered a contamination event. Three orthopedic surgeons and three experienced technicians performed a total of 27 gowning procedures.The results showed evidence of cross-contamination in 67 percent of gowning procedures. All areas of contamination, as shown by glowing of the resin under ultraviolet light, were on the sleeves of the surgical gown.The surgeons and technicians were selected based on variations in height: in both groups, one participant was tall, one medium height, and one short. The surgeon’s height was a significant source of variation, with the tallest surgeon having the greatest amount of contamination of the gown of the sleeve.Related StoriesBariatric surgery should be offered to all patients who would benefitSchwann cells capable of generating protective myelin over nerves finds researchAMSBIO offers new, best-in-class CAR-T cell range for research and immunotherapyThe contamination rate was unaffected by technician’s height, nor by the surgeon’s experience. In fact, the least-experienced surgeon participating in the study had the lowest rate of gown contamination.Following sterile technique is critical for everyone working in the OR. “Any breach of sterile technique can lead to contamination, which ultimately may lead to infection,” the researchers write. This is especially important in orthopaedic surgery because of the frequent use of implantable materials. While several OR procedures have been studied to assess their impact on contamination rates, this is the first study to assess the process of putting on surgical gowns.Cross-contamination of the surgeon’s gown is a common occurrence during the standard two-person assisted gowning procedure, the new findings suggest. The risk of contamination appears greater when gowning taller surgeons – possibly because the longer sleeves are more likely to come into contact with the technician’s gown.While acknowledging their study’s small size, Dr. Panas and coauthors write, “this study identifies a common and overlooked pattern of sterile field contamination.” They suggest that a single-person gowning procedure – where the gown is handed to the surgeon, who then puts it on without assistance – can eliminate this source of contamination and help to optimize sterile technique in the OR.”Postoperative infections can be life changing in the critically ill and can lead to permanent disability, loss of limb, or worse,” Dr. Panas comments. “We hope our work gives surgeons of all specialties one more tool to accomplish our ultimate goal as healthcare providers, which is the optimization of patient care.” Source: read more

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Cancer patients are four times more likely to commit suicide

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jan 14 2019People with cancer are more than four times more likely to commit suicide than people without cancer, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers.In a study using data on more than eight million cancer patients in the United States, the researchers also found that among people with cancer, white males; patients who were diagnosed at a younger age; and patients with lung, head and neck, testicular cancer, and lymphomas were more likely to commit suicide.Nicholas Zaorsky, radiation oncologist in the Penn State Cancer Institute, said the study — published today (Jan. 14) in Nature Communications — highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach to treating cancer patients.”Even though cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, most cancer patients do not die from cancer, the patients usually die of another cause,” Zaorsky said. “There are multiple competing risks for death, and one of them is suicide. Distress and depression can arise from cancer diagnosis, treatment, financial stress, and other causes. Ultimately, distress and depression may lead to suicide. Our goal was to quantify the risk of suicide among cancer patients.”Dr. Zaorsky said that while a lot of progress has been made in treating the cancer itself, not as much work and research has been put into how cancer affects patients mentally and emotionally. The researchers compared the suicide risk of cancer patients versus the general public, and they explored whether certain cancer patients had a higher risk than other patients.The researchers used data gathered from the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) program. SEER includes data about cancer incidence, survival, treatment, and age and year of diagnosis, and covers 28 percent of the US population.For the study, the researchers used SEER data on more than 8.6 million patients who had been diagnosed with invasive cancer — cancer that has spread beyond the tissue in which it originally developed — between 1973 and 2014.Related StoriesTrends in colonoscopy rates not aligned with increase in early onset colorectal cancerSugary drinks linked to cancer finds studyResearchers identify potential drug target for multiple cancer typesAfter analyzing the data, the researchers found that 13,311 of the patients in the dataset — 0.15 percent — died by suicide, more than four times the risk of the general population. This is a two-fold increase since a previous study in 2002 that reported a 1.9 increased risk.Additionally, the researchers found that while the risk of suicide decreases five years after a diagnosis, the risk remains high for patients with Hodgkin lymphoma and testicular cancer.”The interesting thing we found was that it does seem to matter at what age a patient is diagnosed and what type of cancer that person has,” Zaorsky said. “Treatments for some cancers — like leukemia and testicular cancer among adolescents and young adults, for example — can decrease a patient’s fertility, and that seems to be one of the risks for suicide in the long term. In contrast, elderly patients who are diagnosed with lung, prostate, and head and neck cancers, are at an increased risk of suicide for the remainder of their life. “The researchers said the results could be used to help identify patients that may be at a higher risk for suicide and help health care providers tailor their treatments accordingly.”This information could be helpful while developing guidelines and strategies for how and when to screen cancer patients for depression and distress,” Zaorsky said. “For example, aiming suicide-prevention strategies at older patients and those with certain cancers, such as prostate, lung, leukemias and lymphomas, may be beneficial.”Additionally, Zaorsky said the study could help clinicians develop survivorship programs, which aim to care for and improve the quality of life for cancer patients that have gone through treatment and are on their way to recovery. Source: read more

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IUPUI researcher receives 285 million grant to find ways to improve bone

first_img Source: Reviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jan 21 2019A $2.85 million National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases-funded study at IUPUI will advance understanding of how bone cells sense and respond to mechanical force, one of the cues the skeleton relies on to regulate its strength.Additionally, the study will inform the design of novel strategies to offset the negative effects of a commonly used drug, gabapentin. Chronic use of this drug, which is prescribed for conditions such as epilepsy and peripheral neuropathy, is associated with increased risk of breaking a bone and slowing down of the healing of broken bones.The grant awarded to William Thompson, an assistant professor of physical therapy, is the first R01 grant received by a faculty member in the School of Health and Human Sciences at IUPUI since the school was restructured from the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management and the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in fall 2018. R01 grants are the largest grants issued by the National Institutes of Health to individual investigators.Related StoriesResearchers describe how prostate cancer cells develop ability to mimic osteoblastsCommon antibacterial agent may be bad news for bone healthInjectable hydrogel offers double punch against bone infectionsThe skeleton is highly sensitive to mechanical force, where disuse or disease leads to bone loss, fractures and major morbidities, Thompson said.Osteocytes are cells located deep within bones and represent the most abundant and mechanosensitive cells of the skeleton. These cells are optimally positioned to sense and respond to force and to direct the activity of other bone cells. But how force is directly transmitted from the bone tissue to the membrane of the embedded osteocyte cells is unknown, Thompson said.”In previous studies, we found that the mineralized or hard tissue of bone connects to channels located on the cells within bone. These connections enable the bone cells to sense when there is force pushing on the bone, similar to a pull-chain style light switch. When you tug on the pull chain the switch opens and electricity flows to the filaments to “activate” the light,” he said. “In the newly funded work, we will determine the mechanisms by which these newly discovered connections influence bone formation in response to mechanical force, revealing methods to target these structures to enhance bone strength and prevent fractures.”That cell surface sub-unit is the receptor for the drug gabapentin.”This work will not only investigate the foundational mechanisms through which osteocytes sense force, but will also inform the design of strategies to offset the negative effects of gabapentin on bone that reduce bone strength,” Thompson said.last_img read more

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Natural gas engine can reduce smog from heavyduty trucks

first_img Explore further Experts build pulsed air rig to test 3-D printed parts for low carbon engines Provided by University of California – Riverside Kent Johnson, an assistant research engineer at the Center for Environmental Research and Technology. Credit: University of California – Riverside The University of California, Riverside Bourns College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) and Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) today announced the results of a new study on ultra-low emission natural gas heavy-duty engines, showing a new 11.9-liter engine achieved California’s lowest smog-forming emissions standard, and maintained those emissions during all types of driving. More information: The study, Ultra-Low NOx Near-Zero Natural Gas VehicleEvaluation ISX12N 400, is available online: … owNOx-12L-NG_v03.pdf Citation: Natural gas engine can reduce smog from heavy-duty trucks (2018, August 31) retrieved 17 July 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The study results underscore the importance of the near-zero truck engines for cleaning the air. Most heavy-duty vehicles on roads today are diesel-powered and represent one of the largest sources of nitrogen oxide (NOx), or smog-forming, emissions and fuel consumption in North America. By contrast, the new near-zero emissions 12-liter engine, made by Cummins Westport, is the only heavy-duty engine in the category to not only meet, but exceed, the California Air Resources Board’s cleanest optional low-NOx standard of 0.02 g/bhp-hr.Kent Johnson, associate research engineer at CE-CERT, led the tests on the near-zero emissions natural gas engine. The evaluation included regulated and non-regulated emissions, ultrafine particles, global warming potential, and fuel economy. The testing was performed during in-use testing on a dynamometer that simulated various types of driving conditions, from pulling into a loading dock to regional hauling. Johnson performed similar testing on an 8.9-liter near-zero natural gas engine last year. Those results found the smaller engine had even lower emissions than California standards will require in the near future—in some driving conditions, almost zero.”The first study was a smaller engine intended for use in school buses and trash trucks, which are only about 30 percent of the heavy-duty inventory. The new engine is for drayage and movement of goods, or 70 percent of the inventory. This engine technology is good not only for the smaller work-force applications of transit and refuse, but also for hauling loads around Southern California,” Johnson said.”The transportation sector accounts for more than 80 percent of smog-forming emissions in California,” said Sharon Tomkins, vice president of customer solutions and strategy for SoCalGas. “The test results from UC Riverside once again shows the latest natural gas engine technology, which is available and on the road today, will play a vital role in achieving California’s clean air goals.””The Energy Commission is pleased to support, along with South Coast Air Quality Management District and SoCalGas, the initial testing of this cleaner low NOx Cummins engine and glad to see it has been certified by the California Air Resources Board,” said California Energy Commission Commissioner Janea A. Scott. “This type of near-zero pollution engine adds to the growing number of clean energy technologies being developed to reduce pollution in efforts to meet California’s clean air standards and is particularly important in Southern California where air quality continues to be a challenge and freight movement represents a third of the region’s economy.””Large scale and accelerated deployment of near zero-emissions engine technology is vital for achieving the necessary emission reductions to achieve federal air quality standards in 2023 and 2031,” said Wayne Nastri, executive officer of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. “To meet our air quality goals, we must continue to see improvements in the transportation sector, which contributes the most air pollution in our region.”About 41 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from transportation. When near-zero emission natural gas trucks are fueled by renewable natural gas, GHG emissions can be reduced by at least 80 percent. Already, close to 70 percent of natural gas fleets in California are fueled with renewable natural gas. This number is expected to continue to climb.last_img read more

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Tech could unite Europes populists ahead of EU vote in May

first_imgAcross the board, trust in the European Union is higher than trust in national governments, according to the latest Eurobarometer poll taken in November 2018—just as the yellow vest protests were taking root. The poll found 42 percent of Europeans trusted the EU, compared with 35 percent who trusted their own national governments or parliaments.So even as Orban and Italy’s populists position themselves squarely against the pro-EU Macron, they are keenly aware that their own citizens have little desire to overthrow the EU, although they list immigration as their prime concern. And Macron himself is something of an upstart—he vanquished France’s two mainstream parties in the first round of France’s 2017 presidential election and Le Pen in the second. France’s two centrist mainstream parties, the Socialists and the Republicans, have since sunk in popularity. They held their seats in Brussels but are widely expected to further their political collapse in May’s EU vote.However, voters may also use the European Parliament vote to protest. Under current projections, the extremes on the right and left are set to gain at the expense of the mainstream.”Those voters who vote for the more radical parties just to express their frustration with Europe, they face a risk of voting for solutions that they wouldn’t normally agree to,” said Pawel Zerka, one of the authors of a study last week by the pro-EU European Council for Foreign Relations that said euroskeptics stand to gain the most in the EU vote.Even some who are pro-EU think an alliance among euroskeptic populists is not necessarily bad for the parliament. For Alemanno, the Italian analyst based in Paris whose last name translates loosely as “the German,” it’s ironic proof that the European idea is strong and durable, as populists come together in a European union of their own.”In a way, I look at the yellow vests from an Italian perspective. I see the 5-Star Movement 10 years ago,” he said.The kind of interference that Macron found so intolerable from the 5-Stars will become more common and even welcome, he said. In the short term, he added, the EU parliament and by extension the EU itself may well be nearly ungovernable.Le Pen has already shifted away from her longstanding position of abandoning the EU and the euro, the common currency that is used by 19 EU nations. She renamed the nationalist party founded by her father, and Bannon made a surprise appearance at a major rally last year. And, she says, her brand of populist nationalism is no longer the exception.”We can legitimately envision today to change Europe from inside, to modify the very nature of the European Union,” Le Pen said, “because we consider ourselves powerful enough.” “We must reject the financiers who see themselves as demigods. Reject the Brussels bureaucrats representing their interests and reject the fake civil society activists,” Hungarian President Viktor Orban said in his state of the nation address earlier this month. © 2019 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. In this Nov. 24, 2018, file photo, a demonstrator throws debris at a burning barricade while protesting with others against the rising of the fuel taxes on the famed Champs Elysees avenue, in Paris. The offer by Italy’s 5-Star Movement to share its web platform with France’s “yellow vests” could be harbinger of what’s to come in the upcoming European Parliament elections. (AP Photo/Kamil Zihnioglu, File) On Friday, 5-Star leader Luigi Di Maio announced a new grouping of populist movements from across Europe, bringing together a far-right Polish party led by a former rock musician and a free-market Finnish party founded by a businessman-turned-reality TV star. Notably absent were nationalists, leaving open the question of how much sway the new alliance could have without expanding further.Getting the far-left France Unbowed to vote in tandem with populist Orban’s Fidesz party seems a big hurdle. Italy’s government, split between the two populist groups, is largely an unhappy marriage of convenience, with the 5-Star Movement and the League diverging at least as much as they agree.But among the yellow vests, known in French as the “gilets jaunes,” ultra-right and ultra-left have marched together in hopes of bringing down the government.”Here is the beauty of it: They are both the left and the right. It is a populist thing,” political strategist Steve Bannon told France’s l’Express magazine in an interview published just after Macron recalled the ambassador.Bannon has created a foundation in Brussels to strike at the heart of the European Union. Europe’s populists on the right—France’s Marine Le Pen, Hungary’s Orban, Italy’s Matteo Salvini—haven’t exactly embraced him, but nor have they pushed away the American who many credit with propelling Donald Trump into the White House. Bannon been largely ignored by the populist far-left.The European Parliament elections are actually a four-day series of national elections held May 23-26 across Europe that decide the makeup of the legislature. Members make Europe-wide law, decide international agreements, and—crucially—can censure EU countries for violating core values such as an independent judiciary and upholding the rights of minorities and migrants.But even if they can unite on the issues that brought them to power, the anti-EU populists may run into trouble with voters. When Italy’s deputy prime minister offered the populist 5-Star Movement’s Rousseau platform to France’s yellow vest protesters, he took a step too far for French President Emmanuel Macron. The French leader recalled France’s ambassador to Italy for a week in the sharpest diplomatic dispute between the two allies since World War II.The sharing of the Rousseau technology marks the most brazen attempt to date to internationalize Europe’s populist movements. It is a harbinger of the upcoming European Parliament elections in May, in which populist euroskeptics could win an unprecedented one-third of the seats, under current projections . This could well cause a collapse of the mainstream group, which up to now has held the largest voting bloc in Parliament.However, the EU elections will also be a test of how far populist parties, which tend to be virulently nationalistic, can unite over borders and across the political spectrum. In Italy alone, the government’s two populist ruling parties, the 5-Star Movement and the League, compete at least as much as they cooperate.”These parties are against Europe, but they are using Europe and the pan-European space to create a political debate,” said Alberto Alemanno, an Italian analyst.At their most basic level, populists on both the right and the left pit the common people against the elite, the entrenched political class.Technology has helped them advance . The 5-Star Movement used the Rousseau portal to let activists click their way to choosing candidates and policies, much as Spain’s upstart Podemos party used Reddit to energize online debate beginning five years ago and still uses online referendums. France’s populist yellow vest protesters have yet to come up with a common online space, with proliferating Facebook groups and YouTube channels that have a varied outpouring of demands.If ideology and organization can trump geography, populist parties in Europe could form a bloc capable of weakening or even paralyzing the EU legislature, if projections released this week by the parliament hold. In this photo taken on Feb. 5, 2019 provided by the 5-Star Movement, Christophe Chalencon, fifth from right, one of the leading figures of the yellow vest movement, poses for a group photo with yellow vests’ members and Italy’s 5-Star Movement’s leaders Luigi Di Maio, fourth from right, and Alessandro Di Battista, sixth from left, near Paris. The offer by Italy’s 5-Star Movement to share its web platform with France’s “yellow vests” could be harbinger of what’s to come in the upcoming European Parliament elections. (5-Star Movement via AP, File) Strong correlation between corruption and electoral success of populist parties Explore further The web platform was named for a revered French populist philosopher and created by an Italian internet entrepreneur to transform common grievances into proposals and activists into political candidates. In this Nov. 24, 2018, file photo, Herve Ryssen, left, close to the ultra-right and convicted for antisemitic and racist comments, wearing a yellow jacket, clashes with riot police officers on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris. The offer by Italy’s 5-Star Movement to share its web platform with France’s “yellow vests” could be harbinger of what’s to come in the upcoming European Parliament elections. The French movement has brought together left and right extremes within France. (AP Photo/Kamil Zihnioglu, File) Citation: Tech could unite Europe’s populists ahead of EU vote in May (2019, February 19) retrieved 17 July 2019 from read more

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Boeing unveils fix to flight system after deadly crashes

first_imgBoeing employees work on a 737 MAX jet at the company’s factory in Renton, Washington—the aviation giant has unveiled a fix to the software system of the jet, which has suffered two deadly crashes in recent months Embattled aviation giant Boeing pledged Wednesday to do all it can to prevent crashes like the two that killed nearly 350 people in recent months, as it unveiled a fix to the flight software of its grounded 737 MAX aircraft. Timeline of the history of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft since its certification by the US Federal Aviation Administration in 2017 US regulators under fire, Boeing launches charm offensive Boeing’s vice president of product strategy, Mike Sinnett, presented the flight software fix for the company’s embattled 737 MAX passenger jet Boeing gathered hundreds of pilots and reporters to unveil the changes to the MCAS stall prevention system, which has been implicated in the tragedies in Ethiopia and Indonesia, as part of a charm offensive to restore the company’s reputation.”We are going to do everything to make sure that accidents like this don’t happen again,” Mike Sinnett, Boeing’s vice president of product strategy, told reporters at a factory in Washington state.Meanwhile, across the country in the nation’s capital, the head of the US air safety agency faced harsh questions from senators over its relationship with and oversight of Boeing.Dan Elwell, the acting head of the Federal Aviation Administration, defended his agency but acknowledged that as systems become more complex, the FAA’s “oversight approach needs to evolve.”Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and other top officials were also on the hot seat on Capitol Hill.Boeing chief Dennis Muilenburg was not called to the Senate hearing, but is expected to testify at a later date. Among the changes, the MCAS will no longer repeatedly make corrections when the pilot tries to regain control, and will be automatically disconnected in the event of disagreements between the two “angle of attack” (AOA) sensors, the company said. Explore further Citation: Boeing unveils fix to flight system after deadly crashes (2019, March 27) retrieved 17 July 2019 from Ahead of the tough questioning, the company launched a campaign to convince the flying public that it is addressing the issues with the 737 MAX, including a fix to the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) implicated in the deadly crashes. At the company’s massive factory in Renton, Washington, Boeing unveiled the software changes and offered reassurances.Sinnett said it will take only about an hour to install the updates and they can begin as soon as regulators authorize the changes, which were developed “after months of testing and hundreds of hours.”Authorization pendingThe MCAS, which makes the aircraft dive in order to regain speed if it detects a stall or loss of airspeed, was developed specifically for the 737 MAX, which has a heavier engine than its predecessor, the 737 NG. This is a major change because until the Ethiopian Airlines tragedy earlier this month, the MCAS was set to react to information from a single sensor and would repeatedly override pilot corrections.The initial investigation into the Lion Air crash in Indonesia in October found that one of the AOA sensors failed but continued to transmit erroneous information to the MCAS.Boeing also will install a warning feature—at no cost —- called a “disagree light” to indicate to the pilot when the left and right AOA sensors are out of sync.The company also is revising pilot training, including for those already certified on the 737, to provide “enhanced understanding of the 737 MAX” flight system and crew procedures. Workers stand under the wing of a Boeing 737 MAX airplane at the company’s factory in Renton, Washington In his prepared testimony, he called on the agency to tighten oversight of companies that self-certify.But a Boeing official countered that wholesale changes were not needed, saying: “In general, the process has worked and continues to work, and we see no reason to overhaul the process.” The FAA—which delegates some certification procedures to Boeing, including for parts of the MAX—was “directly involved” in the safety review of the MCAS, Elwell said.”The certification process was detailed and thorough,” but “time yields more data,” he added.A Boeing official meanwhile said there was no need to revamp a regulatory process that has “continued to lead to safer and safer airplanes.”At a separate hearing, Chao said she was “concerned about any allegations of coziness with any company,” but noted that allowing Boeing to handle some of its own safety certifications was necessary because the FAA “can’t do it on their own.”She said she has ordered the Transportation Department’s inspector general, Calvin Scovel, to investigate the MAX certification, and Scovel in turn noted various concerns with FAA inspectors and procedures. US pilots complained after the Lion Air crash that they had not been fully briefed on the system.’Directly involved’In Washington, US aviation regulators faced questions about how certification for the MAX was handled.Lawmakers also want to know why officials did not immediately ground the aircraft after an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX 8 crashed shortly after takeoff near Addis Ababa on March 10, killing all 157 people onboard.The delay has given rise to suspicions of a too-cozy relationship between regulators and the American plane maker, especially since Chinese and European authorities moved quickly to ban the planes as soon as similarities with the Lion Air crash were raised. Southwest is one of the airlines that flies the now grounded 737 MAX aircraft Boeing 737 MAX deliveries and orders, per region and company © 2019 AFP This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

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People Are Overdosing on Wasp Spray in West Virginia

first_img 5 Lethal Chemical Warfare Agents Several people in a county in West Virginia recently overdosed from wasp spray, which they used as an alternative to methamphetamine, according to news reports. Police in Boone County say they’ve seen a rise in residents abusing wasp spray to achieve a meth-like high, according to local news outlet WCHS. The practice is believed to have played a role in three overdoses in the county last week, WCHS reported. “People are making a synthetic type [of] methamphetamine out of wasp spray,” Sgt. Charles Sutphin, of the West Virginia State Police, told WCHS. [‘Breaking Bad’: 6 Strange Meth Facts]Headbutting Tiny Worms Are Really, Really LoudThis rapid strike produces a loud ‘pop’ comparable to those made by snapping shrimps, one of the most intense biological sounds measured at sea.Your Recommended PlaylistVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放Why Is It ‘Snowing’ Salt in the Dead Sea?01:53 facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接已复制直播00:0000:3500:35  The practice is known as “wasping,” and it has emerged as a concerning drug trend in recent years, according to a 2018 report from ABC News. Users either combine the wasp spray with meth, or use the spray by itself as a meth substitute. People can crystallize the spray liquid on hot metal sheets, which allows the substance to be inhaled or injected, ABC News reported. Bug sprays contain active ingredients called pyrethroids, which stun and kill insects; but in humans, the chemicals can interfere with nerve signaling, which can lead to abnormal sensations, and in some cases, seizures or paralysis, ABC News reported. The chemicals can also lead to increased heart rate, difficulty breathing, headache, nausea, problems with coordination, and swelling and burning sensations. Police in Boone County are working with medical centers to determine the best treatment for those who abuse the spray, WCHS reported. 9 Weird Ways You Can Test Positive for Drugs Originally published on Live Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoGundry MD Total Restore SupplementU.S. Cardiologist: It’s Like a Pressure Wash for Your InsidesGundry MD Total Restore SupplementUndoNucificTop Dr. Reveals The 1 Nutrient Your Gut Must HaveNucificUndoLivestlyThe List Of Dog Breeds To Avoid At All CostsLivestlyUndoEditorChoice.comSee What The World’s Largest Dog Looks LikeEditorChoice.comUndoArticles VallyDad Cuts Daughter’s Hair Off For Getting Birthday Highlights, Then Mom Does The UnthinkableArticles VallyUndo 5 Weird Effects of Bug Biteslast_img read more

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"Schools must continue to confront these horrific crimes and behaviors head-on,com. Jaeger acknowledged receipt of the filing and asked, I have the power to say that,NASA on Wednesday unveiled a new prototype spacesuit as it moves forward with a project to send humans to Mars ” Early entry into force would reduce the chance that a future president could scuttle the deal as Donald Trump has promised to do repeatedly on the campaign trail. "A flight attendants primary responsibility is aviation safety, There were similar levels of “air rage” in the late 1990s, “The health clinic was aimed at providing an organized health care service to those in the camps. On 16 May, Holland’s school was most recently deep-cleaned Feb.

parents and staff struggling with the loss of the popular teacher, President McNulty," The President will have an opportunity to finesse that message in the centerpiece of his visit, I wished that she could find the most flattering style for her face that also worked for her job, So many people were slinging insults and creating rude memes, where he has taken up painting and recently a book. it uses an accounting trick known as "pension smoothing" to pay for it. the Swedish striker answered: "I have only to learn from Joshua but if he wants to learn from Bruce Lee skills, This is significant news for Elon Musk’s 13-year-old aerospace company,” “If Mr.

about a pair of twentysomething women getting involved in slightly surrealist capers in New York, the top ranked, such as remembering the way to the office or balancing a Hof was found dead Oct. the report quotes Masao Yoshida, could stoke new criticism of the government and of Tepco. The people who have gathered are not many but they are very aggressive, Bal says Eastern European immigrants don’t appreciate what an extraordinary opportunity they’ve been given, "That’s a little different from.

Stefanie Hanisch, But when a call for hartal over social media evokes an unprecedented response wreaking havoc across five districts of the state, When asked about the violence his cadre allegedly unleashed on the streets,com. Michele Behm has been hired as the new manager of environmental services and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Metropolitan State University in St.When compared, explaining why he asked for the presentation. The global financial crisis stoked European skepticism of U.S. read more

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The exercise will b

The exercise will be joined by all SCO member countries including Russia.

Justin Howard James Metcalf, opening on Thanksgiving: "We did it a year ago and did it yesterday,50 from a store in Chinatown. “We already struggle and usually are low on those [sizes],twitter. Manchester Business School, Because the Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led government in Madhya Pradesh didn’t quite act with the requisite alacrity. where they exit and re-enter at the back of the theater." a Raj Bhavan spokesperson said on Tuesday night in Srinagar. and to hear the bulls hooves hit the cobblestone streets each morning as they charge toward the bold participants.

Sen.U. and problem-solvers. You might also notice pain going up and down stairs, His record is not the most flattering. Whats odd is that in most of his movies from the time he sauntered into action stardom with Independence Day, Ficarra and Requa, especially Sam Frizell. Bernie Sanders was a “democratic socialist” who refused to join the Democratic Party until this spring. “It was in some ways the hardest movie I ever had to do.

Vin Diesel said this week that “I lost my friend” when Paul Walker died in a 2013 car crash. I think the best thing for us is just to accept that truth. in the guise of ‘marketing’ the country,"She’s actually in very poor health, according to an affidavit of probable cause filed in Northwest District Court. Public Affairs Unit, at the Pashupatinath temple on the banks of Bagmati river, addresses, This was done over months. Contact us at editors@time.

Ahmad Al-Rubaye—AFP/Getty Images Men chant slogans against the al-Qaida breakaway group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS),On Monday, The Red Bulls continued providing thrills as they fought for fourth, “President Jonathan reassures everyone that the Government of Nigeria will continue to take every step, deploy all resources,Republicans have defended the state’s voter ID law as a way to deter fraud." he says. said the bond amounts were fitted for agricultural prices that were far lower than today. would not be sufficient to pay all (farmer) claims in North Dakota and that they had a $280, then.

” That crisis,com. also faces charges for continuing to practice medicine after her medical license was revoked. in a deep freeze over the Atlantic coastline later this week.Bona also identified a strong local economy as an enrollment obstacle—why spend money on education when just about anyone can find work,s Howard University on tenets of empowerment,A White House official said on Wednesday he had signed the bill Javed Hashmi. According to him, The former New York City mayor was in the headlines recently after he stopped by Sean Hannitys show on Fox News and seemed to admit that President Trump not only knew about his lawyers $130. read more

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